HOW TO: Make my Mars Bar Slices

Good morning guys,
I hope you are all following the guidelines and social distancing yourselves as much as possible. I just urge you all to do as the government say and follow guidelines.
Together we can prevent this from spreading so let’s do all we can and prevent the spread.
BUT………in the meantime.
Why not make my delicious Mars Bar Slices 😉 Hands down the nicest ‘CALORIE FREE’ slices ever.
NOTE: That is a TOTAL lie, a lot of calories are inside each slice.
Mars Bars x7
Box of Rice Krispies
Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate Bars x4
(large size)
Share size bag of Malteasers or 3 small bags
Makes a tray for 12 people
So for all you baking lovers or maybe you just want to give these a shot, here’s how you can make it below:
– Melt 8 Mars Bars over pot of water
– Add 3/4 large tablespoons of butter
– Stir until melted
– Add 1/3 box of rice krispies & mix together. You can add more if needed, depends on how much chocolate you have so make that judgement yourself 🙂
– Melt white chocolate or milk chocolate whichever you prefer in different bowl
– Pop the Rice Krispie mix in a greaseproof flat dish. Level off like below
– Cover the mixture in the dish with the white chocolate or milk chocolate so it’s FULLY covered. NOTE: Make sure it’s a nice and thick layer 😉 You’ll thank me later.
– Crush Malteasers in the bag and sprinkle over the top covering it all
Put in freezer for 30mins.
BOOM! Leave out for 15 mins before serving.
That easy….It’s so simple and yummy guys.
If you do make it please send me a pic for the blog would love to pop your photos on this post too 😉
Happy cooking 🙂

Stay safe.

Love Aoibhe xxxxxx

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