Soon…Lily will be a BIG SISTER

Hi everyone,

So I actually hadn’t planned on announcing this for another few weeks but over the past 10 days, I’ve found it extremely difficult trying to keep it a secret. So yes some of you guessed…..Lily is going to be a BIG SISTER 🙂 Read her hat.

This time it was even harder to keep it to myself as I was violently ill for the past 10 weeks. I only started to feel good in the past three weeks. This has so far been a very different pregnancy to Lily. I actually was off work for a good bit before Christmas because of it and then I had holidays over the Christmas too thankfully. I told all our family and friends who were delighted for us. We had friends ask us to go out for drinks so many times before Christmas so we just told most of them as it was too hard. We obviously took these shots in Disneyworld on Christmas Day when we were there as a family. It was just so lovely and we got the most perfect day too.

If you’ve followed me for a while you will know that I took a month off work/social media last August as I really needed it. When I came back, I spoke about how I had been talking about making different changes in my life and well this was our plan. If I had of went on to do my pilot training this year like I had planned too, there would have been an age gap of about 5-6 years between Lily and her brother or sister so we decided to go for it now and have them close in age. And before anyone says anything….this is my final and last 🙂 I am so blessed to be able to have a second child and know how lucky I am. Two is perfect. The perfect way to travel, one for Sean and one for me. After I had Lily I kept saying never again, never again as I was just so caught up in everything but in August I spoke to my mum and asked her would I be mad to have them this close & she said it would be perfect Aoibhe. So that month off work/here, really made me think so much about my life, my goals and our plans as a family. I’m 31 next month and I will have my family. Sean is happy. I am happy and I can’t wait to see little Lily’s reaction to her little brother or sister. Lily loves other children so it will lovely to watch the two of them together. I can concentrate on myself in time.

I already cannot believe how quick the time has gone. Like I honestly feel like I’ve blinked and it’s 4 months. I am hoping that the rest goes just as quick. I struggled a lot towards the end of my last pregnancy so we will see. I already have a physiotherapy appointment at the end of the month as my back has been an issue since before I had Lily. I’m definitely nervous about having a two year old and a baby but with some help I’ll manage and find my routine like most of you amazing mamas out there. I remember thinking when I had Lily, how do people do it with two? Well I am about to find out 😀

We are definitely going to find out this time around and be more prepared. Like with Lily we had names picked from the first few weeks after we found out. So first and middle name for a boy is picked and the first name for a girl is picked too. We have yet to decide on a middle name if it’s a girl. We went for an early scan in town when we found out as I was TERRIFIED it might be twins but just one in there. I am going back to the Rotunda again as they were just incredible with Lily. I’ll be public like I was with Lily. Actually when we went for our scan a few weeks ago, a few of you messaged me saying you saw me in there. So congratulations to you guys also.

I am due in July so that will be here before you know it. I am officially grounded in work which means just like when I was pregnant with Lily, I cannot fly as my job. I will work in the offices until my maternity leave starts. Lots of you were asking me today why I wasn’t doing the launch of the new uniforms, well now you know….I’m 4 months pregnant and didn’t fancy modelling to the whole world online. That means I will never wear the old uniform again and won’t wear the new one until I return after my maternity leave. This doesn’t mean I can’t fly completely just flying as my job. We will still be going on holidays next month and again in April too.

We feel so lucky to have been able to have another baby. We know there are so many couples out there who cannot have children so we feel blessed to have been able to have a second. I feel a bit calmer this time round as I know what to expect whereas on Lily I was a constant nervous wreck. Like I did with Lily, I’ll keep you updated with blog posts on how I’m doing, scans etc. We have had two so far so next one isn’t now until first week of March so I’ll do my next update then.

Ahhhhh the sigh of relief…….It feels so amazing to have said it out loud now. I can finally relax and now that I have stopped getting sick, I can start to enjoy it more.

Love Aoibhe xxx



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