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Hi everyone,

So I was going to wait until the top up but I was so impressed with the difference already I thought I would put it up now. I’ll add photos of the finish result after my top up too. I’ve always had quite good brows but they are so so fair. I wanted to get Phi Brows done so bad as they not only looked incredible but it would also reduced my makeup time in the mornings. So now I’ve chopped my hair and got Phi brows, I’ll be ready in minutes. Sean will be thrilled. But no honestly they are so good. When you look at the closely you wouldn’t even know.

I got mine done with the fabulous Eve Ellen in For Your Eyes Only. Eve Ellen is based in Portmarnock, North County Dublin. She’s actually so talented and quite literally changed my brows in less than an hour. It was insane! The before and after photos speak for themselves really.


So before I take about the treatment itself, let’s talk pricing. They are €435 altogether and they are broken down into three payments

€50 deposit at time of booking 

€225 for the first session 

€160 for the second session

Personally I think this is a brilliant way and makes it so much more accessible than forking out €435 up front.

What are Phi Brows?

It is a semi permanent treatment done using the thinnest micro-blade to create hyper realistic hair strokes. They look very real and look exactly like your own natural brows. They last between 12-18months.


How is Phi Brows done?

The client goes in for a full consultation. They measure out the correct shape for you according to the morphology of your face. After they draw the brows with pencil and allow you to check and make sure you are happy. Once you are happy with it, they will start. The first session takes about 1 hour 30mins and then the second session is done 4 weeks later and takes about 1 hour.

Is it painful? Should I be scared?

It’s a little uncomfortable for the first few minutes, not unlike threading. It feels like scratching more than anything. Once they go through the brows once, they numb the area with cream and then you feel barely anything at all. Do not be scared at all. I promise you once that first part is over, it’s perfectly fine. The girls in For Your Eyes Only are so great.

Do they use anaesthetic?

They use a numbing cream and it works immediately.

Can anyone get it done?

No, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding you can’t get the treatment done. If you are on certain medications or suffer with problematic skin around the brow area, like dermatitis. Also people with extremely oily skin should be aware that they will require top up’s much sooner than people with normal or dry skin. Anyone who has had any form of semi permanent brows done before, should send a photo of their brows to them before booking so they can check to see if they are a suitable candidate.

What is the aftercare? What happens in between sessions?

They will give you an aftercare sheet to take home which you need to follow. they recommend you use Bepanthen (get in any pharmacy) on them afterwards.

  • Clean your brows with a cotton pad and cooled boiled water (every three hours for first two days, next ten days after morning, afternoon and night)
  • Avoid contact with your brows and water for ten days.
  • Do not wear any product in your brows
  • Do not rub your brows
  • They can also not be subjected to steam or sweat (intense exercising or sauna etc) for ten days.
  • Avoid exposing your brows to excessive sun to prevent them from fading.

So here’s my before and after. In the before I had absolutely nothing on my brows and hadn’t had them done for weeks.


As you can see there is a huge difference. I honestly couldn’t be happier with how they have turned out. They really are worth every cent. I wanted to get them done obviously to spend less time doing my face in the morning but also for when I’m back to work it’s one less thing I need to think about.

Book in HERE to get your Phi Brows done with For Your Eyes Only.


For Your Eyes Only are fully booked between now and the end of June. But they are worth the wait. 


Love Aoibhe xxx



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