Lily turns ONE

Hi guys,

So I had been offline for a bit after Lily’s big day so I never actually got to do this until now.

We celebrated Lily’s birthday on Sunday 4th which was the August bank holiday weekend here in Ireland with all our family and friends. I couldn’t wait to get all my family together as it’s not that often that ALL of us are together.

I wanted to make it special and I’m FULLY AWARE that people had their ‘opinions’ on the whole party but frankly I couldn’t have cared less as it’s nobodies business but my own. One thing I didn’t actually mention on Instagram was that a follower I have never met before mailed me the day after Lily’s birthday and asked me what I was doing with all her balloons & would it be possible to have them for her little girl’s birthday which was a few days later. My response….ABSOLUTELY. She came a few days later and not only did I give her all the balloons from the party but I gave her all the rest of the remaining pink sweets in little sealed bags for her party too. She was so grateful and I was so happy they were going to good use. That was something that I did because it was a nice thing to do. Another example of a random act of kindness was when a mother mailed me asking about a ‘My 1st Nuk soother’. She asked could you buy it on it’s own (which you can’t) but I happened to have an unused one upstairs in Lily’s drawer so I posted it to her home. Why am I telling you this? I don’t want recognition for it but these are little things that people don’t see behind closed doors that bloggers/influencers do but aren’t plastered on social media daily. I’ve a list of things that people just don’t see. I don’t show you everything…remember that always.

The main thing was that we had an incredible day celebrating my beautiful little lady and Lily enjoyed it from start to finish which is what mattered the most. I know she was only 1 but if I as her mother wanted to get a 40ft blow up unicorn and a circus (I didn’t) then I’m free to do that. We didn’t go for the blow up unicorn but we did have as most of you would have seen from the few stories I put up, a pink party theme. I nearly fell off the chair when my dad strolled in, in a pinky peach shirt.

In the run up to her big day I actually got a lot of bits and pieces in Walmart in America for really cheap, from the pink cutlery to the table cloths, cups to plates. Walmart is my best pal. I honestly I love it and whenever I go I spend ages there. I also ordered some bits from Amazon a few months before so I had gradually been getting things over time which was handy.

As always with any event I do, I love supporting local companies and businesses. None of these companies ask me to mention them on here or on any social media but it’s nice to be nice so I want to mention them.

We went to Confetti Balloons Ireland for our balloons as always and they never disappoint. Suzanne & Stewart made the most incredible half arch for us in all different colour pinks along with some stand alone fabulous helium balloons too. These guys are my go to for all my parties & events.

Along with the arch we had the flower wall and I just love them. I think they just look so gorgeous and as always delighted to support Ciara at Flower Walls & Co. We had a lovely crisp white flower wall for Lily’s christening in May so keeping with the pink theme, we went with the pink one which has all different types of pink in it. So pretty.

For the cake and cupcakes we went to Cupcakes and Counting. Jen and her husband do the nicest and most delicious cakes. We cut the cake on the day, gave everyone some and then more to takeaway too as they just loved it. Jen is amazing at her job. I have been ordering my cakes from her for many years now and can hands down say they are worth every cent.

A new small Irish business the Dublin Paper Flowers made cute little personalised hats and confetti for the table. These were quite cheap but really cute and turned out so good. I was so happy with them. You can also get paper cake toppers made too and personalised. I only ordered 10 along with the confetti but when supporting a small business you are supporting someones dream so I love that.

We couldn’t not have a party and not get our sweets from our pals at Treat Boutique Dublin. Corinne personalises treats for any occasion. We asked for pink…and we got pink 🙂 All pink sweets and lollipops for the pink party which was perfect. They also got us the small bottles & straws for us too. So handy for children at parties.

I kind of more so wanted to do this post to have as a reminder of how great the day was. It will be nice to look back on. I printed loads photos from the day and added them to Lily’s album. My blog is something I can look back on in time and I love that. I can’t wait to share with Lily when she is older.

We had the best day surrounded by everyone and needless to say the little lady was in bed by 7 as she was so tired from playing in the ball pit with her pals. Thank you to everyone that came, everyone that got her a little gift and to everyone that messaged on the day & commenting wishing her a happy birthday. As I always say nothing ever ever goes unnoticed so thank you.

Love Aoibhe xxx



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