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Good morning everyone,

I’m off out this morning for two meetings and then home to Sean & Lily. I’ve to pack ahead of our trip to Center Parcs tomorrow. We are heading for the launch of Winter Wonderland at Center Parcs which officially starts tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing it all decorated and looking fabulous no doubt. We watched the mid season finale of Power last night and WOW!! It was gripping. I can’t believe we have to wait until next year for the last of it. I wonder who did it? Those of you that watch it will know what I mean. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t yet.

I got the most exciting email yesterday about going to London, Friday week for a press trip. When it’s all confirmed today I will speak about it later on. I am beyond excited as it’s with a company that I’ve been DYING to work with for years now.

So anyway back to the post…..

Clicking on….. 🙂 it’s always open on my phone. Where I can venture next? Where’s my next destination? I personally love & find it amazing. I just booked to stay in The Dean Hotel in Dublin in a couple of weeks. It’s a special place for Sean and I so I can’t wait to go and spend the day in town and stay in The Dean. I’ve booked so many trips through them now that I get discounted stays in places now. Just 10% off in some places but it’s amazing. For anyone interested I actually wrote a blog post on hotels/staycations around Ireland. People always ask me about places to stay in Ireland and it was something I hadn’t done before so I said I would compile a list of gorgeous places to stay in Ireland. Check out the list HERE.
Jodie Wood X Crystal & Co Collection. It’s so beautiful and very Jodie. I got some pieces the other day & they are just so beautiful. They are so dainty and delicate. All the pieces are so Jodie & fabulous. They girls are so lovely too so I’m always happy to support them. My personal few favourites are below. You can shop the pieces HERE.
Today I have a meeting with Gourmet Food Parlour in Santry about something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while and planning behind the scenes. For the next 12 months, I plan to raise as much money as possible for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin. Mammy Meet Ups, raffles, a skydive, a huge beauty giveaway & abseiling Croke Park . I know motherhood can be quite lonely for a lot of people so I’ve planned 6 Mammy Meet Ups over the next 6 months for mammy’s, babies & toddlers to come together one morning each month. Tickets are €10 plus booking fee & all proceeds go to Crumlin. I’ll be releasing all information next week.
Thinking about…..
How very soon I won’t be flying, well after Christmas. I’m taking some parental leave so won’t be flying for a while. I’m excited to spend more time with Lily & be with her at home. Sadly as I’ve said on my Instagram stories before, part time is not an option that is accessible to me at the moment so parental leave is the only way to go. I was always someone who loved working and loved my job but when you become a parent your priorities change. Your focus is solely on your baby. I love my job, I love what I do but I just miss being with her at home. She’s growing up so so fast now that I’m like nooooooo. I just can’t believe it’s 15months now and this year has gone so so fast. Never in my life has time gone so quick. I’ve put in for a good bit of parental leave for next year so fingers crossed I get it. Here I am last week with my Auntie Barbara when we met each other in Washington.
Happy about…..
FAO Schwartz have opened up in Arnotts. I absolutely loved the store in the New York & cannot wait to visit with Lily. She will just love it. I know she will. I missed the launch last week as I was working but I said to Sean we need to pop in so we are going to go next week at some stage on our days off. I’ll be like a big child too no doubt as they have the walk along piano in store too.

Patiently waiting for…..
Putting our Christmas tree up. Yes I said it! But I’ll definitely have everything up for the toy show. I need to see my roster for this month & pick a date to get it up. I’m looking forward to watching the Late Late Toy Show with Lily this year. I’ll definitely be going to get some of the fabulous loungewear Penneys have for the Late Late Toy Show. All proceeds from it goes to Crumlin Children’s Hospital. We bought all our stuff last year with moving into the house so i won’t be buying much this year however you know yourself, I’ll see stuff in stores and want it. My colours are red, gold and green. I loved the tree we got, can’t wait to put it up. This was our tree last year.

Looking forward to…..
Getting my botox/lips and lips done. My forehead is kind of falling apart as I’ve left it a little longer than normal. I generally get it done twice a year so the last time was in May. I try and get it done as close as possible to Christmas as I can. For those of you that are long time followers, you will know that I’ve been going to the same place Beacon Face & Dermatology for years. I only get a slight bit of botox on my forehead and then a bit in my lips too. If you’ve followed me for ages you’ll know of my horror incident a good few years back now where I got my lips done elsewhere and they were totally botched. Mr. Golchin at the Beacon fixed my lips & thankfully they look totally fine and normal now. One thing about the doctors who work at the Beacon, subtlety is key. People don’t even realise I have botox or my lips done and that is what you want. You can read my full Q&A over on my Instagram Botox highlight and if you want to read more about the treatments & doctors, you can check out the Beacon Face & Dermatology HERE.

Excited about…..
If you’re a long time follower, you will know I’m obsessed with interiors. I love decorating & would consider myself having a good eye for all things interiors. The fabulous Gwen Kenny is doing a Luxury Interior Masterclass at the end of the month. I am meeting her to talk about two of my bedroom ideas I have.  I’m doing an all black room so excited to see what ideas she might give me. You can read more, book the masterclass and find out more HERE.
Love Aoibhe xxx


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