My Breast Reduction: NINE Months On

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So I promised an update on my breast reduction & I was going to do it at 6 months but I said I’d wait until 9 months post op. I’ve had so many mails from women all around the country messaging to say they got it done, booked their consultation and booked in for their operation which is so amazing. I recently got the sweetest mail from a lady who said because of my posts and highlight talking about it, she went ahead and finally after 10 years got a breast reduction. I had tears in my eyes thinking that because I chose to speak publicly about my operation that she went ahead. I just chat, write away and don’t really think about the impact that a blog post may have on someone. I absolutely just love writing so for everyone that has followed my journey this year with my breast reduction, thank you. I am really so thrilled that it’s helped you. So for this post I basically just wanted to give you guys an update on how they are, the scars, how the feel and well how I feel.
If you’re new to my blog and haven’t read anything about my breast reduction and are interested, you can read the blog posts below:
It’s been nine months since the operation now and they are still sitting well. They don’t look exactly like they did three months post op but that is totally normal. They were a little higher back then but I was told that would happen as swelling goes away and they adjust to your body. The scars are extremely faint and I’m delighted with how they have healed. I couldn’t recommend the Trilogy Rose Hip Oil enough, genuinely the best thing I’ve ever used on myself. I used it religiously for four months and then sporadically since. I don’t use everyday but when I remember I pop it on. It’s something I would highly recommend post op. For anyone that is worried about the scarring I promise you barely see them and I am most happy with this. I wore a bikini for the first time in over 8 years when I went to Vegas and I was so happy. I felt confident wearing it which was a HUGE thing for me.
I haven’t lost or gained a huge amount of weight since maybe a few pounds here and there so they haven’t got bigger or anything since the operation thankfully. I know that this can happen and I was warned that if you gain a lot of weight they can go back up slightly. They will never go back to what they were before however it can happen slightly. I don’t think they could ever be as saggy as they were before my operation. I used to cry so much about it when I looked in the mirror so now that’s a thing of the past. I do want to go and get new bras again. I have been wearing non-wire bras for six months now since my surgery bra so it’s time to get new ones. I will go to Marks & Spencer’s or Arnotts for my fitting this week. Getting the right bra is SO IMPORTANT. I know others recommend different places however these are the places I’ve been too and can say found both places great.
So how am I feeling and was it still the best decision I ever made? YES it was. I still feel way more confident in everything I wear now especially in more dressier outfits. I find I can still go bra less with some dresses where as before this was 100% not an option. I can wear things I couldn’t necessarily wear before. Like the playsuit in the photo above sat awful on me last year but when I wore it a couple of months back, it was so nice on. I said it after the operation and you’ll be sick of me saying it but I only wish I had of got it done it years ago. I wish I got it done when I was 20 and not 30 so if you’re in the same boat as me and only in your early 20’s thinking of doing it, go for it. Don’t spend your 20’s covering up and feeling sad about how big your boobs are. You’ll never look back and thank me later. And likewise goes for an older woman, don’t spend the next 10 years hating your body because you’re so self conscious about them. Do something about it. Save your butt off and go for it. The best thing about the Avoca Clinic is their payment plans as without that it wouldn’t have been possible for me.
You can read more about the procedures at the Avoca clinic HERE or phone them on 01-2014563.
DISCLAIMER: This blog post is in collaboration with The Avoca Clinic
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