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Hi guys,

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now. I get asked daily on Instagram about what products I recommend, what I couldn’t live without and what it top of my list for recommendations. So as always I listen to you guys and I’ve put together my top products. These are in no particular order at all and this blog post isn’t in anyway sponsored by any of the brands/companies below. All views are my own. The products are from newborn to now (she is just about 8months old).

As the Pregnancy and Baby Fair is on this weekend in the RDS in Dublin, a lot of companies are matching their Fair prices to their online stores so now would be a great time to buy them.

So let’s get cracking.

Cocoonababy® Nest
Our number one product that for the first 12 weeks we probably wouldn’t have been able to survive without. Lily slept the DREAM in it and I know a good few other mums who couldn’t live without this either. It’s the softest little mattress that is fully breathable. She was able to fall asleep downstairs and we were able to carry her upstairs into her cot in it. Highly recommend. It’s expensive but the biggest game changer for a newborn. It’s on offer for 15euro less than the normal price below from Tony Kealy’s.



Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

For anyone bottle feeding, this was brilliant. Makes the perfect bottle at the perfect temperature in under 2 minutes. Perfect for those night feeds and no thinking involved. We still are using it and we bring it everywhere. Our machine has been to Orlando and Tenerife already. I personally wouldn’t recommend the Tommee Tippee bottles at all. They are terrible. I’ll recommend the bottles we found much better below, you can use any bottles with this machine. This is also on offer from Tony Kealy’s too.



Tommee Tippee Electric Steriliser


Another great product from Tommee Tippee. Their electric steriliser just is quick and handy. We bought both the bottle machine and this together and used both just as much as each other. It’s great for sterilising a few bottles at once. When the bottles get bigger a little tip, remove the top tray and only use the bottom one. It will hold three bigger bottles perfectly.



Infant 4 in 1 Superseat

This little seat was a gift from my two friends to Lily and it was a godsend when she started weaning. It was also great to have her in the kitchen too with me. We placed it in the centre of the table and she played away while I was able to cook. So handy. We brought it to our parent’s house as it’s small enough to transport too. Plus it’s so affordable so even better.



Luvion Easy Video Monitor
The monitor is simple and easy to use. No need to spend hundreds. Having a baby is expensive enough as it is. We didn’t start using the monitor until she was maybe 15 weeks old and in her own cot but it’s such good value and does the job guys.
A Gro Bag
When your baby starts sleeping in their cot on their own you can panic a lot about the covers going over their head so best thing to do is get them a Gro Bag. It’s basically a sleeping bag for babies and then you won’t worry at all. Lily has slept in one from 15 weeks and it keeps them cosy and warm too. Peace of mind for Mammy and Daddy.
BUY HERE (you can get these anywhere really but an essential)
Disney Baby Minnie Mouse Jumperoo
I get asked every day about this. We bought it for Lily at Christmas so she was nearly 5 months when she started using this. She absolutely LOVES it. We have found it great for her legs and standing up. She knows her feet are there and she can put weight on them, it’s great. She just has the biggest smile when she is in it and that makes us so happy watching her. We bought it on offer for 99euro but it’s worth it to keep them occupied also when you need to get something done and at least you know they are secure and safe.
Nuk Bottles
We initially tried the Tommee Tippee ones as they came with the Prep Machine but they were awful. The flow and nipple on them were terrible and Lily hated them. That said your child might love them however the Nuk bottles totally changed our feeding with Lily. We found she fed much better with them and it was much easier for her to drink too. We used the Nature Sense ones. You can get a brilliant Starter Pack from Nuk that is great. I also highly recommend their soothers too.
Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother
My friend Craig sent me this from LA when Lily was born and I honestly wanted to hug him so much. It fast became our most needed product. It bascially shushes your baby to sleep for 15-30mins so you no longer need to be in the room. It worked a treat and still does now. I feel mean but look we got to do what we got to do. A handy little gem that we really needed at the beginning. I haven’t found it in Ireland just on Amazon.
Babyzen YOYO
This stroller is probably one of my favourite products I’ve got for Lily. We have taken it with us now on two holidays and used it so much. It folds up into a bag and can be carried onto the plane and stored in the overhead locker. Mothers getting off the plane couldn’t believe my stroller was in a bag. It’s the lightest, handiest thing ever and I couldn’t recommend it enough. You can get it from newborn right the way up to age 3. It’s expensive but most definitely worth it if you travel a lot. It’s on offer for 50euro cheaper below.
So there you have it. My TOP 10 Baby Products. Every single one of these products above we still use now apart from the Cocoonababy (as they grow out of that). She’s 8 months on Saturday and they have each help us in some way on a daily basis. As you know I only recommend things I love on my blog. I genuinely believe they will help you too. So whether you are already a mum and you’ve found something new or you are a mum expecting I hope you find help in one or more of these amazing products.
All links are to Irish businesses as you all know I love supporting Irish. The only link is the Baby Shusher to Amazon. Remember a lot of things are on offer at present because of the Baby Fair so bare that in mind as better money in your pocket than theirs.
Happy Shopping 🙂
Love Aoibhe xxx

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