The LOVES Of My Life

Good morning everyone,
Hope you’re all keeping well.
Can you believe it’s Friday again already??? Good god flying by and just going so fast. I finally ordered our blind from Blinds2Go last night so I’ll keep you updated on my thoughts. I got so many of you saying they were thrilled with their blinds so that was good enough for me. Apparently next week the weather is supposed to be amazing. I just think when it’s sunny, regardless of what is happening in anyone’s life, it makes the day a bit more bearable.
So if you’re a new follower HELLO. I actually thought this would be a good blog post for you guys mainly but maybe some long time followers will find out something new about me.
So the loves of my life?
What are they?
I couldn’t choose between Sean and Lily. No way. So has to be both my partner & my baby girl.
Driving in my grandads car listening to old Irish songs when he picked me up from school. Going to the shop with £1 to get jellies and then into the library with him after. I miss him so much.
The sky after a sunny day. You never know what colours you will see. A sunset is my favourite thing of all. There’s something so calming and beautiful about it. I’m obsessed with the sky.
There’s Nothing Holding Me Back – Shawn Mendes
This was the song of the summer when I met Sean. I remember hearing it everywhere. The words meant a lot at the time. I was going through a big change in my life and for once I felt free…..just like the song said there’s nothing holding me back.
The Parent Trap. All these years later I still love it like I did the first time I watched. What a movie. I love the song LOVE by Frank Sinatra in it. I definitely would love that played at my wedding. What a song.
My phone for sure. It’s just got so much information. It’s my diary, my organiser all in one. I love a good list and this has everything I need to do and remember.
My tile mate. Best thing you’ll ever buy for yourself. They are so handy. Attach to your keys and you’ll not only be able to find your keys when they are lost but if you loose your phone but have your keys, the tile will call your phone. Genius.
Chomping and chewing with your mouth open. Ohhh and bad manners. I hate all three. Can’t stand the chomping makes me ill. Bad manners…no excuse for this. Manners cost nothing.
Ohhhh god I’ve been dreaming of a sexy Pornstar Martini for months now. Dying for one. 8 weeks and counting baby. I cannot wait. Hands down my favourite drink for sure.
You’re going to laugh. It’s an old school perfume from Lancôme. I just love it so much. It’s called Poeme. It’s so beautiful and reminds me of holidays. I wore it for a holiday when I was younger and it takes me back every time. I worked for the L’Oreal Group for three years so I got loads of it and it was great. Nicest ever!!!!
Dubai always. My favourite place. We were due to go for two weeks back in April to celebrate my mums 60TH birthday. She had been dying to go for years and we finally booked it for her to come. Sadly the world had other plans but we are all safe and we’ll get to go someday. When we do….we will absolutely have a ball. Can’t wait to go on a family holiday again. Holidays are just the best.
If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to build theirs. Think about it. Life is all about what you make of it. Everyday try do something that will get you closer to that dream. I know I do anyway. Something small, doesn’t have to be something big at all.
The rooftop at the Marker Hotel. Myself & Sean went their on our first date. It was a summers day and I’ll never forget it. We’ve been dreaming about going back to stay again. I think we will most definitely have this as our first night together when everything opens & we might even treat ourselves to stay the night too.
Running before the baby. I loved running so much. It’s such a great thing for the mind. I can’t wait to get back into it now after the baby is born. It’s the one thing that makes me think of nothing else but breathing. If you’ve never ran before you should try it, it really is so good. Couch to 5K app is the best thing to start.
My teeth. Definitely I love my teeth and my smile. It’s something I’ve always looked after since I was a teenager. I think a smile is so important and the first thing I look at when I meet someone. It was the first thing I noticed about Sean when I met him. His smile is amazing.
Of Italy. I love Italian food and could eat it all day. When we went to Rome a few years ago, I was in heaven. It was just gorgeous. I could eat pasta all night long. Actually I’m making a bruschetta for lunch today. Homemade is just the best. I got a gorgeous garlic ciabatta bread from the Tesco finest range. Ohhhh pure heaven. I’m hungry thinking about it.
How excited I am for everything to go back to normal. I miss my family so much. I miss my friends. I miss human contact. I miss life before all this. I miss the way things used to be. It’s crazy to think that life may never go back to what it once was. I sit and wonder what lies ahead for all of us. What will happen going forward? We will just have to wait and see. We are all in this together anyway 🙂
Hope you enjoyed that and learned something from it. I constantly have lots of new people following my blog who may not know a lot about me so sometimes it’s nice reading posts like this one and get to know the person behind the blog a bit more. I’ve a blog post you can read HERE which is 20 Facts About Aoibhe so you can learn some more.
Have a lovely weekend.
Love Aoibhe xxx

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