This Month I’m…..

Happy Sunday everyone,

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend. You know me by now love a good Sunday blog post. I always find myself reading a lot more on a Sunday whether it’s blogs or books or newspapers, I just do. It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN now & I would definitely say I’m on the home stretch now. Less than 5 weeks to go. Mix emotions about everything as it creeps closer for sure. Nervous, excited, anxious so many emotions. I’ll put up my last and final pregnancy blog post next weekend. I hope our summer isn’t over just yet, I still have positive vibes for the sunshine to return & we will get to explore our little island as the restrictions are lifted. Anyway back to my blog post. If you’re a new follower, hello. Every month for the past 4 years, I’ve been writing this blog post. It’s basically a blog post telling you guys what I’m loving, missing, planning, thinking about, excited for and many more.

So let’s get cracking?

This Month I’m……………..

Clicking on…..

Any party websites I can find for inspiration and ideas for Lily’s 2nd birthday. I can’t even believe I’m writing that it’s crazy!!!! How is she nearly two? I feel like her first birthday was only a few months ago. For anyone new to following me, I did events in college. I love organising events and parties, it’s just such a passion for me. I just love party decor, wedding decor and everything that goes with organising them. So Lily’s 2nd birthday is going to be no different.


The Bperfect Strawberry Tan LOTION BABY!!!! Omg it’s divine. I love a lotion so I was actually so happy when they said they were bringing out this. It’s just so beautiful on the skin & I love it. It also smells heavenly which is even better. I’m actually covering myself in it this morning for our ‘date night’ later. I’ll show you it on my stories or you can see my TAN highlight on Instagram. As always you know I’m a brand ambassador for them & have been for two years now so you can use the code AOIBHE20 for 20% off it.



Impossible Builds on Sky. I love it!!!!! I love watching shows like this. They featured Dubai twice already in the 4 episodes and you know me and my love of that city. Everything in Dubai is out of this world so needless to say both impossible builds were just wow on the show. Definitely recommend watching if it’s something you like. Can’t wait to see the next one. The filmed the ‘skinny skyscraper’ in NYC on the last episode and as nice as the skyscraper is, sadly I hate where it’s positioned and think they should never have been given permission to build it. It’s right smack bang in front of Central Park in NYC & completely ruins the view from Top of the Rock. When we went in December, I wondered what that stupid skyscraper was & now I know. Cool show either way.


If you’re stuck to get a cool unique present for your dad this Father’s Day, get him a family Simpson portrait. This is our Simpsons portrait that we had done. It’s so so cool and I can’t wait to get another when the little guy arrives. It will be so special as Sean just LOVES the Simpsons. I think we’ll get it blown up really big & put it somewhere in the house. This guy is so talented and doesn’t charge a fortune like some others I have seen online.

He is offering 50% off to my followers

Check him out HERE.

Excited for…..

Our new arrival and my friend Jenny’s new arrival to make an appearance. It’s so close now and the past 12 weeks have just went so so fast. I can’t believe that it’s nearly the end. The end for me is always the toughest part. I had a really difficult last 6 weeks on Lily and sadly this is the same on baby two. I’ve been in an out to the Rotunda, my midwife and doctor. I’m back in the Rotunda on Monday for another check and go to physio. I feel the physio is probably too late at this stage but look we will try and see. Either way not long until we meet our little man.

Obsessed with…..

I started this last month, naming 5 random things that I have been loving this month. So this month I am obsessed with..

  1. Sean’s new sign I got him for our anniversary. I know true love. I thought it would be funny. He loves it. I got it HERE for anyone wondering. It actually sold out after I put it up yesterday so it will be back in stock no doubt.
  2. Flower wreathes. Yes!!!! Sean is on the fence & doesn’t understand but I just love. I got one made last year from GMK Creations. They aren’t real flowers so you can reuse again & again. I’m getting another one made for summer. You can have a look at their fabulous work HERE.
  3. Max Benejamin True Lavender Hand Sanitizer. It’s actually so so nice. They are working with Dublin’s Simon Community donating money from every sale of their hand sanitiser to the charity. It smells so so good while still having enough alcohol to kill bacteria. A lot of hand sanitisers that smell nice don’t actually kill bacteria so watch out for this. Check them out HERE if it is something you need.
  4. Cadbury’s Crunchy Melts. OH MY DAYS! So so nice. I can’t stop eating them. They are just so tasty and delicious. They have a gooey centre 😉 That’s all I’m saying.

Happy about…..

Restrictions being lifted more and scrapping the final phase. I’m so excited to be able to see more people and just in time for my baby coming too. I cannot wait to see my family now soon. I really can’t. We are thinking about our plans now for a few Irish staycations in Ireland for end of July and August. I’ve a few places already in mind so I better get booking. I want to go to Cork and Killarney for a week with my family, then I’d love to do little two night break with Sean, Jenny & Gary up north & go glamping as we just love Belfast so much then maybe another couple of nights away all together with our family in Powerscourt as it’s one of my favs too. I just can’t wait to not have to cook or think of what I’m making for breakfast lunch and dinner everyday.

Laughing at…..

All the travel meme’s for 2020. Look at the passport stamps. I saw the two of these this week and I was laughing so much. I am praying and hope that travel resumes for everyones sake. Travel effects so many other industries. I also watched a brilliant video on the aviation industry, you should check it out HERE. It was a real eye opener to how aviation effects so many people. A great watch.


Lily’s 2nd birthday. Eeeeeeeekk!!! As I said above I can’t wait. I’m going to give her a Moana theme as she’s currently loving Moana and all her songs. She gets so excited when it’s on. Any movie with songs really. I’ve got loads of ideas and put in an order with Treat Boutique Dublin already for loads party stuff, balloons & personalised jellies. Lily absolutely loves balloons so I will definitely have loads of them for sure. Every time she sees any balloons she goes ‘wooooooooow’ so I feel like if she had her own big bunch she would just love it so much. Her birthday isn’t until the August bank holiday weekend but with a newborn soon arriving I want to get myself prepared now. It’s also taking my mind off a lot of things so a really nice distraction.

Proud of…..

My friend Jenny. She’s 39 weeks pregnant this week coming and she is doing blooming amazing. I’ve never seen someone take pregnancy so well. She hasn’t moaned, she’s just got on with it and breezed through. She is every pregnant woman’s dream scenario. I’m so excited for herself and Gary to become parents. Gary is Lily’s godfather and I just can’t wait for them to have their own little bundle of joy. I know they will be great parents as they are just brilliant with Lily already. I know you’ll read this Jen so I just want to say you’re amazing, well well done for getting this far & for being the trooper you are. Gary you’re a lucky man 😉

Thrilled with…..

Two weeks ago I put up about doing the skydive for Crumlin. There is a team of 25 of us doing it in September and I can’t wait. So far collectively as a team we have raised nearly 10,000EURO!!!! YES! I am so happy. My personal goal is 1500euro so between now and September I will definitely hit that. I am so excited to raise as much funds as we can for CMRF Crumlin. CMRF Crumlin is dedicated to doing #whateverittakes to provide vital funding to Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin and the National Children’s Research Centre. Sponsor me to do my skydive and you are giving every sick child a fighting chance and ensure brighter days to come.


Hope you all have a lovely week.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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