This Month I’m…..

Good afternoon everyone,

It’s April……WTF? Blinked and April is upon us. I just can’t believe I’m nearly 7 months pregnant, feels mad. I hope you are all staying safe and as well as you can be. I’m keeping occupied but not stressing also let me point out guys, you don’t have to be doing 199 things in a week. It’s ok to enjoy this time and chill out. We didn’t get dressed yesterday and loved that. Today well I’m not dressed but I’ve showered and I’ve new pjs on but Lily is dressed. I got a couple bits done this morning and now she’s napping so I’m relaxing with a coffee & finishing this post. What I’m saying is if you see someone on Instagram doing loads things with their day that doesn’t mean you have to also. Enjoy this time. I’m not someone who can sit still for long, I like to be kept going but for ONCE IN MY LIFE, I’m liking this quiet time and frankly I’m enjoying it.

So let’s get started. For anyone that’s new here. This is a blog post I’ve been doing for at least 4 years now. Every month I write what I’m loving, missing, planning, watching, recommending and more. Hope you enjoy it.

Thankful for…..

Everyone on our front line. EVERYONE!!! Not just doctors, nurses and healthcare workers. Every single person working in hospitals from cleaners to cooks, in the labs doing all our testing, carers, everyone working in nursing homes, helping out at Covid test centres nationwide, truck drivers, the guards, everyone working in all essential shops who remain open to the public, pilots, cabin crew, paramedics, the postmen and women, the bin men, the bus drivers….there are so many people still working daily to keep this country above water. I know I’m extremely grateful for you all. When we think front line, it’s definitely hospitals we think of but it’s such a HUGE team effort by so many and for that we are all very thankful. I sent a massive box of beauty products into St. Patrick’s ward in Beaumont Hospital a few weeks ago and the girls were thrilled. It was just a box of nice things to cheer them up on their days off, I know it’s not able to help anyone but it put a smile on the girls faces and that’s all that mattered to me.

Clicking on…..

Amazon. Yes Amazon is life for me at the moment. I always support Irish but given everything that is going on, Amazon is my one stop shop for everything baby related at the moment. As the weeks go by and isolation continues I supposed I’m thinking of the unknown and what lies ahead. I need to get my ass in gear before I start to get bigger. My bump is getting BIG and I’m conscious my back is getting more & more painful so I’d rather be prepared. Here’s a few random bits I ordered recently. A GRO Bag for Lily, a silicone muffin tray, sea creatures for the bath, a bubble machine and soothers for Baby Corr.


Freixenet Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine. NO WORDS!!!!!!! It’s heaven on earth. Just try it for yourself and see. It’s absolutely divine. You can get it in SuperValu. I love the alcoholic version but obviously being pregnant that’s a no go. If you’re looking for something deeeeeelish and light, I highly recommend guys 🙂

Thinking about…..

How crazy this all is. How if you told us 10 years ago that this would happen we all wouldn’t have believed it. It’s a very scary world we are living in right now but one thing I keep saying and I’ll continue saying it, WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER. People keep asking me how I’m remaining so positive and the answer is…….as I said on my Instagram stories because what we are being asked to do might seem difficult but in comparison to other counties we have it so easy here. Let’s keep flattening this curve baby and stay at home. We can do it TOGETHER. This is how Lily feels about being in isolation. Nurse Lily is also flat out temperature checking incase anyone needs theirs done.


Outfits to beat the band. I have so many outfits I’ve planned to wear. I did say 2020 would be all about fashion so. A lot of people are asking about maternity fashion and where I’ve been getting things. I normally either just go up a size or two or shop ASOS Maternity or Boohoo Maternity. They are my gems. I’m a 12/14 normally and order a 14 in maternity wear. I had lots of bits bought for my holidays that should have been the end of April so I don’t even know if I’ll get to wear it as it probably won’t be hot enough here to wear them. I think I’ll do a MASSIVE Depop upload in May with all my maternity clothes I’ve worn. Rather go to a good home than sit in a box in my back room. Here’s a few of my stun hun rigout’s over the past week.

Obsessed with…..

Koka noodles 🙂 yes CURRY FLAVOUR. I’ve never eaten so much of them in my life. I always liked them but never like this. If you watched me this week, I tried them on toast after loads recommended and I just was not a fan. I’m a plain noodles only kinda gal. I don’t actually like any other flavour and I generally add my own curry sauce to them which taste ever nicer.

Laughing at…..

All the memes and videos going around. They are honestly keeping me going so much. I think in all of this, we do need a good giggle so these are helping. My dad is a MEME king, loves them so much even before now. Here’s a couple below:

Dreaming of…..

The sunshine. 4 holidays cancelled but I’m not sad. Those places will still be there when this is all over. I will never ever take going on holidays for granted ever again. I’m so glad we got to go on our family holiday in February now as it was so nice just the three of us. As I said in my post the other day, little did we know it would be our last one abroad as three. I’m already dreaming of where we will go next and as a family OF FOUR. We initially booked Greece for end of September but then decided we would go May 2021 instead. Then we had Portugal booked but now that we didn’t get to go to Dubai, I’m thinking Dubai is where it’s at. My mums birthday trip just fast forward a few months, she won’t mind. We’ll do our big family Dubai trip then.

Looking forward to…..

Spending time with my family again. We have already said that we are going to have a massive BBQ in our house when this is all over and invite our families over. We don’t even have a BBQ but we’ll buy one. I just want us all to be together. We have also said we are buying Lily a sand pit and a trampoline for the summer. I want to be outside as much as possible with her. I think this time has made me reflect on what matters the most and that is family. It’s what I miss the most in this world. We had a three way call the other day and it was so nice.


Flat out on the Disney Plus. Aww what a time to be alive!!!! It’s just the business. Disney asked me to collaborate with them and I was just so honoured. I couldn’t believe they even knew my name. Just so incredible as a Disney lover my whole life, dream come true. It’s absolutely brilliant and well worth the money. So just to make this clear, me mentioning them here is not part of the collaboration or they haven’t asked me to speak further about it so just want to say that. Disney plus has everything you could possibly want. Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and National Geographic. You can actually try it out for a 7 DAY FREE TRIAL which is brilliant.

Asking you…..

To write to Andrew. I’m sure you will all remember the poor man Andrew Mc Ginley, the father of the three children who were found dead in Newcastle back in January. He is self isolating at home like many and I saw this on a girl I follow Slaney’s page last night. I said I would share. He is looking for people to write to him at this time when isolation for him is so difficult.

A simple letter, a postcard, a note, a drawing, anything. His address is in the post below:

Thinking of him 🙂


My mum. I miss her loads and it’s funny how when you can’t do something as simple as see your mum that hurts. I know we are all wishing and missing lots of people we love. It’s very difficult for so many. So if you are missing someone you love at this time, please know I’m thinking of you too. It’s a hard time for us all.

So there you have it. A very different This Month I’m than normal or even last months. We need to just keep following guidelines as only WE can stop this. The virus doesn’t travel, WE do.


Love Aoibhe xxx


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