2019 Round-Up: My Year in Photos

Hi everyone,
So it’s nearly the end of this decade and I’ve never more been ready for this next one. I’m so excited for what lies ahead.
Every year I write this blog post reflecting on that year, goals I’ve achieved, what I’ve done and how the year went in general. As I’ve said quite a few times before now, this year was probably one of the toughest years of my life. I’ve dealt with so much behind the camera that’s all way too personal to share. I can’t write this post and pretend it’s been great, because although we had many happy times, 2019 was tough. I’ve noticed a few people over the last few weeks say the same, so I’m not alone when I say I’m excited for 2019 to be put to bed.
I’m also writing my annual goals blog post too which will be up soon. I think it’s healthy to set goals each year as it really gives you stuff to focus on. These don’t have to be huge goals but simple things that you want to achieve for the year ahead. I’ve been writing one for years now, even before I had a blog. So let’s get cracking on this post. This isn’t a blog post of ‘ohh look at how fabulous my year has been’, it’s more of a way for me to put together what has happened this year for me overall.
We started off the new year celebrating in Tenerife in the heat. What a New Years Eve it was. We had planned to go this New Years again but when Sean got a Christmas trip with work that went out the window & we had to sadly cancel. We’ll definitely go again at New Years as it was just WOW! The whole night. We’ve booked to go back in February 2020 for a week of sunshine. The three of us also went to Orlando this month as I was still off work. We went for 8 nights & Lily’s first train ride was on the Hogwarts Express. It was also the month everyone was doing the 10 year challenge to look back on a photo from 10 years ago. I had ZERO EYEBROWS, as did most. I also hit 50K on Instagram and hosted a bloggers brunch in my favourite, The Betsy.
My birth month and always my favourite. We went to Amsterdam for a few days to celebrate. I just love Amsterdam so much. I actually never wrote a blog post on it, so I should. Great city. I celebrated my 30th birthday with Riff Shop playing which was pretty class. I actually didn’t mind turning 30 funnily enough. I also signed as a Johnson’s Ambassador this month which I was super proud as it was a brand that has been in my family for decades. My mum was also very proud too. I launched my new website this month and totally rebranded my logo. I really love how it turned out and I was delighted to have a total revamp of my website. It was long overdue.
These month’s were actually quite quiet. I had my breast reduction surgery so was recovering for most of it. I did have my Meet Up and met someone amazing ladies who follow my blog. It was such a fun day and I was so happy to meet so many of you. These really cheered me up a lot in April. I still went ahead with the meet up despite everything that was going on behind the scenes. Most of you who followed me for a long time now will know, I had a health scare in April so I went offline for a while. It really put so much into perspective for me. That’s why I ALWAYS ALWAYS say, don’t judge or comment on someone online when all you see is a snippet of their life. You see 10%, there’s another 90% you don’t see.
After everything, this month was lots of fun & I had loads to focus on. I was going back to work mid June so I was getting ready for that. Then we had Lily’s christening which was such a lovely day. I was so emotional as she was just getting so big. She was full of smiles & giggles all day long. We had an amazing day with our family and friends. I went to Toronto with Sean for a night away & we walked the edge of CN Tower together. We also went to somewhere that had been on my bucket list for FOREVER, Dominican Republic. It was incredible & somewhere I cannot wait to return too.
I was going back to work this month so trying to cram as much as I could in. We had a day out with my favourite @lifewithtinyhumans & her little boys. I met Emma in February of this year and I will definitely say meeting her was one of my highlights of the year. We just clicked. We went to Marbella for our anniversary and we went to Westport with Sean’s family. We also had my beautiful friend Kate Kelly’s engagement party and it was a scorcher. Actually June overall was super hot. Then I returned to the green and it was straight back into work. Within weeks, I felt like I never left.
Westlife. That is all. Myself & Jenny went to one of the best concerts ever. Honestly it was just insane. They had Croke Park hopping, really did. I also did my first long haul since I was back to work and not only did I get to fly with Sean but we went to Miami & our pals Gary/Jenny got to come with us too. What a trip. We went to Keywest which was another bucket list tick. I got to fly with Sean again which was great and we went to Chicago. It was so warm this month and we were constantly outdoors with Lily. I was also planning her 1st birthday which was coming up. I really struggled this month in work as I adjusted. I found the first 7 weeks extremely hard trying to juggle work, Lily and blogging. I was really trying to put on a brave face but inside I was a total wreck & I was completely rundown trying to do it all.
