This Month I’m…..

Good morning everyone,
I know Sunday is always a good morning to put a post up so hope you’re all well. ANOTHER WEEK down guys, 15 days more until the 18th May. Let’s focus on this. I know I am anyway. I’m thinking of the beach so much lately. It’s somewhere I’ve really really been missing so much. It’s definitely one of my happy places & I love more than anything being by the sea. I’m proud of us all for keeping her lit, doing what we all can for our country. We will look back at this mad time in history and be proud. I keep thinking it’s just beyond surreal what’s happening and sometimes I think is this really happening?
I’m nearly finished my LETTER TO MYSELF IN 2030 blog post so I’ll put it up next week. It’s definitely something I know I’ll be delighted I wrote when I read it again in ten years. Anyway back to my blog post. If you’re a new follower, hello 🙂 Every month for the past 4 years, I’ve been writing this blog post. It’s basically a blog post telling you guys what I’m loving, missing, planning, thinking about, excited for and many more.
So let’s get cracking?
This Month I’m……………..
Clicking on……
Any website that will take my card. I bought three of the lip creams I use yesterday. They were €2 cheaper than another website so I said well look, have to get a third one. My online shopping addiction has reached new levels in lockdown. Never did I think it would be possible to buy so much in such a short space of time. A sign for Sean’s Man Cave (below), candle sticks, pillows, a meat tenderiser, a nappy bin, a vase…..the list is endless.
My name necklace from Glitz n Pieces. I got a few weeks ago and I’ve worn it loads. It’s so cute and such a nice gift for someone. I have two other name necklaces but not like this with the single letters. I also got these cute bracelets too which I love. You can use AOIBHE10 for 10% off their website if you wish.
(NOTE – this link is affiliated)
Date nights at home in Le Bach Gardan. Awww it’s one thing I’ve loved so much about lockdown. It started as a joke and now we love it. I nicknamed out the back a new restaurant called Le Bach Gardan & we are loving going. It’s generally every Friday. This week we didn’t do it but I think next Thurs/Fri is set to be nice so we’ll do it then. Sometimes we order from at home menu & sometimes we get takeaway. Either way it’s so nice and I love our little night together.
My dad. Haven’t seen him in nearly 7/8 weeks now. We talk nearly every second day on the phone. His partner is from the North so he’s been up there with the lockdown. Lily loves her grandad so I know she will die when she sees him. Feels like forever sadly 🙁 I know so many of use are all in the same boat so I feel you. Not long hopefully.
Nothing. SHOCK!!! I’m the number 1 planner of all planners & for once in 31 years, I’m planning nothing. Nothing but outfits I dream to wear when this is all over. I had loads of maternity bits I bought in February but sure I’ve been living in pjs, loungewear and comfy stuff like the rest of the country. I’ll probably sell lots of it on Depop for cheap end of May. But yes I’m planning nothing. My mind is really just focused on the 24hrs ahead or the week ahead. I can’t focus on anything past that. I think doing this really helps you.
Proud of…..
Sean and everyone helping out during this crisis in some way shape or form. From truck drivers to your postman, pilots/cabin crew to carers, firemen to the Gardai, cleaners/chefs in hospitals to shop assistants in our local shop obviously along with the frontline hero’s our incredible nurses/doctors. All these people are waking up daily to help us as a country. We must not forget that this is a HUGE joint effort. There are so many people still working to keep our little island ticking over. Thank your postman, don’t be angry at the guard who is just doing their job, say fair play to the young lad serving you in the shop, little gestures can go a long way especially at this time.
Delighted with…..
A SELL OUT Lily Collection with Pretty Bowtique. I’m so so happy for Sam. Samantha is the owner of Pretty Bowtique and such a nice woman. I’ve just loved doing this with Sam and she has worked so so hard. 4euro from every sale of a box of bows went to CMRF Crumlin so a total of 360euro which is just brilliant. We are both so happy to help support a charity that we both love. I had two of my Mammy Meet Up’s cancelled and both were for Crumlin so this was a nice way of giving back to them in another way. The bows are so gorgeous and I just love that it’s something Lily literally wears every single day.
