8 MONTH PREGNANCY UPDATE: Getting Big, No Baby-mooning & our 3D SCAN

Good afternoon my beautiful humans,

Hope you’re all well.
Another Sunday blog post and another week ticked. Yes we’re getting closer to starting our phases of getting out of lockdown. The weather this week has been incredible in Ireland and wow what a week it’s been. Lily has been outside nearly 90% of the time, only eating and napping inside. It’s been so lovely. One thing I said to Sean this week was how nice it’s been to spend all this time with her before the baby comes. Waking up everyday and being here has been the best really has. I put up a Tik tok this morning about how women are crazy because men are stupid 😉 Make sure to check it out. It was supposed to be mine and Jenny’s baby shower today 🙁 Would have been so so lovely to celebrate this special moment together. I’ll talk more about it below.
It’s my morning for a lie in until 10am so I’m upstairs finishing off this blog post in peace & quiet. Nothing like it. So I’m going into week 32 of pregnancy this week and I can’t tell you how quick the past 10 weeks have gone. I feel like I blinked and now here I am 8 months pregnant. I know the last 8 weeks now will be hard. Last time I started to get really sore, in pain, anxious from 34 weeks onwards. I was in severe pain with my back from then on. I haven’t been able to get physio on my back, I’ve been pushing on through but I can feel it creeping getting worse the bigger I get. My bump is definitely growing very fast. It’s kind of more lower this time I feel, Sean said too. I’ve not looked up about girl and boy bumps but it’s definitely lower for sure. I’m getting a lot of questions regarding maternity style but obviously as most of us are not leaving the house much, there’s not a lot of styling being done. Here’s a couple of outfits I wore this week. Floaty dresses in the sunshine are always the best and you feel most comfortable. I link 99% of my outfits in my SHOP highlight on Instagram so make sure to check it out.
It’s crazy to think me writing my last update I was unaware of what lay ahead. I still thought I was going to Dubai and that we might get a nice two night getaway together before he was born. Fast forward 10 weeks & look where we are. In the middle of a global pandemic, unable to leave our houses anymore than 5KM and the country is locked down. It’s mental. It’s crazy to think that we really never ever know what lies ahead. So no baby moon on baby number 2 and no trips planned either for the foreseeable. If you’ve followed me for a long time, you’ll know I always have a trip or 5 booked ahead in advance so it feels weird and sad to think, we really don’t know when we’ll get anywhere again especially abroad. I’m hoping maybe come end of September we will get a nice two nights away together when hotels in Ireland reopen again. Then we might come back and take the two babies somewhere in Ireland but obviously that’s all so up in the air, we will have to wait and see.
Our baby shower funnily enough was due to be today. Yes myself and Jenny were having a joint baby shower in the gorgeous Baths in Clontarf. We both loved the space where it was going to be and it’s so nice in the sunshine. It’s not nice in Dublin today so it’s a blessing but sad for it not to happen. We got some fab balloons from So Trendy Balloons and going to get a few photos today to mark the occasion. We are going to do a Sip & See after the babies are born. I actually think it’s a genius idea. It’s where you set a date/times for people to come all in one day and get to see you and the baby. That way there’s not all these random visits and different times. Genius!!!! You can read more about a Sip and See HERE.
It’s actually called a late reassurance scan. I’m so glad we got to do this as I didn’t know if we would get to do it or not. Thankfully Ultrascan reopened and we were able. As mentioned before I’m public doing combined care with my GP and local midwife so I don’t get anymore scans after the 20 week scan. It was so nice to see him again and know all was well. He’s got a cute little face and I think he’s going to look like Sean. SHOCK!! Haha I joke before I went in saying I bet he’ll be just like you, nothing like me again. We grow them and BAM!!!!!! They look like their dad. Typical 😉 The scan was amazing. They are totally fitted out in Ultrascan being extra careful. You can bring your partner if you can and are able. Everyone needs to wear masks and gloves during and after. You’re only in and out for 15mins. The late reassurance scan is to make sure everything is ok with the heart and if they can see the baby in 3D they will try. It’s worth every cent and so cool to compare Lily’s 3D scan and the babies one. You can check them out HERE.
A lot of people have messaged me asking about vitamins and pregnancy. I’m not trained in what to take and not so I won’t give any proper advice on all this however what I can say is what I’ve taken now for both pregnancies. So when I found out I was pregnant I took folic acid on its own up until week 13 then I switched too Pregnacare DURING Pregnancy and then when I had Lily I took the NEW MUM one. If you’re trying for a baby then there is no harm in taking folic acid anyway.
