This Month I’m……

Good evening everyone,
It feels so good to be back although I did very much enjoy living in our bubble for the past two months. I am just so in love with Hugo. He’s the cutest little man and Lily just loves him. It makes me so happy to see them together. I actually kept writing while I was offline mainly when both of them were in bed at night so I have a good few blog posts coming up that I’ve been saving to drafts but it was great for my mind. I’ve thought a lot about sharing online and boundaries so this will probably be my only personal blog post I’ll do each month now going forward.
If you’re a new follower, hello. Every month for the past 4 years, I’ve been writing this blog post. It’s basically a blog post telling you guys what I’m loving, missing, planning, thinking about, excited for and many more.
So let’s get cracking?
This Month I’m……………..
Clicking on…… No honestly I’ve been researching so much over the past few months mainly for next year. If you’re a new follower, I work to travel. Travelling as a family makes me so happy and I just love it so much. I haven’t stopped dreaming and holiday planning. I’ve a list the length of my arm of places for 2021. I’ve booked a dream trip for January (obviously everything depending) but it’s to the snow & I honestly cannot cannot wait. If you’ve followed me for a long time, you’ll know my obsession with the snow so I can’t wait for this. I also rebooked our family trip to Greece for May next year also as we couldn’t obviously go this year. We still very much plan on going to Dubai to FINALLY celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday (we were due to go back in April of this year when my mum was 60). For now though…it’s dreaming 🙂
Being a mum of two I can hands down say you’ve very little time for yourself. I’m learning to juggle the two and be the best mother I can for them. I was in a very vulnerable place at the end of June and I was so scared. These two months have taught me more than I will ever know. Speaking to people, looking at the bigger picture, talking about my feelings, shifting my mindset and concentrating on my overall wellbeing more has helped me so much. I have started to love listening to mediation music before bed with a candle whereas before I had my phone beside me. I love this one HERE, it’s great. I also recently rented a spin bike to do spin classes at home and this fast high intensity 45mins a few times a week is really working wonders for me. I figured joining a gym was off the cards with everything going on so this was perfect plus it means I can stay at home too and not have to leave Lily & Hugo either.
I have been wearing just fake tan on my face a lot over the past few months which has done wonders for my skin. I only really put on a full face if I’m going out out which isn’t very often at the moment. I put on a full face the other day and felt so caked. I’m only wearing fake tan & concealer below on my face.
Excited for……
A few different things we have planned over the next 8 weeks. Excited for Sean’s birthday coming up, I’ve my charity skydive for Crumlin in Kilkenny & a trip up North too. We haven’t done much at all since he’s been born so I’m really looking forward to it. Some of my dads family still live up North and my dads partner so it’ll be lovely to go up and see everyone. I love Belfast so much and it has some of the coolest little bars. If you’ve not been, it’s well worth going. Two of my favourites are The Tipsy Bird and The Perch which I would highly recommend if you’re ever up there.
Thinking about……
How much I would devour a cupcake from Baked by Yanna? Guys no words. I got these for Lily’s actual birthday day when my family came for dinner & aww they were just heaven. I think Yanna is now my favourite cupcake baker by far. She’s only 18 and about to start her Leaving Cert year so she’s incredible. You can check here out HERE.
Obsessed with…..
  1. The Baby Tracker app – This is the best thing ever! I’ve introduced so many people to it and they have loved it. We used this on Lily too but it’s brilliant for the first while to log feeds, nappies and sleep. It’s a free app and I promise if you’re new parents you’ll thank me. If both you and your partner download it and log in with the same details then you can have in sync. You’ll get a notification if the other updates it, it’s brilliant.
  2. JJ Bulle Blanche by Domaine Des Jeanne – So I spent my pregnancy raving about the Freixenet Non- Alcoholic Sparkling which is to die for by the way just incase you’re a new follower. The nicest 0% sparkling there is and you can buy in Supervalu/Dunnes however……….. OH MY!!!! I’ve found a new love but this one is WITH ALCOHOL 🙂 If you try it, send me a message but it is honestly so delish. You can buy it HERE. 
  3. Aoibhin Garrihy’s stairs – Actually her whole house really. It’s just beautiful. I am obsessed with her stairs. I love the dark wood with the grey carpet and gold rods. So perfect.
  4. Jenny Mc Carthy Wedding candle – I was in with Jenny when Hugo was 5 weeks old and we had a shoot with Hugo & Lily. It was so cute. She gave me her new wedding candle to take home and it was just heavenly. I actually have it lighting right beside me and it’s so nice. Perfect gift for anyone getting married or even for your bridal party. One really unique thing about it is, the lid can be engraved with the bride and groom’s details/date etc. So lovely. You can buy it HERE.
  5. Lily’s room – I am so happy with it. It took us way longer than expected but it’s finally complete now. She loves it and has been in her big girl room now for over a month. She loves the teepee so much. We lie down in it before bed and read, she just thinks it’s so fun. She’s growing up so fast. I’ll share this maybe next week.
I’m actually recommending two things this month.
Park Dry Cleaners & Laundry.
What a service. Clothes washed, dried and delivered back to your door. You can choose to have pieces ironed also. Collection in the Dublin area and returned in 24hrs. I could hug Danielle so much every time she comes to the door (obviously we can’t but god I’d love too). They are a small Irish business & happy to support. FYI I wasn’t asked to include them here & I also pay them for their services (not sure about other influencers but I do). You can check them out HERE.
I’ve spoke about this before but it’s a total game changer. The best and easiest way to find ANYTHING. The one I have is for your keys as Lily hid my keys for 6 weeks back in March. You attach my one to your keys and using your phone through the Tile app, it will make a sound where your keys are. Another feature if you’ve lost your phone and you have your keys, you can press the tile on your keys and it will call your phone. As you can see, you can get one to stick on a remote control, a slim one for your wallet, one for your keys or even a teddy your child loves either. Can’t live without it now! I need more in my life. Think I’ll get the one for you wallet too. You can buy one HERE. 
Thrilled with……
My Aoibhe knickers are back in stock in Penneys. These are the best sucky in knickers EVER!!!!!! And for the price. The reason why I’m saying Aoibhe knickers if you’re new is because when I started sharing these & I started talking about these back when I had Lily, people were calling them the Aoibhe knickers. So many times I tried to get them in Penneys and they were sold out. They are brilliant. I have both black and nude pairs. I was soooooo happy to see a huge rail of them in there a few weeks back. I hadn’t been to Penneys since the beginning of June. They had all sizes from XS to XL so definitely grab them. Only 7euro and I genuinely don’t leave the house without them, well unless I’m wearing jeans but I wear them under everything else.
Life before covid. We took so much for granted before everything. I feel we took so many things for granted and it’s crazy to think how much our world has changed in just a short space of time. Imagine it’s been nearly 6 months since everything kicked off here. I feel so sorry for my poor Nana. She would be high risk as well as obviously being elderly so has to be extra careful. Life will never be the same again.
Until next month.
Love Aoibhe xxx


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