Disney Wedding. ADDICTED!!!!! I’ve been addicted to it for years on Sky like so long. I just love Disney 🙂 It’s such crazy crazy money to get married in Disney though, I’d never do it. As I said on my stories the other day, I’d 100% have way better things to spend $100,000 on. Yes!!! That is how much it is to get married in front of the castle. CRAAAAZY!
My Chopper. THE BEST THING YOU WILL BUY IN 2020!!! I swear to god. Best £24.99 I’ve spent all year. My friend and hero mom Julie Ledwidge recommended it to me and I think it’s been used every single day since I got it. For myself, for Lily and for Sean. It’s hand held and no plug so even easier. You can buy it HERE.
Happy with…..
Lily’s room coming on FINALLY. Paint and wallpaper are done. Next is blind, light and wooden floor. Then it’s just about setting everything up and putting it all together. I have so much got for it since January so I just have a chest of drawers I think and to order the light/blind. It’s going to be a little girls haven. I can’t wait to put up her teepee too. It will be so magical. I can’t wait to see her little face when it’s all done and show you all. I got her these pink roses in a box for the room also. Lots still asking for the discount code for the website. It is AD152020 for 15% OFF. You can buy them HERE. Here’s a before and after of the paint and wallpaper so far.
Dreaming about……
Being on a plane…….like most of you. So foreign travel is definitely looking like next year for sure now so I’ll have to go back to the drawing board again and just plan 2021 travel. We have two weddings next year also for our friends Jenny and Gary & Kate and Darragh so I think next year will definitely be a fun year. I keep seeing funny memes about ‘walking down the aisle’ but its the airplane aisle and I 100% cannot wait for it. I know that when we all do eventually get to travel again, we will make the most of every second of it for sure.
Excited for…..
What I’m working on behind the scenes. It’s going to be a LONG AUL road but I’ll get there. Sean is actually helping me too so we are doing it together really. He’s excited and it’s cool that he is as passionate about it as I am. I am so grateful to have met someone who’s as supportive as he is. I know it sounds cheeseball central but I am. Like he encourages me so so much and I think thats what a partner should do. I’ve one project that will definitely launch this year and then it won’t be until next year for the bigger project. I have a LOT more respect even more than before for the girls that have brands and do what they do. It’s mental the amount of work behind the scenes, really is.
We could all bewith our families again. Everyone not just me. Wishing we could all be together. I know we have the phases now and a bit more direction on where it’s headed but it doesn’t make it any easier I feel. I just wanted to put it out there for anyone really missing family members and loved ones. It’s so beyond challenging for so many so please know I feel you, I feel you so so much. It’s ok to be upset about this and it’s ok to cry, we’ve never went through something so crazy ever. Just wanted to say that I am thinking of you too. Big hug x
Obsessed with…..
Five things right now. All of these I absolutely love at the moment.
  1. Trilogy Everything Balm – Use on my cuticles daily so good.
  2. Sculpted By Aimee Beauty Base in Pearl – Cannot go a day without wearing now. My skin is really good at the moment and this is the only thing I added to my skin that I didn’t use before.
  3. Freixenet 0% Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine – Ohh baby. This is the best thing ever!!! 0% for us pregnant mamas. Try it! You won’t be disappointed I promise you. FYI buy in Supervalu.
  4. Tonys Milk Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt Bar – Also another Supervalu favourite, best chocolate you’ll ever eat. Recommend to buy wine and this together for a night of heaven on earth 🙂 Thank me later.
  5. Luna By Lisa Leave In Conditioner – THE SMELL! Lily now uses this also. Sean says our hairs smell super nice all the time, thanks to Luna. Also leaves my hair so soft and silky. Addicted!
Laughing at…..
Tik Tok. I joined mid April and I had not got a notion what to be at. I soon got the hang of it and now I’m addicted. I love it. It’s very funny and you could spend hours watching stupid videos. Look anything that makes you laugh at this time is needed for sure. I’ll leave my code below if you want to come follow. I’ve a good one going up this morning 😉
So there you have it. Until next month guys. Stay at home, stay safe.
Love Aoibhe xxx

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