This Month I’m…..

Hi everyone,

It’s Lily’s big day. Her birthday is on Tuesday but I am working so we are celebrating it today Sunday. I was in Chicago this week again. I always catch up on emails, finish blog posts and try to do some stories while I’m away. This is the one of the great things about being away as I get so much done & then when I’m home I’m all about Lily and the phone/laptop gets put to the side. I’m so excited for today. We can’t wait to have all out family and friends together. It’s all VERY PINK so make sure to check out my stories later 🙂

If you haven’t checked out my latest blog post on my maternity leave being over, then have a read HERE

So let’s get cracking, this month I’m…..

Thrilled with…..
Bperfect 10 Second Tan have finally launched the mousse in a travel set and even better its SOOOO cheap too. They have it on special offer in a set for €29.95 which includes the travel size mousse, a full size Golden Glow and a mitt. It’s such a great offer. As I travel so much, this is honestly the best news ever!!!! My discount code doesn’t work on the travel set however it works on everything else on their website. My code is aoibhe20 for 20% off everything else at the checkout.

NOTE: I am a Brand Ambassador for Bperfect Cosmetics.


Smiling about……
A lot of you may have noticed that I put up recently about a little boy Jimmie. Jimmie is Sean’s best friends nephew. He’s 3 years old. Jimmie was diagnosed in March this year with a rare form of cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma, this affects the soft tissue of the body. Jimmie has a very large tumour at the base of his skull. This tumour is in a very complex area and is extremely difficult to treat. He has undergone many rounds of chemotherapy with many more to follow.

Jimmie needs to receive radiation therapy in the Netherlands or Germany, location to be confirmed this week and this is where we need your help. The HSE will cover the cost of medical care but will not cover the relocation cost of Jimmie and his family. Jimmie requires around the clock care and his parents have been unable to leave his bedside since his diagnosis. We would love to be able to relieve them of their financial burden on this difficult journey.

I put it up at 3595euro and within 24hrs, the goal of 30K was smashed. I am so happy that they have now made a total of 47K for the family. If you wish to donate, click the link below.


Dreaming about…..
Being back at Powerscourt with Jenny. We went a couple of weeks ago and it was actual heaven. What a brilliant spa, it was so so nice. We both said to each other that we didn’t want to leave. I got Reflexology done and Jenny got a facial. Reflexology is great for someone who works on their feet. Your feet is connected to every single part of your body, it’s so interesting but really works. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend it. We also had afternoon tea in the Sugarloaf Lounge which was deeeeelish. Here I am enjoying the thermal suite which I didn’t want to leave.

Lily 🙁 I’m really missing being at home with her all the time. I’m back to work 8 weeks now and it’s so sad being away from her. She’s realising I’m gone now and that is really hard. We have our own thing going on and for me being away for two nights & then off for three days is amazing. I have full days with her when I am off and it’s so good. If I worked every single day I would only get to see her for an hour or so, so it’s working for us. She’s growing up so fast and I honestly can’t believe she’s one.

Looking forward to…..
Starting my paddle boarding lessons. It was something I said to myself at the beginning of the year that I wanted to learn. It’s actually supposed to be much harder than you think. I’m excited. I love set myself little challenges like this. I also started back running for the first time in nearly two years. I figured I have smaller boobs now so I really have no excuse at all.

Lily’s 1st birthday. Today is the day. It’s a pink party so everything is pink. I’ve got her the cutest little outfit. We’ve organised for a Disney Ball Pit to come today and we’re having a big BBQ with friends & family so hoping the weather is nice. It’s going to be such a nice day, I can’t wait to have everyone here later.

Excited for…..
Vegas!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh where has this year gone??? Like BOOM and it’s July. We are going in September and there is about 12 of us in total going. We are staying in Caesar’s Palace and are starting to plan the trip now so I can’t wait. We definitely want to do the helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon, the zip line and see a show that’s for sure. We’re going to see Calvin Harris and Steve Aoki too. I’m really looking forward to it as it’s for Sean’s 30th.

I’ve loads things I’m trying and testing at the moment for my next Tried and Tested blog post but one think I have to put in here is the L’Oreal Unbelieva-BROW. It’s incredible and cheap as chips. So affordable and honestly so amazing. I’ve only been using it two weeks but I’m really loving it already. It’s a semi permanent brow gel that comes with a brush and comb for the brows. A little goes a long way so remember 😉 It’s on offer in the link below.

Buy it HERE

Laughing at…..

This quote as it’s SO TRUE. It’s extremely difficult doing what I do online and working a full time job but one thing is for sure, I never loose sleep over what people say or think of me as I really do not give a shit. Recently I confronted a few people in my job about different things they had said/wrote online about me and asked what possessed them to do it? All three apologised and said they got it wrong. All three admitted that the judged me based on what they heard, yet NONE of them had ever met me in person. If someone meets me and dislikes me, FINE I get that you can’t get on with everyone but to only go on hear say and dislike someone ‘just because’ and feel influenced by others is SAD! I’m not talking about young girls here, I’m talking about grown women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.

I’m one of very few ‘influencers’ who has a full time job as well as do this and I am very very proud of that. I am not going to change for anyone and I’m certainly not going to stop what I do online because of a sad group of people who want to tear me down. If anything they drive me forward and make me want to succeed even more.

Until next month……

Love Aoibhe xxx


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