Tips for Travelling with a Baby

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As promised here’s my post with tips for travelling with a baby. This is an updated version from the one I first posted back in January.

So many of you ask all the time about travelling with Lily on Instagram so I have all your questions answered in here. I’ll start with packing, the airport, the plane, the hotel and then feeding. If I have missed anything just send me a direct message on Instagram and I will reply. So we have went on three holidays now with Lily, Tenerife when she was 4 months, Orlando at 5 months and then Dominican Republic at 9 months. For the first one, we personally felt like 4 months was a good time but I do know people bring them smaller and that is fine but I felt now was the right time for us. This photo (left 4 months old) Sean took on the way to Tenerife and it’s a photo I will treasure forever, I just love it. I was so excited to take Lily on a plane for the first time and to see her sitting up looking out at the clouds was amazing. We recreated the same photo above (right 9 months old) on the way to Punta Cana.

So first up PACKING. WOW that is all I will say. You honestly need to bring everything and the kitchen sink. Plan ahead and get your baby sorted first before yourself is what I will say, that way you are a little bit more relaxed. I packed until 3.30am the night before the flight as I was freaked but we done it. I knew Tenerife was cold in the evenings so I needed to make sure I had cardigans for her as she would have a blanket on her legs anyway. I brought both long and short sleeve baby grows along with cute little outfits for her too. I had a few people ask about buying baby summer clothes at this time of the year & I got mine all on Amazon. Order them a few weeks in advance and it’s fine. I also got all her swim stuff in Boots. I didn’t bother with cute swimsuits as I didn’t want her to be exposed to the sun so the all in one suits are great and of course they come with matching hats. She will only love me for this picture when she is older 😉 Sorry Lily. Another thing is swim nappies, they can’t wear regular nappies in the swimming pool. You can buy these in Tesco or Boots. Then after the above it was a few blankets, some toys and of course her stroller.

I got asked loads about the stroller we got. We got the Baby-zen YOYO and honestly it was the dream. It folds down in seconds and boom into a bag that you can put on your shoulder. Three ladies stood and watched me pop up the stroller and put Lily into it when we got out of the plane, they couldn’t believe it. Not only is it so handy but it’s the lightest thing you’ll ever push too and Lily loved it as she could kick her legs and she wasn’t restricted at all. First photo is the newborn part and second photo is the 6 months + part.

We had the 6+ months part of the stroller for her when we went to both Orlando and Dominican Republic. It was super for her and for napping too. It’s very comfy and honestly the best thing we have for travelling with Lily. We also figured out that the Baby-zen Yoyo actually fits down the aisle of a plane. I popped mine up getting off the plane from Miami and it was so handy. See last photo.

Now you don’t need to do any of these, these are just tips from my trip that worked for me. A tip for the AIRPORT that will cost you just 6.50euro each is FAST TRACK through security. Lily was free. I had never done it before but as I said to Sean for every trip we have Lily, we will be doing that as it was so much quicker and faster than waiting in long security line with her. She was actually sleeping when we got to go through and the security do ask you to take the baby out so note that. You then need to fold down the stroller and put it through the scanner. Fast track was just hassle free and couldn’t recommend it enough. In case you haven’t a breeze what I am talking about, HERE is the link to it for Dublin Airport. Actually another tip at the airport is to ask the check in staff about how full your plane is. Ask them if there are free seats can you have a row to put the baby in the middle seat if it’s a row of three, that way you have more room to put the baby down and they are more relaxed too rather than sitting up the whole time.

Someone also asked me about bringing formula through security. This is absolutely fine just once you tell them and take it all out they are fine with this. There are no restrictions on how much but should be equivalent to what you would need for a flight or two depending on your day. Ready made formula, powder in tubs, water in bottles are all fine. It doesn’t matter how if it’s made up or not just once you declare it as food for your baby that is all.

Something I’m adding in now that we done for layovers in London and Miami (on our return) was lounges. People are afraid of lounges and think it may only be for businessmen or couples but families are totally welcome. We went to one in London, Punta Cana and Miami & all were worth every cent. It was crowded so allowed Lily to sleep soundly while Sean and myself had a drink and some food. It is definitely something we will consider now going forward when we have Lily with us, as airports can be crazy when you have children and babies with you.