I also spoke about encapsulation recently on my stories. 97% great reviews and positive feedback on it. I had planned to do it on Lily but wasn’t able to do it in the end and I was raging. This time round I am going to try do it again hopefully. I’ve heard first hand from a few people close to me about how it really helped and worked for them so I am going to do it. I researched lots of places before I had Lily and I’m going with the same people down in Placenta TLC in Cork. I’ve spoken to Lisa on the phone on numerous occasions, she answered all my questions so I’m just waiting on my pack now to come and then I’ll bring it in with me when I go into the hospital. Obviously I’m not trained on this either so if you’re looking for more information or advice then make sure to check them out, HERE. They have a FAQ section also. My friend Kelly swore by them and said they were just amazing for her so I’m dying to see how I get on. I know it’s a very personal thing and each to their own I always say with everything. I did ask my midwife and her exact words were ‘if you think it will help you and benefit you Aoibhe, you do it’. Absolutely no judgement or comment from her just whatever was right for me and she’s right. So I’m giving it a go and can’t wait 🙂
I love going shopping for all things baby but this time round has been very different. As shops are all closed, everyone is getting their bits online along with people ordering presents too. I’ve really struggled to get all in one baby grows for newborn/first size. I got a few 0-3 months thankfully but it’s been so so difficult. If you’re looking for bits online, I bought stuff from H&M, George at Asda, Dunnes and Next but that was 6 weeks ago. When I went on two nights ago, there was very very little. Myself and my pal Jenny have been getting slightly worried about not having anything to actually fit them when they arrive. The Tesco that do clothing is well outside my 5KM so not possible but I’ll keep you all posted if I find any online in the mean time.
I’ve roughly packed my hospital bag. I’m waiting on a few things to still come and then I’ll fully pack it. Loads asking to share it on Instagram stories so I will and save to a highlight. I also did a hospital bag list of only the essentials which might be helpful for you all, you can check it out HERE. It’s a very easy list to follow and no unnecessary stuff. I found on Lily I brought so much I didn’t need and use so this time around I was being much smarter in what I packed. A pillow from home I think is so essential and something I can’t recommend enough. Make sure to bring a spare pillow case for it too. But I just loved the comfort of having my own pillow, was great. Apart from a few long sleeve baby grows I think I’m fully sorted which is brilliant and another thing I don’t have to think about.
I told you we are getting an Out N About Double Nipper Stroller but hadn’t decided on a pram yet. We’ll mainly use this for walks and travel. I was in two minds about getting an actual double pram as Lily likes to walk so much now. So we decided to get a pram and a board for her to stand on. Obviously we’ll have to test this out and see but I figured it was the next step for her. We are going with the Cybex Priam in Nautical Blue for him. This I’ll use when I have baby on my own, for shopping and keeping in my car. I think the blue looks gorgeous so I can’t wait. My main thing I didn’t like with my first pram was the bassinet was way too small & Lily grew out of it far too fast. I wanted a bigger bassinet this time round to keep him in it. We barely even got 4 months out of the bassinet with the Egg.
So that’s my little update on where we are at. I’ve ordered the name plaque for his nursery so just waiting on that. Then we’ll set up the cot for his nursery & get the newborn bits down from the attic. We will be using our Tutti Bambini which is our co sleeper from Lily and also using the Cocoonababy from Lily too. I think once I have the all down and set up, bag fully packed and ready then I’ll start feeling it’s all more real. Right now I’m so busy with Lily I haven’t had a chance or moment to myself to enjoy it but that’s ok and part of it all. I got a gorgeous tag from Tracey Quinn during the week who mentioned me in a blog post on Family Friendly HQ as One of their Favourite Pregnant Mamas to Follow on Instagram which was so lovely and kind. You can read the post HERE.
8 weeks and counting……..it’s on 🙂 I’ll do another blog post in about 5 weeks and then that will be my final one before baby arrives. I also wrote a blog post on what to expect when you have a newborn when I had Lily. I’ll link it HERE as so many people found it helpful. I must actually read it again myself to refresh my mind. I’ll definitely do another one like this except it will be what to expect when you have a newborn with a toddler running wild. This might help others in my situation who maybe pregnant and not expecting until September, October and November. Either way you’ll be able to follow the journey on my Instagram.
That’s all things pregnancy now, until next month. Enjoy your week guys 🙂
Love Aoibhe xxx

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