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So many of you mail me on Facebook and Instagram every day asking about my hair so I felt a need to dedicate a post solely on my hair.


I have been getting my colour done with Kelley in The Hair Lounge in Swords now for over a year. Kelley is incredible. I wanted somewhere close nearby as going to a salon in town for colour isn’t always possible with a toddler. My cousins recommended Kelley to me and I’ve not looked back since. She is brilliant along with loads of the girls in the salon. I’m so thrilled it’s local to me and anyone in North Dublin should definitely think of going here, you won’t be disappointed at all. Highly recommend Aisling and Shannon too.









For those of you that don’t know, my hair is not real. I WISH IT WAS but it’s not. I have Hair Talk tape extensions in at the moment and get them done with David in Zeba at Arnotts. David is brilliant. I’ve had them in nearly 9 weeks now and I am very impressed with them. David really knows his stuff when it comes to hair and I am always so glad to leave my hair in his trusty hands. Her made the colour blend effortless and you wouldn’t even know it was extensions.

I was getting bond hair extensions for five years and just wanted a change. People always ask me? Do extensions not ruin your hair and the answer is no. If you take care of them as asked by your hairdresser, they won’t. To get tape extensions, you need a full consultation which your stylist will match and price everything for you. They will match you with colours and talk lengths. Prices always depend on how much hair you use and length.


I transformed my hair from blonde to balayage three years ago and I have never looked back. I remember being so nervous about the change but it’s the best thing I ever done. I had never been DARK on top as I was always quite fair so it was a big change for me personally. My root now is actually my natural root with blends of blonde.


I use my LanaiBLO hairdryer to blow dry it which I haven’t been able to let go of since I got it. It is a Professional Grade Hairdryer suitable for you and I. We no longer need to head to the salon for the perfect blow as we can literally DO IT AT HOME now. I cannot live without it. Wearing Hair Talk extensions, I need a hairdryer that could dry them quick and this is exactly what the LanaiBlo hairdryer has been doing. I used to spend at least 40mins drying my hair, now it’s done and dusted in as little as 15 minutes.

The dryer also has a cold shot feature. With this, you can lock in the look you have spent your time creating with heat by quickly cooling the temperature of the air being generated by your dryer, cooling your hair and setting it in place. Another  industry insider secret 😉 The LanaiBLO Tourmaline crystal components help to seal in moisture to counteract frizz. You can BUY IT HERE. 


The Remington Keratin Protect Wand. I did a hair tutorial on how to use this on my Instagram stories. It’s saved to my hair highlight. It’s hands down the best wand I have tried to get the perfect beach waves and I promise you I’ve tried SO MANY others. The wand itself is a 19-28 mm conical barrel wand. The advanced ceramic coated barrel is infused with keratin and almond oil for healthy looking results. One thing I love is that it comes with a glove too and a 5 year guarantee. This is the best price I’ve found online HERE.


HOW TO GET WAVY HAIR – The key to getting the perfect wavy hair is holding the Remington wand facing downwards to whole way around your hair so the curls all fall the same way. When you do this, leave for a few minutes before brushing the curls out gently with a paddle brush. Brush your hair very slowly as you don’t want it to go really big, you want a nice wave. Flip your head forward and brush. I guarantee you, you will get the perfect at home blowdry with it.

When it comes to products, I don’t use a heat defence. I know, I know I should but look. Here’s the products I use below.

SHAMPOO – Hairtalk Shampoo or Kevin Murphy Angel Wash

CONDITIONER – Kevin Murphy Angel Rinse or Garner Ultimate Blends Conditioner Coconut Milk

LEAVE IN CONDITIONER – Luna By Lisa Leave-In Conditioner

REPAIR – Olaplex Hair Protector At Home or Alfaparf Milano Reparative Mask

DRY SHAMPOO – Batiste Dry Shampoo and Andrew Fitzsimons FRESH Dry Shampoo

Your questions answered below:

Do I have naturally straight hair? 

Yes poker straight hair and without extensions my hair does not curl properly at all.

Can the Remington wand work on short hair? 

Yes absolutely it can.

How do you get so much volume in it? 

I literally flip my head forward and back once it’s been curled. I then lightly brush it out.

What do I get when I go to the hairdressers? And how often do I go?

It all depends. Sometimes baby lights, sometimes a t-bar if I want to go brighter, sometimes a root drag. I kind of let my hairdresser decide. I go for colour maybe 3-4 times a year that’s all.

Would I ever dye my hair brown?

No blonde for life.

How do I find managing the extensions? 

I’ve been wearing extensions since I was 16 so it’s something I’ve got used too. I wear my hair down a lot so this helps with any matting of the hair etc. If you look after your hair, you’ll be fine with extensions.

Best hairbrush?

I’ve been using the Belle Brush now for a good few months and it’s definitely the best I’ve found for sure. Buy it HERE.

So there you have it. All about my hair, what I use and how I do it. I thought it would be easier to look back on if I put it in a blog post.

I hope that answers some of your questions guys.

Happy styling 🙂

Love Aoibhe xxx



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