6 MONTH Pregnancy Update: How I’m Feeling, the BIG Scan & our Gender Reveal

Hi everyone,

So I actually wasn’t planning on putting this live until the weekend but said I’d put up tonight.

I haven’t actually put up any update since the reveal in January so said I’d do an update on everything now. If you missed my reveal blog post, you can read it HERE. So as most of you will know, I work as cabin crew for my job however when you tell them you’re pregnant you cannot fly so I’m working in the offices until I go on maternity leave. Lots of people wondering was I still flying so the answer is no, not as my job. Holidays yes still allowed but not as work.

So let’s get cracking on the post 🙂


I’m 22 weeks this week and feeling really big bump wise already. I know they say you feel like that on your second pregnancy though. They are keeping my due date the same as I thought they might change it a the big scan but they didn’t. I’m actually feeling good thankfully. The only thing wrong with me is my back which I had problems with before Lily. I got the Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow and said I’d report on it. Well a week later it’s ok but nothing amazing. I personally just find any of them annoying, bulky and a pain in the arse really. it’s not something I’d be telling you to rush out and buy. No way. Keep your cash and use a normal pillow between your legs. I did find the back part good though that’s one thing I’ll say about it.


As majority of you will all know our ‘big scan’ yesterday and what a day it was. I was so nervous the night before I didn’t sleep & when we went for the scan and got the all clear, it was such a relief. I was definitely much more nervous going into the scan this time around as I felt so much more aware of any complications etc. so once we were told 10 toes, 10 fingers and everything in the right place, after that honestly it didn’t matter to me. I know everyone kept saying to me ‘ohh I bet you’re dying for a boy’ but it couldn’t have been further from it. I was just so happy to be pregnant again and have a healthy baby. When we were there last time, the kept saying ‘Breakfast Club’ and Sean & I say there dying to know what the breakfast club was as we were both absolutely starving. They kept saying it so when I went in, I asked what it was. I thought she’d say a fabulous club where you have delicious breakfast, it just sounded so good. She explained it was in fact for people who needed their bloods checked regularly. Myself and Sean were devastated as we were dying to know for about two hours what ‘THE BREAKFAST CLUB’ was.


Not only did we get the all clear but……………we are having A BOY! Everyone keeps saying ‘A Gentleman’s Family’ which is something I’d never heard of before. Apparently it’s one boy, one girl family. Sean’s delighted saying ‘yes I’m such a gentleman’ it’s very funny. So many people asking me what the baby would have been called if it was a girl and it would have been Lucy Bella Corr. I thought Lucy and Lily were so gorgeous together. We have the boy’s name picked since Lily so we are 100% using that name for a boy and keeping it to ourselves until his arrival. I’ve only got girls clothes so I’ll have to start stocking up now. I’ll take everything from the attic next week like all Lily’s stuff and sort everything out. I’ll definitely give a lot away to charity as there is so much and I’d love to see it all go to a new home.


This was so so exciting and something I cannot recommend to people. If you’re on the fence about finding out or you want to find out in the hospital, I urge you to do it like this. It’s such a lovely moment to share with all your friends and family. It’s a video and photos I’ll cherish forever and our reactions were priceless really. All of questions came in about where my top was from, how we did the balloon, did we know before popping it? So I said I’d answer them all in here. My top was Penneys (recent stock this week). We didn’t know if it was a boy or girl beforehand. The midwife wrote down on paper boy or girl and put in an envelope. I brought the envelope to Woodies in Swords (they have a party section with balloons) and gave it to the girl. She filled the balloon with pink or blue confetti for us. So when we were popping it, neither of us knew at all. I thought this was so so good and made it even better. I’m so glad we did it like this now.


We obviously have his nursery sorted which is great. He’ll go into Lily’s jungle and then we just need to do Lily’s new room and move all her clothes in. The jungle is one of my favourite rooms in our house. For those of you that are new to following me, you won’t have seen the JUNGLE. I’ve a couple of photos below and you can see the blog post HERE. We’ll get his name on a large plaque to replace Lily’s and it will be perfect then. I’m sure lots of you remember me sharing the cot bed back in December which was half price, well we bought one too 😉 We just never said anything. The cot is the exact cot bed we have below in Lily’s room which is perfect.

Something I have been thinking long and hard about is my pram/stroller only because I’ll have two in a pram of course so it’ll be a double. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know that I really didn’t like my Egg pram at all that we got for Lily. When you’re a first time mum, you do go a lot based on what it looks like, well I did anyway. I had no experience of course with them so after using the Egg for the past nearly 20 months I have decided that it’s not for me. It’s very heavy as it is let alone putting TWO on it. I also would have no space underneath as the bassinet where the baby will go takes up the whole space. So after much deliberation we have decided to part ways with the Egg and my cousin is going to have it as she’s a first time mum and wants the Egg. It’s in great nick too so she’s absolutely delighted. In replacement of the Egg, we are getting a double stroller called the Out N About which I know soooo many of you absolutely raved about. This is the lightest stroller ever and after trying it in store in Tony Kealy’s we loved it so much. For a double pram, we are still deciding at the moment. A brand got in touch to collaborate with me however I would need to test it and try it in store myself before I commit to anything. I need something that isn’t going to be SUPER heavy and bulky so we’ll see what happens. We have two car bases we bought already and two car seats so that’s perfect. If you’re a first time mum, here’s my TOP 10 baby products I personally recommend HERE.


I would really call it more trying to wing it as best as I possibly can with the bump. I definitely still buy maternity clothes/jeans but definitely just go up sizes in Penney’s and Zara too. I really love ASOS for maternity dresses and tops, River Island for maternity jeans and Boohoo maternity is a great all-rounder too. If you’re looking for quality of course, ASOS is your best bet as some of the quality in the Boohoo stuff isn’t great. Investing in maternity jeans is highly recommended as you’ll wear them so much. See my blog post on them HERE.



I’m waiting until the end of March to decide what we are going to do as I want to see how I am feeling. I know technically a baby-moon is more for people on their first child however I know how MANIC life is about to get with two children so we will do something just us before the little man makes his entrance.

I looked up to stay in Marbella for two nights and I looked up to stay in The Europe in Killarney. It’s actually cheaper for us to go stay in Marbella in a beautiful adults only resort for two nights with breakfast/dinner than go to The Europe. I’ll wait a few more weeks and see how I am. We went to Malta on our baby-moon before Lily for 5 nights and it was just so lovely. I adore Malta so much so highly recommend if you’re thinking of going on a baby-moon. This was us in Malta just before little Lily came along.

So there you have it. I just said I’d update you all. Next time I update you I’ll have done my 3D scan which I’m really looking forward too. It was so incredible last time so can’t wait for this.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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