What’s in my Hospital Bag?

Happy Monday everyone,

I’ve been asked so much about hospital bags over the last few weeks so said I would write my list and out it up. I’ve got 80% of my bits so just need to get a few more things. Then I’m all set. When I am actually packing it, I will go through it on Instagram and save to a highlight.

This is baby number 2 so I definitely feel more prepared than last time and know exactly what I really do need. I over packed way too much on Lily and brought so much things I never used. Think compact, think necessities. If you’re nervous about not having enough then pack another small bag of essentials at home for your partner to grab if you have to stay in longer for whatever reason. Most people if natural birth will be in and out within 2-3 days.

I am packing a labour bag and a hospital bag. So the labour bag will be everything I need for the delivery suite so it’s easier to have at hand. Then the other bag will be for the rest of the stay in the hospital. I’ve spilt it in two lists below so it’s easier to follow. This was a godsend last time with Lily so I’ll definitely be doing it again. Everything needs to be AT HAND for Sean so nothing is hard to find however no doubt your partner will still ask where something is because let’s face it, he’s a man. Sorry but it’s true 😉

So I got a two piece set from Ulluv.com, you can check them out HERE. The smaller bag will be for the delivery suite and the bigger bag for the hospital stay. You can get 25% off this range below using the code AOIBHE25. This is only on this range and is not an affiliated code/link. I do not make any money from sharing that code.

Labour Bag

Pillow – It’s so nice to have your own pillow. Something nice from home. 

Vest, Babygrow, Hat, Mittens, Nappy – I put these in a little zip lock bag so everything is handy and all together. 

Blanket/Soother – You might not need the soother straight away but good to have if you want. I’m getting my mum to knit a cosy blanket for him. You can have a look at my mums baby blanket page HERE.

Gownie – A gown that you wear during labour. Easy access on the back with poppers and on the front also. I am going to use the one I had from having Lily. I got it from an Irish company called Me Mamma Be. You can have a look HERE. 

Spare nightdress/Robe/Slippers – It’s nice to have something to change into after the birth. You will probably change AGAIN after your shower but nice to have in the bag. 

Fluffy socks – Your feet can get cold so nice to have these. I just get them in Penneys. 

Birth ball/Tens Machine

Lip balm

Face Cloth – Thank you to the lovely midwife who messaged me telling me to add this in. I never thought of that. So incase you have a temperature in labour, you can use this to cool you down.

Dark large Towel/flip flops – These are so it’s handy for you after you go back to the ward and have your first shower

Maternity pads – The BIG BIG ones are necessary. I’ll put a photo below as not everyone knows about the ones you really need.

Phone charger/Ipad/Snacks/Lucozade 

Straws – These are handy when you need a drink as easier that grabbing a bottle 

Spare top & deodorant for Sean 

Journal or notepad/pen – This is for writing anything down that you need to know RE: baby. This can also be done on your phone of course.

Hospital Bag 

For Baby

Babygrow, vest, hat, mittens – Personally this is just me but having 5/6 outfits (baby grow and vest) for them just incase is good. A couple of hats and mittens also. 

Cardigans – Two cardigans is perfect 

Bibs/muslin cloths

Soft Baby towel/cotton balls


Blankets & Teddy – I just brought a cute little teddy from home I got.

Nappies, Nappy bags & baby wipes 

Vitamin D drops 

For Mum

Hand sanitizer 

PJS and Nightdress – So important to get dark colours in these. I ordered a couple on Boohoo. Have a couple of PJs and a couple of nightdresses so 4 or 5 is perfect

Loungewear – You could if you wanted bring a couple of tops/comfy maternity joggers in with you also if you didn’t want to wear pjs all day. Most people just have their pjs on though.

Maternity Pads & bras – Make sure you have a comfy bra or two for the hospital and if you’re nursing.

Granny knickers – These are the ugliest things you will ever see. I get mine in Penneys in the biggest size I can find. Black of course too. 

Toiletry Bag

Shampoo/Conditioner/Shower Gel/Dry Shampoo – I get travel size in everything. I don’t think I washed my hair in the hospital so dry shampoo was my best friend. I don’t think it’s bother this time either as it’s more of a hassle with the hair dryer etc. 

Makeup/Makeup Remover/Cotton Pads – I personally just brought some face tan moisturiser, concealer and lip balm last time but up to you

Face cream/Perfume/Hair bobbins


Arnica Tablets/Pain relief/Pregnacare (New Mum) – Arnica tablets are to help heal bruising quicker and having extra pain relief just in case it’s needed. I also take Pregnacare New Mum for the first 12 weeks after baby too. 

Small bags for dirty clothes – Just get clear mini bags in Tesco on a small roll. So handy

Earphones, Eye Mask & Ear Plugs – These were a godsend last time when I had Lily. There was three babies in the ward who wouldn’t sleep so they all helped so much.

Baby going home outfit/blanket/all in one suit – Make sure you have them snug and warm for the journey home

Mum going home outfit – Make sure it’s something easy to throw on you and comfortable. As I said above comfort is key when leaving the hospital.

Car seat/blanket – These can be left at home and brought in when being collected. 

So there you have it. What’s in my hospital bag round two. This is exactly what I would recommend to bring for any expecting mum. There’s loads other things that of course you can add like a hair straightener, water spray, body oils etc but that is completely up to you. This is just the basics of what I definitely think you need for your hospital stay.

To anyone reading this I’m super excited for you and hope that this blog post helped. I’ll be packing my hospital bag this week so will add more photos to the blog post.

Eeeeeeekkk!!! All very real now. Wishing you all the very best.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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