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Hi everyone,

So after being inundated with TEETH related questions at the weekend, I decided to do a full post on it. I get asked about 20-30 times daily about my teeth so thought this might be helpful.

First things first….they are my own. I don’t have veneers, I grew these all myself. No seriously….it’s something a lot of people ask me. I’ve had my wisdom teeth all removed and had braces twice.


I had braces when I was 13 initially and then again when I was 27. My teeth had moved forward and they were pushing my teeth out at the top so I needed to get them sorted asap. I got Quickbraces at the time in My Dental. I had them on for about 8 months and my teeth were perfect afterwards. They now do Invisalign which I heard is brilliant too. My brother got Invisalign and his teeth are so straight now. You can read more about the braces at My Dental HERE. See prices of both below.


I really do look after my teeth and I get them cleaned about 3 times a year. I get a full check up, scale and polish. This is obviously for oral hygiene reasons too but so that I know they are always in good health too.


Personally I just can’t recommend in house teeth whitening with dentists. I just think for the money you pay, it’s just not worth it at all. I whiten my teeth using Crest Teeth Whitening strips. They are amazing and WAY cheaper than getting a dentist to do it. I buy mine in America in Walmart as I don’t trust the websites as a lot of websites sell fake strips that aren’t actually the real Crest ones so be careful. You’ll be able to see lots of different types of Crest strips but these are the ones I use below. I have been whitening my teeth for years now. I haven’t done them in about 4 months but at the beginning I did it solidly for a year. The strips do make your teeth sensitive at first so be prepared for this. They have a much higher level of hydrogen peroxide in them than any strips sold here in Ireland. Mine are no longer sensitive to this so it does definitely go away but it is just something to note before you use them.

I probably whiten my teeth maybe 4 times a year now.

I do not have any websites to recommend as I do not buy them online myself.


I use this lipstick below which I personally feel makes your teeth look even whiter. It’s the NYC Soft Matte Lip Cream in STOCKHOLM. I’ve had lots of you buy it on my recommendation and you feel the same. I love it so much actually I love all the Soft Matte Lip creams. Another one that is fabulous on is Amsterdam, it’s a red and I wear that one to work a lot.


(It’s actually BUY ONE, get 2nd HALF PRICE)

So there you have it. I just felt the need to do it as so many people had been asking.

Have a lovely week guys 🙂

Love Aoibhe xxx


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