15 Things To Start Doing For YOU

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I figured I hadn’t done blog post like this is ages so I said why not? Never a better time than now. This year has made me think about everything so much. About life,  about myself, where I’m going and where I see myself in 5-10 years time. I am a planner, a do’er and a go getter. I am constantly thinking ahead and my mind runs at 100 miles per hour. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. I’m always thinking of the future. I’m always thinking about what’s next that sometimes I can forget the hear and now. Sometimes we can get wound up in the whole what’s next, that we forget to take time for ourself.

Doing things FOR YOU matters. Making decisions for YOU matters.

We can get so caught up in what other people want us to do or do things just to make others happy that we forget who we are really trying to please which is OURSELVES. I will be the first to admit it, I am not happy until everyone else is. I sometimes think I am superwoman and plan to meet everyone in a day or make time for all my friends but then sometimes the plan might fall through and I feel so guilty. Who’s fault is it? MY OWN. So I thought this blog post about doing things for YOU might help even a handful of people out there. You might take some on board, you might not. You might agree with some, you might not. Take what you want from this but remember that YOU matter.

Here are my TOP 15 things that you need to start doing for YOU 😀

Spend time with people that matter. When this is all over and we can see each other again, do just that and never take spending time all together at a family gathering for granted. This year has made us all so grateful for that time. Time is precious. Ever hear the saying below?

Make your own happiness a priority. Do what YOU want, not what other people want you to do. We spend so much time thinking of others, that we forget about what we actually truly want.

Start competing with yourself, not other people. We see so many stunning girls or models on Instagram thinking they have the ‘perfect’ most beautiful life when in reality that probably couldn’t be further from the truth. Remember that Instagram is a very fake world guys and not everything you see is ‘reality’. People show you what they want to show you 😉 So next time you see them, think of how beautiful YOU are and how far YOU have come yourself.


Be kind to strangers. Smile at someone walking towards you. Say hello to a randomer. I’ll never forget this time I randomly just started talking to an older man on the train. He was shocked that ‘a young person’ was giving him the time of day. He got off at Howth and said to me ‘I’ve been getting this train for years and not once has a younger person started a conversation with me, so thank you’. I felt so good but seriously YOU never know how happy that could make that person.

Listen to your inner voice. If your inner voice is telling you something important then listen to it. Don’t lie to yourself or anyone else and pretend it’s not there. Last year I made the biggest decision of my life to walk away from something that no longer made me happy. It was my inner voice telling me that. I needed to do it for me and nobody else. So remember listen to that voice if it’s speaking to you. You need to do it for YOU.


Start working towards your goals every single day. If that goal is to run a marathon, loose weight, cut down on the cake, write your own blog or even just to get fit again. Like this quote says……

Accept things when they are less than perfect. Everyone’s life is far from perfect. What’s the worst thing that can happen if something isn’t perfect? I am a perfectionist but sometimes I need to step away and admit that there is beauty and character in things that are less than perfect. If everyone was perfect, how boring would the world be?

Be honest with how you feel. This is not just in love, it is in life in general. Don’t hold back your feelings for anyone. YOU know inside how you feel so share it. If you are doubting something, speak. If you are unsure, speak. YOU will be the only person who will regret not being honest about it.

Be more positive about yourself. Everyone has their own journey. When someone compliments you, say thank YOU rather than say ‘Ohhh stop’. Be grateful for the compliment and love the person is sharing with you. If I asked you reading this to write 5 positive adjectives to describe yourself as a person what would you say? Think about that and maybe write them down to yourself. Sometimes it’s nice to acknowledge how fabulous YOU are as a person.

Create your own happiness. This quote quite possibly says it all……

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 13.16.40

Give your ideas/dreams a chance. If you think of something amazing, make it happen. Don’t sit around and wait for someone else to do it. DO IT YOURSELF! Find a way to make it work. I remember thinking of the most amazing idea and wanting to do it in Dublin and then BOOM a year later it pops up and I was raging that I never went through with it as the business has become really successful now. I am working on something behind the scenes that I never ever thought would be possible. I’ve no idea if it will all work out but if I don’t dream and hope it will, I’ll never know.


Make that change that YOU know will make you a happier person. Something I know I can relate to personally. For example, exercising can make YOU happier. It has definitely worked for me anyway. It takes a lot to start but when you do you end up loving it. I find running is the best for me and it is a great way to clear your head. Running is my thing and I can’t wait until I can run again. It is just the best thing for your mind.

Cheer other people’s victories. When someone else wins something, be happy for them. When someone else achieves something big, be happy for them. Say congratulations and be happy for that person rather than not acknowledging it. If a friend looses weight, tell her how amazing she looks. If your sister gets a job promotion, hug her and tell her you are proud. Putting someone else down won’t benefit YOU, cheering someone else will make them feel fabulous and YOU will feel it too.


Look at silver linings in tough situations. Ohh this is something even I have to tell myself sometimes. It’s a hard one and one of the 15 that is really difficult but when you are in a really tough situation and it’s at rock bottom, remember that you can’t get any lower than that. The only way from there is UP! So remember that things always get better and YOU will get through it, despite what you may think.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 21.03.52

Last one is believe that everything happens for a reason 😉 Cause it does.

See how many times I have referred to YOU in this post….Remember only YOU can help yourself and only YOU can make those changes.

Hope you liked the post guys 🙂

Love Aoibhe xxx


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