My Breast Reduction: TWO Months On

Hi everyone,
Happy Sunday to you all and Happy Father’s Day. To those of you that are lucky enough to have your father here, I hope you have a fabulous day and to those of you that unfortunately don’t have your father with them, I’ll be thinking of you.
Hope you’ve all had a fab week and have something nice planned for today. Papa Dev is actually living it up in Miami as we speak so he isn’t around to celebrate but thankfully Sean’s roster got changed and he can now spend it with us. He lands this afternoon so we are going to go watch him land and then go for dinner. Myself and Lily have actually made him something cute to celebrate his first Father’s Day. I know how special this is for him so I can’t wait to show him his gift. It’s taken me AGGGGES to do so I hope he likes it.
So I’m back with PART TWO of my collaboration with The Avoca Clinic. If you missed PART ONE then you can read it HERE.
The blog post is split into all different sections talking about everything from scars to size, bras to the hospital bag.
It’s been nearly 12 weeks since my breast reduction surgery and I can definitely say I am recovered. I’ve probably been fully recovered for at least maybe 4 weeks now so I would say to anyone wondering about getting it done and time wise etc, it takes full recovery 8 weeks. At my last appointment with Dr. Ajmal at The Avoca Clinic he was happy with everything and happy with how I was recovering. I’ve felt really good. I’m still not wearing wired bras but I’m actually finding the non wire ones so comfortable so I may never go back. I still haven’t went for my first run yet as I’ve been away for a lot of May/June up to now but this month is my goal for sure. I can’t wait to run for the first time with smaller boobs.
I’ve been away since we last spoke and I’ve been in the sea and the swimming pool with absolutely no issues at all. I felt really good in a swimsuit on holidays and I just couldn’t believe they were my boobs. I still can’t. Trying on swimsuits for my trip to the Caribbean was so much better than previous trips and I just felt much nicer which was a lovely feeling as generally trying on swimsuits is awful (well for me, it is).
I got measured after 8-9 weeks and they said I was a 36D. I was quite upset at the time as I had wanted a C cup and I was thinking there had to be a mistake. After speaking with the surgeon, realistically if he went any smaller it wouldn’t have suited my shape. As Dr. Ajmal said he makes the breasts to the size he sees fit to the persons shape. Of course they will make them smaller and mine were 200% smaller and way smaller than before but this is the shape he said that suited best. I quickly got over it and just went with it. I had smaller boobs, how could I complain about it?
His main concern at this stage is scarring and the darkening of the scars around the nipple area and underneath. Apparently at 9-12 weeks, that is when the scars settle most and he really recommended me to massage the oil in everyday. I won’t lie they are quite dark underneath but around the nipple area, they are becoming more faint by the day. I’ve been using this Trilogy Rosehip Oil below from 3 weeks onwards so it’s 100% been a huge help for my scarring. The oil is incredible and smells divine. Writing this actually reminds me to pop it on. have it on offer for €15.16 which is amazing as it’s normally much more.
A lot of you had been asking was there any recommendations I would say you need to for the hospital and there was just a couple. You are only in there for 24hrs so you don’t need a huge pile of stuff. I didn’t shower while in there so I brought a lot of things I didn’t even use or need.
  • Ear plugs/eye mask. If you are a light sleeper like me then you’ll need them. Best thing I brought.
  • A nightdress that buttons at the front
  • A top that opens at the front for going home. Easy to put on rather than over the head.
  • Slip on shoes. Just shoes that are easy to pop on. No laces
Just a couple of things that I thought would be needed for sure.
They should actually give you a bra after the operation. They gave me this one below and genuinely I had three others but NONE were as good as this one. I didn’t take this one off me for 6 weeks (obviously washed it like normal) but I couldn’t recommend this one enough. It’s expensive but worth it. I know of a girl who didn’t get a bra after her operation so maybe check this with them before you go buy one. I’m nearly 12 weeks post operation and I’ve still not worn a underwire. I don’t know if I will either. I’m finding the other ones much more comfy now.
This is the bra I wore from day of surgery – 6 weeks after.
I am thrilled with the results and cannot recommend it enough to those who are thinking about doing it. I’ve had so many of you message me on Instagram about getting it done.  I am always happy to answer any questions via email if anyone wants to ask. I feel like a new person now and I’m so happy that I went through with it all. I genuinely will never look back and as I said before my only one regret is WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS SOONER?
Love Aoibhe xxx

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