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Happy Monday everyone 🙂

Hope you all are having a fabulous bank holiday weekend whatever you are all doing. I can’t say mine has been wild at all. Sean was away so I had my little sidekick with me. We had loads of fun though. We went shopping, to Smyths, for ice cream and watched Sing another 6 times and Despicable Me. Lily’s grandad is popping up to see her for a few hours today so I’m meeting my friend Emma for a couple of hours for a chinwag (chat for anyone not from Ireland).

Anyone new to following me, this is a blog post I do every month just talking about what I am loving, planning, thinking about and more every month. People seem to like it so I have continued to do it for the past three years now 🙂 This post is never ever sponsored and all views below are totally my own.

So let’s get cracking with the post.

Charlotte Tilbury Mascara. I was sent this Legendary Lashes mascara recently and I’ve been so so impressed with it. I would never promote something on my blog that I wouldn’t pay for myself especially if it’s gifted. If something is bad, I will say it but it’s brilliant, really is. Gives length, volume & is waterproof. One thing I loved was that when I popped it on, on holidays it didn’t run so it’s perfect for hot climates. As someone who travels a lot, this is great. It also has nourishing ingredients in it that are really good for your lashes too. Win win really 🙂

Thinking about…..
Going back to work. Bitter sweet really. I’m dreading leaving Lily but I like the job I do. I am so so sad to leave her. /My job means I’ll be away for two nights from her if I’m on a trip or more. We have family to mind her so that is nice to know she’s with a family member but still doesn’t make it easy. I’ll definitely do a blog post on returning to work after a baby. I don’t have a choice, I have to return full-time, going back part-time isn’t an option I’m allowed have.

Sleepy Head from Irish company, The Feel Good Collective. I worked with them last week on my Instagram but this isn’t paid. As in they didn’t ask to be included here or paid me for it. I’m just reconfirming the fact that their Sleepy Head spray is the business. It’s a
and it is so good. I first tried it back in February and been using it since. I always trial products for a minimum of 4-10 weeks before I promote anything. I know a lot of bloggers who will honestly just try something a put it up the following week. I don’t understand it at all. It’s not authentic & how can you really tell after that short period. Anyway the spray is amazing & even Sean is now addicted. It leaves such a calming scent in the house.

Use the code Aoibhe10 for 10% off

BUY HERE (not a sponsored link)

Excited for…..
Our family trip to Westport next week. I love Westport. Sean’s never been. We are going and staying in the lovely Castlecourt Hotel for two nights during Sean’s days off. His parents are coming too so it’ll be a really nice few days. Sean has also never climbed Croagh Patrick so it’s on our to do list also. Westport has the best little shops & pubs, plus the scenery is breathtaking too. I’m excited for it.

Great. I’ll tell you since I muted some people on Instagram I genuinely have never felt better. I no longer feel shit about myself if I haven’t done 155 things before 11am. I was following certain people who I was starting to really dislike watching and I just said NO enough is enough. Like since I done that I feel great. I keep telling people that if you are investing your personal time into someone you dislike watching, you are only wasting your own time and making yourself feel shit. You’re actually making that person money by following them on stories too as it’s all about the numbers 😉 just a little tip for you all. Mute or unfollow those who don’t make you happy.

I’ll share two recipes with you that have been a big hit in the last month on my Instagram. They are the ham parcels & my hummus.

How to make Ham Parcels

Chop up whatever veg you like. Peppers, mushrooms, onions into small pieces.

Drop in two eggs and stir together

Sprinkle in pepper/garlic. Put to one side

Grease the bun baking tray with butter

Pop ham slices into a bun baking tray

Pop mixture into the ham with a sprinkle of cheese on top

Pop in the oven 160 degrees for 20 mins (depends on your oven)

Generally makes about 6 parcels. Boom…that eaasy 🙂

How to make my Hummus

400g tin of chickpeas blitzed in a bowl

Add 5 tablespoons of lemon (more if needed)

Add 1 tablespoon of tahini and a pinch of salt

Add 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt

Whizz it all together.

Drizzle 3 tablespoons of olive oil on top before serving.

If you make them let me know. Enjoy 😉

My CHUB RUB STICK. Loads of you have been asking about it. I have talked about this every summer since I joined Instagram. It’s an Aloe Vera Deodorant Stick that I rub in between my legs when it gets hot. It’s so so good and helps you so much. It can be any STICK aloe deodorant, it doesn’t have to be this Forever Living one however it is brilliant if you can get your hands on it. I promise you’ll thank me later.

Dreaming about…..
Our holiday to Dominican. You can read my blog post HERE on the trip. It was such a magical holiday & was so amazing to have Lily there too. We had the best home and we didn’t want to come home at all. We actually already booked to go back next year to stay at The Grand Reserve in the Dominican again. We loved it that much, we signed up to a Melia Rewards Club as we are obsessed with Melia resorts. The club allows you access to lots of resorts worldwide at a discounted rate by paying a subscription. We figured because we travel so much. Why not? We booked Melia Dessert Palm Dubai for the end of the year too.

Laughing at…..
People calling the sucky in knickers from Penneys ‘Aoibhes knickers’ 😀 it is brilliant! People saying that I should do my own range. Ohhh and I would absolutely LOVE to do my own range but it just wouldn’t be worth my while competing with the €7 ones from Penneys. I would love to, of course but just unfortunately doesn’t make sense, as AMAZING as it would be and all. Thank you so so much though. I’ve had the most incredible response since putting them up a few months back. They are just deadly!

Until next month.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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