My Goals for 2020!


Hi everyone,

As this year begins, I always reflect on the previous year and think about what I achieved, what I didn’t achieve and what I could have pushed myself to do more of. There are always a few things that creep up every year like I wish I became more fit or lost more weight or made more time for ‘me. I tend to rethink these things year on year like a lot of people probably do. I know there are also the few that GET IT DONE and for that I commend you. I didn’t show my year on my Instagram highlights for a reason. This time of year is tough enough for people in general and seeing everyone’s ‘best bits’ can push anyone over the edge as some people simply SURVIVED this year so I didn’t really see the necessary need to go through my own personal highlights on my Instagram. I did write my year in review and as mentioned on Instagram, it was by far my least favourite year personally so I was ready to say goodbye to 2019.

I’ve been setting goals since as far back as I can remember. I would write down a big list and tick them off throughout the year. Writing a goal list doesn’t have to be big achievements, they can be simple things for you personally. I just find it’s a great way to focus. I don’t always achieve everything but I do my best. I think it’s healthy to set yourself some goals each year. You can read my goals I set for 2019 HERE and see what I ticked off.

So here it goes……

Raise as much money as I can for CMRF Crumlin. I’m organising three Mammy Meet Up’s from February to April with all proceeds going to Crumlin.

Abseil Croke Park for Crumlin in September

Do a 10,000ft Skydive for them in October

You can read all about these events HERE.

Visit Iceland

Go to the Blue Lagoon/See Northern Lights

Do a day at a Rally School

Dinner at the top of the Eiffel Tower

Reach 90K on Instagram (already on 72K so not much to go)

Climb to the Hollywood Sign

Visit Greece with my family

Train and do the Walt Disney World Half Marathon (this actually takes place in early Jan 2021)

So there you have it. Hoping 2020 is a bigger and better year for you all and whatever your wishes/goals are that you too smash them.

Love Aoibhe xxx




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