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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all having a lovely April so far. I honestly cannot believe it’s April already. Where is the time going at all? I can’t believe I have an 8 month old baby. It’s just crazy!!! I’m so excited for my meet-up on Saturday in The Betsy in Swords. I can’t wait to meet you all finally. I’ve never done anything like this so I am really looking forward to it.

If you are a new follower to my blog, I write this blog post every month talking about everything from what Iโ€™m planning, watching, excited for, thinking about and more. It seems to go down well so I continued to do it.

So let’s get cracking ๐Ÿ™‚

Clicking on….. I went to see their new collection and I fell in love with so many pieces. They had such beautiful bits. I picked out loads of pieces on the day and put outfits together, it was fun. Here’s a few pieces that have caught my eye. The first print top I would wear with denim shorts, ankle boots and a chunky belt with gold buckle. The two bottom pieces I got and would actually wear together with black boots.


Smiling about…..

My new boobs. I still can’t believe they are mine. I am so happy with the results. I went from a 36F to a 36C and I couldn’t be happier. I instantly felt relief on my back and I’m just so happy. I’ll be doing a full blog post with photos in the next two weeks so keep an eye if you are interested. I will be just showing them in a black tank top but there is some difference. I can’t believe they are my boobs. To follow my boob journey, head over to my boob highlight on my Instagram @aoibhedevlin


Thinking of…..

THIS BELOW!!!!! Honestly the amount of people that said it to me daily last summer broke my heart. I just can’t! We all know the clocks moved forward, we all know, we all know. Yet every Irish person seems to just love saying ‘there’s a grand stretch in the evenings’.


Delighted with…..

Your feedback on my Instagram. I’m so glad so many of you enjoy following me. I’ve nearly 60K followers on Instagram and I still cannot even believe that. I have 30K people watching my stories daily so that is a lot of eyeballs on me. I just hit over 6 MILLION impressions too and for someone with only 56K followers that’s really really good. Your comments and messages never ever go unnoticed and I cannot thank you enough.


Thrilled for…..

Lily being a flowergirl. Our friends Gary & Jenny are getting married in two years and asked Lily to be their flowergirl. She got the cutest boxes made by Treat Boutique Dublin to ask Lily and her bridesmaids. Treat Boutique do amazing gift boxes if anyone is after them and she also does gorgeous treats for parties/events which can be totally personalised also. Check her out HERE.



Our trip to Thailand next month. Ahhh I CANNOT WAIT! We finally just booked it so it’s all happening. This is my first big travel collaboration and something I wanted since 2016. This company told me to come back to them when I had 50K followers and I DONE IT! It was like the biggest thing for me when I hit 50K. Eeeeekkk! so we are going with Emirates Dublin to Dubai then Dubai to Phuket. Only two flights so better for Lily. We are so looking forward to this.



I could permanently keep my Easter wreath up. Sean doesn’t like it at all. I just love it. I love it so much, I’m deciding to get a floral one now for summer. He asked was this going to be something I would want to have up all the time and I said ‘well I can get one for every season’. He laughed. I think it’s gorgeous. I got it in Dunnes Stores for 20euro.


Excited for…..

My meet-up on Saturday 13th of April. I cannot wait to meet you all and have the chats. I’ve never done one of these before and I’m blogging 7 years so it will be great to meet some of you in person now. I’ve got some amazing spot prizes to give out on the day along with a glass of prosecco for the first 50 people. I decided to have it as a free event to thank you all for your support over the years. Now to find an outfit ๐Ÿ™‚

Link to the eventย HERE



The new Strawberry Tanning Mousse from Bperfect Cosmetics. I am back now collaborating with them as one of their brand ambassadors which I am delighted about. I adore their tan so it’s a no brainer to work with them. Their new tan smells of strawberries and is divine. It’s darker than the one I normally use and leaves your skin flawless. I use a foundation brush to pop a little on my face too. Here’s the before and after of it on my legs below and another photo I’m wearing it everywhere too.

You can use the code aoibhe20 to get 20% off everything on their website.




Happy with…..

My new hair. I got my hair coloured by Kelley in the Hair Lounge in Swords so this was my before and after below. Then I got my Gold Fever Hair extensions in with my girl Sarah Ethel and she done a chop too and made me short. It was something I had wanted to do for ages but just decided why not? Hair grows and if I want extensions the option is always there. I’m so happy with it, really am. Both Kelley and Sarah are incredible.

I have been getting Gold Fever hair extensions for years now and cannot recommend them enough. They don’t ruin my hair like other extensions and my hair grows underneath perfectly fine. I get asked on DM’s all the time about them. You need to go to a consultation with a Gold Fever stylist to get Gold Fever Hair extensions. They will match you with colours, talk lengths and prices. Prices always depend on how much hair you use and length.


Until next month’s post…..

Have a lovely Easter everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Love Aoibhe xxx


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