10 Things Every Girl NEEDS In Her Wardrobe

Happy Saturday everyone 🙂

What a day out there. It’s fabulous. I’m just back from meeting my gorgeous pal Ciara and Lily is having a nap so I said I would get this post finished. We are off for family dinner later at one of my favourite spots, The Baths in Clontarf. I love it there and especially on a sunny day too. Tomorrow we are having a little day date Sean and myself and we are actually going to Kilmainham Jail. I have never been so a couple of drinks in town and the tour is the plan. I’ve exams Monday so it won’t be a late one. Then it’s all systems go for another full week of my training. Not long now until I’ll actually be back flying.

So let’s get cracking with the post 😀

So many of you mail me on a daily basis asking me about fashion, putting outfits together etc and I think I forgot that a lot of long time followers had initially started following me for my style. I suppose over the past few years with having Lily and travelling more, it became more family and travel orientated. This year I said I would revive my love for fashion and concentrate a bit more on this. I’ve a few personal tips first and then I’ve included my TOP 10 pieces I feel every woman needs in her wardrobe.

Firstly I think knowing your body shape is key. Knowing what suits you and what doesn’t. Over the past 5-6 years and working in fashion a lot, I’ve really come to learn more about what actually suits my body shape. I know I’ve broad shoulders, I know I’m not the skinniest of girls, I know high waist just doesn’t suit me, I know that I like longer sleeves covering my arms and I know that I like my legs and don’t mind having them out. Having Lily made me loose my love for fashion a bit but I feel like I’m slowing starting to love it again. I ALWAYS wear my sucky in knickers when I can (not with jeans) and Sean just knows now at this stage. I very very rarely wear anything tight on my body but I know what suits me if I do choose to go a little tighter. You can read my blog post HERE on body shapes and finding out yours.

If you feel conscious about your top half then jeans and a longer style top with heels will work for you. A longer top that can come down a little bit to cover the top of your thighs is a must. That goes for blazers too. I wear a lot of longline blazers and they just come down that bit longer than a regular blazer which is great. See my one below in dusty pink.

If you feel conscious about your arms, there are so many dresses you can get with long sleeves now. You can even wear a nice white shirt under a sleeveless dress either if you feel like it.

An oversize dress can be fabulous if you put a belt on it and then gives more shape. Something as simple as a belt can totally transform any dress.

With my style, it’s actually very simple. I’m not too out there but I don’t play it safe either. I know what suits me and what doesn’t. This is so important. Don’t go too much out of your comfort zone as you just won’t feel comfortable on the day. I think clothes can really give you confidence so if you feel nice in something you’ll feel good about yourself. I might wear a plain pair of jeans with a trench coat but put it with a stripy t-shirt and cool flat sandals. Then I might pop a red handbag to standout of the outfit. It doesn’t have to be complicated. I also ADORE floral. Personally wearing floral makes me happy and I feel confident wearing it. Some people hate it but I love it. I personally wouldn’t be a huge fan of stripes but if I do wear them I do it subtly.

I do get a lot of my outfit inspiration from Instagram. Sometimes if I buy a certain piece like let’s say ‘pink Bardot top, I will put pink Bardot top outfit into Pinterest and it will give me so many ideas from that. Sometimes I take an idea from one outfit and an idea from another, it all depends. This is a great way to help you put outfits together too.

Lots of you always say ‘Aoibhe I never get nice things in Penneys like you’. I’d say that is said to me at least 30 times minimum a week. When I go to Penneys I really look. I walk around and if something catches my eye I grab it, then I go around some more. It’s all about piecing things together. It’s about seeing what works together and what doesn’t. Spend time in the changing room, think about the pieces and what will go with something you already have at home. I love outfit planning so this helps.


This HAD to be my first one. Having a perfect LBD in your wardrobe is the best thing any woman can do. For that night you have ‘nothing to wear’ you can grab it and feel fabulous. Now this can’t be any little black dress, it has to be one you feel fabulous in. I have one that I throw on occasionally with a pair of heeled black ankle boots and I feel great in it.


