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Hi guys,

I cannot believe the response to our monochrome bedroom. I am just so in love with it and obviously it was very risky but delighted how it turned out. I suppose painting a room black is a big no no normally but I had a vision. When I have a vision I run with it and this is exactly what I did with the room. Sean was sceptical at parts of it but he let me do my thing and well it most definitely has paid off. I absolutely love interiors and putting everything together. Seeing the end result makes me so happy. We only have two more things in that room to hang up and then it’s finished.

My next few things interior bits are small things like find a ceiling light and cushions for our sitting room and then just wait on the bookcase to be built. We need to do a job on the hanging light we got from Amazon for our kitchen as when it came, it looked very different to the phone but we wanted to keep it and make it our own. We want to get these sorted before we start on Lily’s new room next month as that will be another big project. I’m dying to get our front/back garden sorted too but with baby number two arriving in July we will probably have to wait. 

So any way back to the post. Where is everything from? This is our room below. 

Black/Charcoal Floors – Des Kelly

Paint – Fleetwood Paints

Wardrobes – Came with the house

Switches/Dimmers – Grange Electrical

Wallpaper – Graham Brown BUY HERE (not my room below, photo from website) 

Curtains – Curtains Direct. These were custom fit and made for us. They come out to your house, you pick, they measure and then fit 6/7 weeks later.

Bed – Ez Living. We bought this bed two years ago and they have since stopped stocking it)

White Duvet – Amazon. BUY HERE

We only used the duvet cover from this set. Personally found this cover a little rough so we are on the lookout for something similar but softer. This will do for the meantime.

Big White Cushions – Amazon. BUY HERE

Black Pillow Covers – Amazon. BUY HERE

We didn’t use the black comforter in the end, just the pillows from the set.

Striped Pillow Covers – Ikea. BUY HERE

Small Black Cushion – Etsy. Shop must have closed as can’t find online now. 


Bedside Lockers – Amazon. BUY HERE

Knobs – Amazon. BUY HERE

We changed the knobs on the lockers and I definitely think it makes them much more expensive looking.

Mirrors – Amazon. BUY HERE

Lamps – Walmart

Red Flowers – Noblesse Flowerbox. These flowers last one year and remain in the box for this time. If you use the code AD152020 at checkout you can get 15% off. BUY HERE


Candle – Jo Malone

Dog Ornament – We got this in an art gallery in Keywest, Florida.

Frames – Home Store and More. These were bought last year.

Foot Stool – Walmart


The last thing we doing is putting up these two large photos on the plain black wall. BUY HERE

So that’s it guys. I hope you love it as much as I do. I’ll do a post on the sitting room when it’s finished soon.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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