The month of Lily. We celebrated her birthday with all our friends and family. We had a lovely BBQ and it was just great to have everyone there. I was all over the shop but for the party, I put on a brave face. A week after Lily’s birthday an incident happened in work where I just said, enough is enough. I had a eye infection which spread into my both eyes and chest infection too from being so rundown so I was off work for the month. I also went off social media too as I really needed a break. This month helped me more than ever & looking back 5 months on, it did me the world of good.
Lots of family time. The weather was still so gorgeous and warm in Ireland. We went to Las Vegas for Sean’s 30th birthday with everyone. I’ve no words for this trip, it was just one big laugh. We had such crack. Another bucket list tick along we seeing the Grand Canyon. Most definitely one of the most spectacular views ever. A trip of a lifetime. Vegas is definitely somewhere everyone has to see once. When we came back as we had two weeks off, we flew home picked up Lily and straight out to Marbella for a family trip. Lily went to her first beach club & we had such a nice time away. I also had the incredible honour of working with Huawei to promote their #StorySign app. When the app initially came out, I worked with them & it’s just an amazing tool that allows children’s books to be accessible to deaf children & their families. Lily’s favourite book is the one from the campaign, Spot the Dog.
We weren’t long home before Sean & Lily joined me on a three night work trip to Miami then. It was so nice to bring them along. It was my first time flying with them both as passengers. We went cycling with Lily for the first time and her face was priceless. Hands out on the bike, window blowing in her face. The smiles out of her. Looking back on photos of her on her 1st Halloween, she’s got so big now. We dressed her up as a little unicorn. Sean went a bit OTT with the decorating for Halloween, there was no stopping him. We also went on a family staycation to our favourite place, Lough Eske Castle in Co.Donegal. We took Lily when she was a few months old & decided we would make it an annual thing. Seans parents came with us. We also went to Salem just before Halloween which was super cool to see. Sean was in his element. I also met my auntie Barbara in Boston the next day who flies for British Airways.
We all headed to Center Parcs this month for their Winter Wonderland. Lily loved being in her chariot. She met Santa and she was actually quite scared of him this time. I also had the honour of being asked to go to the Frozen 2 premiere in London & go to a Q&A with the cast. I couldn’t actually believe I was asked to this and was beyond grateful for the opportunity. I met a beautiful girl Emma Power (follow her HERE), she works for 2FM & it was just such a cool experience.
We took Lily to see Santa in Arnotts for the second year & thankfully unlike Center Parcs she didn’t cry at all. She was so good & didn’t mind him at all. I started my fundraising for Crumlin Children’s hospital. First up was a huge beauty giveaway and we raised over €4000 from it so I was thrilled. Myself & Sean went to New York for a night. Coldest I’ve ever felt the city but so lovely to see at Christmas. We then went to Disney World for Christmas for 3 nights as Sean was working and it was a brilliant few days. Lily’s face was priceless and I can’t wait to share the photos with her when she is older.
I’m extremely grateful to every single person that enjoys, reads my blog, follows, likes & comments on my Instagram. I chat to so many of you on a daily basis & I am just so grateful people even enjoy following me, so thank you so so much. I made it my business to write more this year and I definitely want to continue that into this year. I love writing and that will always be my passion. Although it was an up and down year last year, I did tick lots off my bucket list which I’m so grateful for.
I already have four holidays booked so that excites me. My money goes on travel and there’s nothing more I love to do than travelling together as a family. I have lots plans in place for this year for fundraising with Crumlin as you may have read already.
So if 2019 wasn’t your year, forget it. It’s over. Close the book and let’s start again. A new book. 12 chapters, 365 days to make it amazing. 2019 wasn’t my favourite but that’s ok. Every year can’t be amazing. So for 2020. Positivity is key. My mum always said think positive, get positive Aoibhe and I do believe it works. LET IT GO is my saying for this year.
So here’s to a fabulous 2020 for us all. Let’s smash this.
Love Aoibhe xxx


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