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Hi everyone,

I hope that you are all enjoying this weather.

So I PASSED my final check in work today 🙂 I am over the moon. So so happy. I now have the clearance to fly for the next year until my next check. In case anyone doesn’t know, cabin crew have to be checked every year to ensure we stay consistent. So I am absolutely over the moon. Two weeks intense training and then today so all done and dusted. So now I am really back 😀

It’s so fabulous out today, we are going to Skerries later to meet my mum. I absolutely love Skerries on a sunny day, it’s my absolute favourite place. We spent nearly every summer there growing up on my dads boat, eating fish and chips on a sunny day with my cousins. I’m off to Westlife on Saturday, I cannot WAIT! There’s a few of us going and I know it’s going to be such a laugh. We are thinking brunch in town before and then head in. Hope to see some of you there.

So back to the blog post, I used to do these blog posts every couple of months and then when I fell pregnant, I stopped. I decided to do one of 10 products I’ve tried out and put to the test.

Here we go 🙂

Catrice Brow Colourist

It’s a semi-permanent brow which is a gel formula which is vegan friendly. It’s kind of like a mascara for your brows which comes in five different shades to suit blondes, brunettes and darker hair tones. It’s cheap as chips and SO AMAZING!!!!! The product tints  your brows every time you use it. So handy if you are in between brow appointments. It helps your brows appear fuller and give them much more definition too.

This Works Morning Expert Vitamin C Power Mask
I got sent this about 6 weeks ago and I really like it. It contains 10% Vitamin C and is more like an intense treatment. It has a grain to it so it exfoliates your skin too. I put it on before going into the shower and then scrub off when I am in there. So handy.
Joico Blonde Life Range
I got this in The Hair Lounge in Swords a while back and I have used it all up now. I wanted to use it fully before commenting on it. I have to say, it’s UNREAL! It leaves my hair extremely soft and silky which I love. It really brings my blonde back to life and keeps it from going brassy. It doesn’t have SLE/SLES sulfates so it’s fine to use on extensions too. The conditioner lasts ages too as you are really only using the smallest amount.
€15.95 – €24.95
Spotlight Teeth Whitening Strips
So I mentioned these recently on my Instagram and was inundated with responses. Unfortunately these strips are not for me at all as they just do not work. As they are made in Ireland, they are under EU LAW which only allows them to put very little hydrogen peroxide in their strips therefore not actually whitening your teeth very much at all. I see the ad before, during and after Love Island and it makes me really mad as the product just doesn’t really work. The Crest strips I use and get from America are three times stronger and actually whiten your teeth. My overall point I was making the other day is that I hate seeing people being sold a ‘fake reality’ and this is what they are.
Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
Benefit Porefessional WHO? This is identical and does the same if not a better job. I am obsessed with this and the price of it too. It goes on so easy, has a matte finish and instantly makes your pores disappear. One thing I like also is that it doesn’t make your skin shiny either. You only need a small amount. I pop it on my nose, cheeks and chin when going out. It is brilliant.
Rimmel Wonder Luxe Volume
Gives incredible instant volume. 100% of 121 women agreed with this. The mascara itself has 4 oils that nourishes your lashes and gives you conditioned and smooth lashes. When applying this mascara, I recommend doing the zig-zag motion as you apply and make sure to do two coats. Give yourself time as this will really transform your eyes. I can’t get over the price. Why spend a fortune on mascara when this Rimmel one is the bomb. I have quite sensitive eyes and this was fine for me and it also lasts which is even better.
 (ON OFFER in link below)
LA Girl Pro Setting HD Spray
I was actually quite disappointed with this. I am a huge lover of LA Girl and wear their foundations and concealers but this just didn’t do it for me. I think the only setting spray that I find really good is the Urban Decay All Nighter. It’s more expensive but it really does work and lasts FOREVER too. I had been dying to try this after I watched someone talk about it on Instagram but they I realised its actually not that good at all. Wasted my money.
3ina X Primark 331 Bronzer
Guys I cannot tell you how great this bronzer is. Matches tan easily, matte so no mad shine and is so handy to carry around. I was using the bronzer from my Luna palette but then that ran out and I started to use this. I’m in love. It’s cheap as chips and so worth it. The whole range is vegan friendly and you can buy it in Penneys stores nationwide now for only €9. 
Kerastase Soleil Bain Apres Soleil
I was actually on the fence about this. I initally loved it but then it started to make my hair super greasy and I didn’t like it.It does remove chlorine, salt and sand residue from the hair after being in the sun however I just found that it was a very heavy formula and although it did make my hair soft, it was very greasy looking after drying. It does smell lovely though but then again I don’t want to be going around looking like I could fry chips in my hair when in fact I just washed my hair.
So there you have it. 9 products tried and tested by me. I will do another one maybe next month. I’m currently in the middle of testing out a new conditioner and a few other products so I will keep you guys posted.
Hope you enjoyed 🙂
Love Aoibhe xxx

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