REVIEW: Crest Teeth Whitening Strips


This is definitely my most asked question in my DMs always, how I get my teeth so white?

Firstly a lot of people ask if I have veneers and the answer is no, these are my own teeth. I have had braces twice since I’m 13. I have been whitening my teeth for years now. I don’t do it now as much as I did but I would still use a strip maybe every 3-4 months and yes just one strip. I think that my teeth are as white as they can go so it’s more just for upkeep now. I got them whitened once in the dentist and felt it was a complete waste of money. Personally I just cannot recommend in house teeth whitening with dentists as I just think it’s a waste of money.

I whiten my teeth using Crest Teeth Whitening strips. They are amazing and WAY cheaper than getting a dentist to do it. I buy mine in America in Walmart, CVS or Walgreens. I get asked all the time do I know of any websites that you can buy them on and I don’t. The reason for this is I don’t trust a lot of websites as a lot of them sell fake strips that aren’t actually the real Crest ones so you need to be very careful.

There are lots of different types of Crest strips but the ones in this blog post are the ones I have used before (two below and one at the top of this post). All three have worked wonders on my teeth and I have noticed a huge difference from using them.

How long did it take to get my teeth this white? 

Probably 6-12 months using them continuously.

How often do I use them now? 

I use them every 3-4 months now but just one strip not a box. If you are starting out using them, I recommend maybe using one box every four months for a year, so 3 boxes in one year. It’s good to give your teeth a break from them too as mentioned below.

Do they make your teeth sensitive? 

At the beginning, yes they did make my teeth sensitive so be prepared for this. I go to the dentist a few times a year and he has said my teeth are fine so they haven’t effected my teeth long term, in case you were wondering of the long term side effects. The reason they make your teeth a bit sensitive is they have a much higher level of hydrogen peroxide in them than any strips sold here in Ireland. In Europe the amount of hydrogen peroxide used in teeth whitening is much lower so therefore teeth whitening products here don’t work as well as those in America.

How do you use them? 

Like the photo below it’s very simple to apply the strips top and bottom.

What toothpaste can you use when using them?

I personally only use this one, it’s the Crest Glamorous White and it’s brilliant. It’s also a product I get in America and can’t get here.

So there you have it. It’s 100% a brand that gives results and gives them quick. I can’t recommend them enough.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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