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Hi everyone,

Happy Wednesday 🙂

Hope you’re all getting excited for Christmas now. We brought Lily to see Santa on Monday and it actually wasn’t a disaster. I was thinking from our last encounter at Center Parcs that she might be scared but she wasn’t thankfully. If anyone is going to see Santa in Arnotts, he’s so good. What a Santa. Myself and Sean both went there as children so it’s so nice to now bring our baby there. If you’re planning on going, I recommend that you get in really early for store opening. How the system works is you get a ticket at the machine when the doors open and have to put in your telephone number. You will then be given a ticket to come back at a later stage. We got our ticket at 9.15am and couldn’t see Santa until 1.30pm that day. So as early as possible as most tickets are gone by 10am.

I have 90% of my presents now so just need to order two things online and I’m finito. I wrapped everything yesterday so all done and dusted. It actually took me sooooo much longer than I thought it would. I love buying presents for people but god I hate wrapping. I used to love it years ago. I think it’s because my dad asks me to wrap all his presents too so I’m doing SOOOO MANY. It’s actually getting so close now. I’m seeing some of my mums side of the family on Sunday, then next week I will be packing for Orlando and getting sorted. We have a big family dinner on my dad’s side on the 22nd so I am looking forward to that. I’m really close with my dad’s side and it’s always some crack when we are all together.

So back to the post, if you’re a new follower HELLO, this is basically a blog post I write every month on what I am loving, planning, thinking about, excited for, wishing for and more.

So let’s get started 😀

This Month I’m……………

Clicking on…..

Amazon. Literally AMAZON QUEEN this month. For interiors and gifts. It’s been like Santa arriving every day with packages however mainly for the house. I have ordered quite a lot of presents off it this year too though. You can get really unique and unusual gifts from it so definitely worth a look. Our room is taking shape now and just waiting on the last bits before I can show you all but I cannot wait. It’s very like a hotel room and obviously was very risky painting it black but it works and it’s gorgeous.

Delighted with…..

My fundraiser for Crumlin so far has hit €2,356.70 and I’m so happy as my goal was €1000. I would absolutely love to hit €3000 by Monday when it closes. You can win an incredible prize worth over €1500 (below). One great cause. Two lucky winners.

To enter you simply donate €5 to this worthy cause. You can donate more if you like as all proceeds will go directly to CMRF Crumlin. You must include your name to enter the giveaway. Two winners will be picked from the donation list and will be announced on my stories on Monday evening.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.



This Bath and Body Works candle. It’s the three wick candle and is the nicest candle EVER at Christmas. It is so perfect if you have a fake tree but want that real Christmas tree smell in the house. I lit it tonight and WOW! Just heaven. You can buy them in any Bath and Body Works in America or online on eBay either. Worth every cent.


My ASOS boots to death. I haven’t taken them off me since I got them. They were kind of hard when I wore them at first like most boots but within one wear they were grand. They go with everything and you can wear with leggings, jeans or tights. I wore them in Chicago two weeks ago and they were perfect for the cold. I ordered my mum a pair for Christmas too as she loved them when she saw them.

Remember to pay for the boots in POUNDS as it is much cheaper. Only £35

BUY HERE  – Normal Fit

BUY HERE – Wide Fit


Spencer and Vogue. If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. It’s beyond hilarious and Vogue spends 70% of the time just ripping it out of Spencer. I nearly choked when I watched the part about Spencer talking about his ‘Gee’. I think Vogue comes across great. I have met her a good few times from working in Brown Thomas and she’s lovely. Definitely worth a watch if you’re chilling at home with the girls.


A big family gathering on the 29th December in our house. All my dads side of the family are coming over then as we will be away for Christmas. This is what I love about Christmas so much. I was listening to a thing on the radio last week about some lady saying Christmas is all about the children and whilst I totally agree it is, it’s also about spending time with family and being together. I never miss a Christmas at my uncle Kevin and Auntie Geraldine’s house so I’ll be sad not to be there but we’ll make up for it on the 29th.

Excited for…..

To recreate this photo with Lily on Christmas Eve. This year it won’t be taken on Christmas Eve though, it will be taken a few days before as we will be away. She was so tiny here and so cute. She was so small last Christmas and now she’s up running around, walking and causing mayhem. I can’t wait for Christmas this year. As one of her gifts, we bought her a small Henry the Hoover. She’s obsessed with the hoover so she will love it. It’s battery operated too so will be very funny.

Dreaming about…..

My Nosh & Co food. I have ordered from them twice now. The first time I didn’t work with them or anything, I just ordered and then after they got in touch and asked would I be interested in collaborating so I did. They are a food catering company that deliver to your door in Dublin and make the most delicious food for parties, communions, functions/events etc. I got it both times for a large dinner party as there were 8 or more of us so it was amazing. So handy. Main, sides, dessert and wines too. So handy, no fuss and straight to my door too. They didn’t ask me to write this in this blog post and this mention isn’t part of any work (all work is completed) but I just wanted to mention them again as it’s such a brilliant service.

You can check them out HERE.

Thinking about…..

The year that has been. As we come into the final weeks of the year, I always reflect on the year that has been. As mentioned on my Instagram numerous times now, it’s been and up and down year for me personally. I’ve dealt with a lot of things offline that have been pretty hard for me to deal with so I am excited for 2020 and what it will bring. I’m excited for a new year, new plans, new travels and a new chapter. I always write three blog posts in the month of December, one is my goals for the coming year, one is my year in photos and then one is a round up of my favourite blog posts of the year. I’ll upload these over the coming weeks. So if you’ve had a tough year and want to just put 2019 away then you’ve not long to wait 🙂 New year come at me…..Remember this below 😉

Love Aoibhe xxx




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