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Good evening everyone,
Hope you’re all well. Happy Wednesday 🙂
I’m in a really great mood this week despite everything, I’m feeling productive and getting shit done. Don’t be fooled, I don’t always have those weeks but I think it’s important to acknowledge when you’re feeling good as well as notice when you’re not so good too. I know times are tough for so many and with further restrictions too. I mentioned last week on my stories when I did the #itscooltobekind campaign for Pieta House about life being tough right now, know that despite all the uncertainty, it won’t last forever and we will get through this. It’s even hard for me to say but we have to try and remain in someway positive. I want 2020 to go away as much as most, I want to all go back to normal and hug each other again but we just got to get over the bump in the road. Anyway enough about Covid. I chatted on stories the other day about how after 8pm I just can’t stop eating crap and here I sit with a bowl of Sweet King jellies beside me, devouring them one by one. I’m working with them for the next few months and can’t tell you how blooming thrilled I am. I am JELLY OBSESSED!!!!! If you use the code aoibhe25 it will give you 25% off your order if you spend 20euro or more. I don’t make money on that code FYI but I am working with them on Instagram, this isn’t part of the collaboration.
If you’re a new follower, hello and welcome to my world. Every month for the past 4 years, I’ve been writing this blog post. It’s basically a blog post telling you guys what I’m loving, missing, planning, thinking about, excited for and many more.
So let’s get cracking?
This Month I’m……………..
Clicking on…..
Lots of Irish businesses websites. is a greta website to use if you don’t know about it already. Shopping local and keeping it Irish. I have finally started my Christmas shopping and as mentioned I am buying Irish this Christmas. I’m trying to think of what I can do over the next 6 weeks to help Irish businesses for Christmas with my platform. I’m thinking about it this week and weekend and I’ll come up with something for next week. So any ideas I have at the minute, I google them and try and find it with an Irish retailer. It’s working so far and have a couple of bits. I am going to do the Santa shopping in a couple of weeks so that will be done too.
Desert Diamonds Ireland. I have fallen in love with their floating diamond so I ordered one and a pair of matching earrings. They are so reasonably priced I can’t believe it. They do everything from rings to earrings, pendants to ear cuffs, bracelets and more. Their selection is fabulous and well worth a look. If you’re unsure what to get your mum this Christmas, definitely have a look. On the talks of Christmas presents, I’m thinking of ordering some bits for my family & friends for Christmas from them too. Check them out HERE.
NOTE: This link is not affiliated.
Wow burger!!! It is literally WOW! I love it so much. I’ve got it on two occasions now in the past three weeks and I love it so much. You do need to eat it straight away for it’s full yum potential. I get mine on the Just Eat app as there is one now in Swords. That’s the best place to check if one is near you. It’s delish.
Emily in Paris. Well just started it two nights ago. I’m loving it so far, it’s brilliant. I wish I could sit down and watch it all. I’m one of them people, I’m either all in or all out. I’m not a massive TV girl but when I get into something I just want to watch it all at once. With two children now that’s not going to happen so look forward to watching more over the week but it’s so good. Highly recommend if you haven’t watched already.
Halloween. Well the Halloween decorations are half up and we’ll finish the rest today. We both love Halloween, Sean more than I but we do enjoy it. We need to get our pumpkins this week now too. I love pumpkins. We have loads of decorations we got in Walmart last year in Boston and we got some bits this year in Woodies but they were expensive in Woodies even with the 50% off. I think they overpriced a lot so they could reduce them then but worth a look as they do have a good selection.
Thrilled about…..
My #itscooltobekind campaign for Pieta House. Awww I still can’t believe it. Honestly it was just amazing to see my feed and so many peoples stories. I just found out today that over 10,000 EURO was raised in 24hrs for them with the campaign. I’m sobbing with joy thinking how much that will help Pieta. 10,000 EURO in just 24hrs is incredible through the text number. It’s still open to donate PH4 to 50300. Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it and donating.
Delighted with…..
My Betty and biddy collection being half sold out. Well we’ve 7 pieces sold out now and waiting to hear if any being restocked but I’m not sure yet. The minute I find out, I’ll keep you posted. I’m thrilled that you are loving it as much as I was launching it. A travel collection was the perfect thing for me and something I’ll forever wear on my travels now. I just love every single piece as I said and all of them have a meaning behind them too. There’s still 8 left in stock but quite low stock of them all now. So if you want to get your hands on them, you can SHOP THEM HERE.
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I’ve been using this now for a few weeks and love it. It’s cheap as chips and so good. I use the Medium shade and it’s perfect for me. Little goes a long way but it is a brilliant product. I get my brows done in For Your Eyes Only in Kinsealy and have done for over two years now. The girls are amazing but this is brilliant for in between brow appointments. I love it. You can BUY IT HERE.
NOTE: This link is affiliated.
Life could go back to normal. I’m sure like a lot of people, we’ve had enough. It’s so draining every night and hard to process. I’ve stopped watching the news now. I’ll check the app of course to see the updates and keep an eye but it’s hard listening to it and especially now things aren’t getting better, they are getting worse. If you’re looking for any nice masks though @Combatcovidmasks do a fabulous leopard print one which I got and also another page on Instagram @Mayamiamorr do incredibly beautiful masks too. They aren’t as comfy as the Combat Covid ones though but look gorgeous.
Being on a plane. I miss that feeling every time I look out the window and see the clouds. It’s a feeling like no other. I hope some other people get it and I’m not alone but I just love it, that excited feeling. I can’t wait to take Hugo and Lily away and go on our first family holiday when we can. I just want to go everywhere now. Sean keeps laughing at me because my list is so long and I’m like, this place and that place and here and here and here. We’ll get back travelling again, I don’t just mean me, I mean all of us and anyone who misses it as much as me.
Happy with…..
My new hurrrrr. Yes I went brighter and shorter for a change. I just wanted something little easier to manage and as much as the long hair is nice, I just wanted something easier to style. This is it. I just love Kelley’s work, she to me is an artist, like she is just so talented. I get my colour done in The Hair Lounge in Swords by Kelley and my hair is tape Hair Talk Extensions. I’ve had them in since March and I just love the blend into my own hair, you’d never even know I had extensions.
Love Aoibhe xxx

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