Next was the PLANE. Remember you get priority boarding when you have a child now. They will make the announcement at the start of boarding to say ‘Anyone with an infant or child to please board first’ and DO! Unlike us who missed the announcement and waited. You would think we would have remembered that seeing that I’m cabin crew and Sean’s a pilot but anyway. If you board the plane first and sit down you’ll be way more relaxed and calm rather than rushing. The plane journey is all about timing. Give them their bottle as your are about to take off and then again as you are descending into your destination. This will help their little ears. I knew this from being crew anyway. Lily didn’t cry once with her ears thank god so we were blessed. Going over to Tenerife she was great and sat/lay/played the whole time. Our flight was in the middle of the day so it was fine however coming home in was a night flight. On the way back she was overtired so she cried a bit at the beginning but slept the whole rest of the journey.

The flight to Orlando and Dominican Republic she was great and once you have enough things to keep them occupied when not napping you are fine. We made sure to have her favourite movie with us, Sing. Photos above are 4 months and 9 months also.

Now onto the HOTEL. The hotel we stayed in Tenerife was the Hard Rock (left). You can check it out HERE. It was an absolutely fabulous hotel and totally catered for families, kids, couples and groups. There was a total mix of people there and something for everyone. There is a kids club, four different restaurants and lots of different bars to choose from. As there was lots of kids, I felt instantly at ease as I knew the staff were totally used to having children. There is an adults only pool so if you are a couple it’s perfect too. The hotel has it’s own Beach Club too and we spent 80% of the holiday there. It has loungers on the sand at the beach and loungers by the pool too. There is a DJ in the centre of the pool every day also. They have a beautiful restaurant there beside the pool that I highly recommend. A lot of people asked me how Lily coped in the heat. I kept her in the shade always but she didn’t mind the heat at all which was great. She slept better over there too. She’s back to her usual routine now we are home. On holidays she was sleeping right through the night for us.

In Orlando we had our own villa so it was like a home away from home. For this trip, I discovered microwave sterilising pouches which were so handy to bring with us. This is them below and you basically pop some water and the bottles in & pop in the microwave. Now you obviously need a microwave in your villa, room, suite whatever it is but if you have confirmed with them in advance that you have a microwave then, I highly recommend them. See photo and link below.

Then in Dominican Republic, we had a suite (left photo above). The suite had a kettle/fridge/sink so was very handy for washing bottles, sterilising etc. We didn’t have a microwave so we actually brought the electric steriliser from home with us. We wrapped it up in clothes and popped it in Sean’s deep suitcase so it was perfect.


Lastly about FEEDING. Lily was still on bottles at the time we went to Tenerife so we actually brought our Tommee Tippee Prep Machine with us in our suitcase too. We set it up in the room like we have done on other trips around Ireland and we done exactly like we normal would at home. We got bottled water from the shops and used this in the Prep Machine. It was great and we didn’t have one issue. Another person asked about formula. We brought one box of formula which done us the 6 nights (we had a little left) but it depends on how much your baby is feeding etc. I would recommend two boxes for one week and three boxes for two weeks just incase for anyone bottle feeding.

When we went to Dominican Republic, Lily was eating food and having bottles. We brought the Prep Machine however the voltage wasn’t the same over there so it actually didn’t work. We did buy filtered water and use these for her bottles. You can buy a travel bottle warmer (see below). It’s so cheap and handy, very light to bring with you too. I definitely recommend. She was eating food so we brought Ella’s Kitchen pouches with us for the trip. She had been having them for a while along with her porridge so we brought enough of both to last us the week. Lily actually didn’t need injections because she wouldn’t be eating the food while we were there.




Overall the experience of travelling with a baby was actually really good for both of us. Lily seemed really happy having us both there and around her all the time. It was such a relaxing holiday when you have a baby and both of us have really enjoyed bringing her with us. I know they say it’s easier now and as cabin crew, I 100% know that it’s easier now when they are smaller rather than when she’s two years old and wanting to run up and down the aisle. Photos below are aged 4/5 months.


She was definitely more active on our most recent trip and wanted to be up a little more but that was fine. I brought her for little walks and we kept her occupied until her next feed or nap. She was really great over and back to Dominican Republic and we already can’t wait to bring her on her next trip away. We absolutely love having her with us together and it’s memories we will have forever. Photos below are aged 9 months.

If you have any questions about bringing your baby away or want to chat, DM me on Instagram HERE and I’ll get back to you. I hope the post was helpful for some of you that needed some tips on travelling with your baby got something from it.

Love Aoibhe xxx



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