Flat, heeled, biker, Chelsea…. you just need a black ankle boot in your life. I think they are my most used item in my wardrobe. I have a pair of Chloe Susanna boots and I wear them ALL the time. They are easy to put on with dresses or jeans and look dressy too. I love a good flat Chelsea boot and the Dr Marten trend too. Sean isn’t a fan of me wearing the Dr Marten trend but I love it and it can make any outfit a little more casual. They are great for festivals too and as a new mum so comfy for walking around with Lily.


Another shoe but a total necessity. A pair of white runners goes with EVERYTHING. A white runner is chic and can make any outfit. I personally love Converse or Adidas classic styles however the chunky white runner has been a huge hit this year. Personally I’m still on the fence about it and don’t think I could pull it off. A pair of white runners a certainly a must have in any woman’s wardrobe.


There are so many styles of jeans now, you are bound to find one that suits. From ankle grazers to skinny, mom to boyfriend they have it all in the shops. I think skinny jeans are a total must have. Everyone can find a skinny jean to suit them. They are so comfortable and perfect for dressing up or dressing down. You can buy them plain, distressed, ripped, you name it now, they have it out there. I mainly get mine from River Island, Penneys and Vero Moda. Vero Moda is somewhere you might not think of initially but well worth having a look. I actually probably only own one pair of non ripped jeans so I need to get myself some more. All mine are ripped from grey to black, light denim to dark denim. You really can’t have enough skinny jeans.


It doesn’t have to be red. But the bolder the better. I absolutely LOVE my Givenchy Red bag below. I have lost track of the amount of times I’ve worn it too which is great. A bold statement coloured bag can make any outfit just POP. I could have bought a black one that day but I decided to go a little out of my comfort zone and buy the red. I’ve since felt it was such a great choice and can’t be without it now.


Leather pants are just my one true love. These ones below were from Zara and I lived in them. I then got myself a couple of pairs of Spanx leather look leggings and most recently got a pair of the Harley Verso leggings. I think they are a great addition to any woman’s wardrobe. They can literally take you from day to night, dressed up and fancy or dressed down and casual. The Spanx ones I think are more casual however the Harley Verso ones are more night time. They are very sexy and really make your legs look great.



I feel like I should have been born in pair of denim shorts. I just love them so much. I lived in them when I lived in Australia. They go with everything and anything. I mostly love this look below but dressy or casual, they are perfect. Penneys have such a great range of denim shorts this Summer. I was so impressed. These ones below are Penneys. I own one pair of Levi shorts but to be honest the Penney’s ones are better. I think their shorts this Summer have been just as good as River Island or Zara.


Would you believe this camel trench below is Penneys? YES!!!! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. I have an expensive one by a brand called Joules but this one always wins every time. A trench coat can take you from Summer into Autumn and Spring into Summer. It’s the handiest thing I own and looks great with most outfits. This one is nice and light too which is even better. It doesn’t have to be a trench coat just a nice camel coat as it’s so versatile from season to season. In Spring and Summer with white and in Autumn and Winter with brown.


Last but not least…..My signature look would have to be THE BLAZER. I literally have about 40 of them in all different colours and lengths. I know I feel nice in it, I know they look good and most importantly I feel comfortable in them. Find that piece that works for you. I know a girl who adores skirts. She never wears trousers and she knows skirts look good on her which they do. She wears midi lengths, short lengths, full length, she has them all. Find that piece that works for you. Also I know that A line skirts and dresses suit me more than tighter style dresses. I feel more confident wearing this particular style of dress. It’s taken me probably about 6 years to get to this point. As you can see the blazer obsession is very real 😀

21763665_10155520330115638_1964864317_n 21754420_10155520330105638_1345692492_n

If you aren’t sure about what suits you and what doesn’t, why not visit a personal stylist in a high street store? The likes of Topshop and River Island always have people on hand to help you and as it’s their industry they can talk you through what’s good for you and what’s not. I know that it takes time and so many people struggle to find that perfect top, jeans or dress but with a little patience you’ll get there. Maybe one day you go in and try on EVERY style of jeans just so you can see which perfect shape suits you right. I promise you will thank yourself for it after you do it.

I hope that might help some of you that have been mailing me regarding this. Style is such a personal thing but with an open mind to trying new things on, you might even surprise yourself.


Love Aoibhe xxx


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