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Hi guys,

Happy bank holiday everyone 🙂

I’m off to Boston today with work for 24hrs and Sean’s off work so he’s decided he HAS to come as he’s dying to go to Salem. I wouldn’t bring Lily on a 1 night trip as it’s just not fair for her and the time difference, also Salem will be SO busy so I wouldn’t do it with the stroller however she will see Salem in a few years with us. I had all of last week off with both of them and it was so nice. We went to Donegal for a three days as a family with Sean’s parents and it was so lovely. We just love it up there and we are 100% going back in the Summer.

We are actually going to Center Parcs in two weeks which I am really looking forward too. My mum is coming along and our friends Gary and Jenny too. We got invited to their launch back in July but I was working so sadly couldn’t go. I’ve heard really great things about it so I’m looking forward to it.

Clicking on……
Everywhere trying to look for cute Disney clothes for Lily for our Christmas trip to Orlando. I’m so excited and I know Lily will just love it at Disney World. I found some gorgeous little outfits, check them out below. I also found some Disney pieces for myself too. Outfit planning is under way.
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All the halloween decorations everywhere, I mean I’m no Sean when it comes to Halloween. His obsession is on another level but I love that it’s becoming much more of a ‘thing’ here now. Our neighbours Danny and Paul have their house done so well and a few other houses in the estate. I can ONLY imagine what Sean Corr is going to do next year. He just keeps buying more things. I just know he will be going to Walmart tonight for more decorations, I know it. Anyone that doesn’t follow me on Instagram won’t know this, but Sean and his obsession with Halloween is on another level. We recently went to the Botanic Gardens and they had a beautiful pumpkin display outside.
Our 2020 holidays.
When it starts to hit October, I start thinking of the following year and what amazing places/destinations we can save and travel too. I am dying to take Sean and Lily to the snow so if I can make it happen, I will. Next year I would really love to go to The Bahamas on a cruise and I would also love to go back to Dubai. It’s one of my all time favourite places and it’s so child friendly. I’m thinking maybe Greece for a family holiday as I know Sean is obsessed with Greece and can’t wait to show me. Holiday planning excites me 🙂
Thinking about…..
A really exciting project I have in the works with a children’s charity. I am meeting with people next week to discuss more and finalise dates. When I have all that secured then I will speak about it. I did a lot of charity work back in my early to mid 20’s and after I got back from Australia, life got it the way and work took over a lot and then I had Lily. I raised over 10,000euro for the Make A Wish, Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind and Console. I suppose I have a platform now and I want to do something with it. I think partnering with this children’s charity will be amazing. I am excited for the year ahead and what I have planned to do with them.
Addicted to…..
BPerfect’s new INSTANT TAN!!!! Ahhhh this was a long time coming and I’m just so thrilled it’s finally here. I kept telling Brendan the owner of BPerfect how this was going to a game changer and it is. The best thing about this is 100% that it’s water proof and what better time to launch a waterproof tan, coming into WINTER! It’s honestly so amazing and will be a lifesaver if you forget to put on tan before a night out this party season.
You can use my code aoibhe20 for 20% off it so it’s only 14.36euro when you buy it with my code.
See before and after of the tan last week on my Instagram story below.
Note: I am a Brand Ambassador with BPerfect Cosmetics. All views and opinions on the products are my own.
Power!!!!! Ahhh it’s getting too juicy. I cannot believe there is only a couple more until the mid season finale and then we have to wait until next year for the rest. If you haven’t watched it yet then you should start as it’s brilliant. It’s hands down the juiciest thing that I have ever watched. I have my dad hooked and Jenny & Gary are half way through it also. It’s on Netflix.
Lough Eske already. What an incredible place! Honestly have you ever been somewhere and your heart just stays there??? That’s Lough Eske for us. The place, the staff, the food, the spa, the decor..everything. It’s just the most tranquil place we’ve ever stayed. We have decided that we are going to go in the Summer next year again as we have only went in winter both times that we have gone. We also are thinking of doing Christmas there in 2020. They have amazing Christmas packages. This isn’t an ad for them or they haven’t asked me to share this at all, but if anyone is interested you can check out their website HERE and read all about their Christmas packages.
Excited for…..
Chef Mickey’s Brunch Christmas Eve. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! I just know Lily will absolutely love it and me too of course. But she will enjoy it. We are having brunch with our favourite Disney characters and will get to meet them all. It honestly is a trip of a lifetime. Sean is working the flight over and back so we are getting the chance to come with him as I’m off Christmas this year. I still can’t believe we are going.
Living for…..
Getting a new motor. Those of you that have followed me for a good while will know me and little Dympna, my Fiat 500 have been best pals since 2016. We have had many adventures and it’s been good however I finally think I am ready to part with her. I was going to pass her on this year when I went back to work and then the bond was just too tight to let go. I think next year will be THE YEAR Dympna will leave me, once and for all. Lily is getting bigger and it’s just not as easy anymore so an upgrade is happening in early 2020.
Love Aoibhe xxx

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