This Month I’m……

Good morning everyone,
Hope you’re all well. Happy Friday 🙂
I’m laughing at my last months entry for October’s This Month I’m as I talk about being really positive and getting stuff done. WOW what a difference. Last week was really tough personally. I know that I can’t be positive Pauline every week but was just exceptionally tough and I want to acknowledge that online when it is because people seem to always think that I’m so positive all the time and thats just not the case. I always put my phone away as much as I can when times get like that. It’s the first thing that goes. Anyway this week is much better but just got to roll with the good and the bad.
We put up all our decorations and tree this week. I love them so much, nothing like making it feel all cosy than having your Christmas decorations up. We got a wreath for the door this year. I hadn’t actually got a Christmas one since we moved in but this one is just gorgeous from The Wreath Company. Irish business and they do amazing wreathes so beautiful. I’ve loads of gift guides coming for you guys over the next few weeks. Also make sure not to forget Black Friday is coming. Every year I write down what I really need, so for example I really want to get a new steam iron for the house, an Apple Watch as a gift for someone, some Alexa’s for more rooms in the house and then I’ll look at my wardrobe and see what I could invest in also. Doing this makes it much better than just buying anything you see over the 10 days of Cyber Week and Black Friday.
So anyway if you’re a new follower, hello and welcome to my world. Every month for the past 4 years, I’ve been writing this blog post. It’s basically a blog post telling you guys what I’m loving, missing, planning, thinking about, excited for and many more.
So let’s get cracking?
This Month I’m……………..
Clicking on….. Good god the sales!!!! I’ve never bought so much stuff from Nike in my life. The amount of deals they have and discounts. I signed up to be a member as you get free delivery and returns. You can check out some of the runners I found last time HERE.
Thinking about…..
My Christmas shopping. Normally I’m waaaay more organised but for this year I couldn’t be any more laid back, I’ve about 2/3 things that’s all plus Santa presents that is it. I feel like I need to get my ass in gear now. I’m shopping Irish this Christmas and ensuring all my gifts are bought through Irish retailers. I think I need to write a list of people now and start searching. I normally have every single person done by now and have done every single year. Sure look it’s 2020 be grand.
Delighted with…..
My new illustration. I had an illustration done before this back in 2014 but felt a change was needed. I found this really cool illustrator and this is what she came up with for me. I’ve always been obsessed with fashion illustrations and doodles. I love this Australian guy called Aaron Favaloro, he’s insane! Check out his work HERE.
We recently got an Eat At Home Meal Kit from one of Oliver Dunne’s restaurants, Bon Appetit in Malahide and WOW! It was absolutely delicious. They offer 8 different meal kits for you to recreate at home. Easy to follow step by step instructions come with each meal for reheating and presenting with no more than 10 minutes of preparation involved. It was absolutely gorgeous. Here’s the menu below if you’re from Dublin and fancy ordering see HERE.
Gymondo. For anyone that doesn’t know, its a workout app that you can link to your Smart TV, iPad or laptop and phone of course. I’ve only been using the app for a month now but I love it. I have been working with them but this isn’t part of the collaboration. I genuinely have found it great as the workouts are only 20-30 mins long depending and they have everything from yoga to pilates, body burn to full body workouts. I’ve really been enjoying using it and the fact I can do it in my sitting room is even better. My code aoibhe30 gets you 30% off your subscription. **This is not part of my collaboration with them.
Excited for…..
Something big is happening on Sunday 15th November and I’m actually thrilled to have been asked to be part of it. It’s going to be HUGE and after a lot of research I had to be involved. Wait and see it’s going to be something everyone will want in 2021 🙂
Also I had the best zoom call this week with a company about something else I am looking to do in 2021, wishing and hoping that 2021 is better than this year.
Travel. I would go anywhere at this stage now, obviously staying put but so many plans for next year so as I said above we will see what happens. I just want to be by the sea in the sunshine with my family more than anything. Lily is such a character now and so much fun, I know she will enjoy it so much. Finally also as she’s over two now, she will have her own seat which will be super helpful especially now having Hugo too. Living for our first family holiday together as four 😀
Zoom chat Fridays 🙂 The absolute crack. Last week wasn’t a go but the week before I had two and they were absolutely brilliant. Honestly so much fun and so great to chat to so many of you also. Tomorrow night it’s myself and Emma @lifewithtinyhumans. I adore Emma, met two years ago now and just clicked. She’s amazing at what she does online. We had a three hour zoom just us last week so looking forward to tomorrow night now.
Trying out…..
A new tan that I’ve been trying out since the beginning of October. The brand sent me it with no expectation and asked me to try out their range and see if I liked it. I’ve been using their mousse, instant, body lotion everything and I love it. It’s not actually a hugely known brand well I had heard of it but it’s not everywhere which I love. I’ll keep you posted on if I go ahead with the BA role or not. I’m actually wearing the tan here in this photo below.
On the topic of jobs, I’ve actually turned down so many lately. Just jobs that haven’t been right for me. I spoke about this with Ali Dee on our zoom call recently about certain brands just not being right for you.
Happy about…..
My decorations are up. So thrilled. It makes the house so cosy and warm. We had loads of toys in the corner where the tree was so I ordered a grey toy box last night to pop them all in. Lily is in love and I’ve no doubt that my tree will be bare on the bottom by the time Christmas comes but sure look, she’s having fun. Our tree is from Balsam Hill and we got it in the Black Friday sales two years ago, highly recommend if you’re looking for a new tree.
Also happy that all my bits and pieces arrived to make the Disney wreath, so I’m going to start at the weekend. I ordered all the pieces to make it and can’t wait to see how it turns out.
  • Lily’s red coat. I got her the cutest Minnie Mouse coat with mittens attached from George at Asda. They deliver down south and I’m in love with their stuff. It’s so gorgeous. This is it HERE.
  • Randoms Foamies. Like whaaaaaaat? I couldn’t believe these were a thing. I always loved the foam ones in the pack but only realised when I got them from my friend Ciara that they came alone. UNREAL! You can get them in Tesco.
  • Estrid razor. I got sent this a week ago and I’ve used it twice already. It’s actually pretty cool. It’s a really good razor have to say, especially for the price of it too. It comes in loads different colours and it’s a 100% vegan 5-blade razor. Check it out HERE.

So that’s it until next month. Stay safe everyone.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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