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Hi everyone,

Happy Monday to you all. I’ve had so many people asking about weaning and what we are doing so naturally I thought I would write a blog post on it. I started weaning Lily at 6 months with baby rice then moved to porridge. In this post I am going to talk about my thoughts so far and what we have used/have done.

So first things first….


I got a fabulous personalised weaning box from Accessories For Babies. Check it out HERE. It had three essentials for weaning and we absolutely love them so far. We have used the Pal Feeder and the Buggy Pegs quite a bit. The plate will be used when she’s slightly older. All them can be bought separately. This is the Pal Feeder which I thought was pretty cool and so easy to use.


So about weaning?  What do I do?

You can start weaning your baby from six months onwards or just before depending on your baby, your the mama so you’ll know best. If you haven’t got yourself a high chair or a seat for them, then you need to invest. My friends Jenna and Laura bought Lily this one HERE and it’s been a lifesaver for us. It’s actually reduced at the moment down to under 50euro.

Here is Lily in it below and it actually won an award last year too. Just look at her hands 🙂



So what are the stages?

We are only on Stage 2 so that is all I will include and as we move through the stages, I will update this blog post.

 Stage 1 (From 6 Months)

Baby porridge mixed to a runny consistency with breast milk or formula. We used this one below from Organix and Lily loved it. It’s a strawberry and banana porridge that is light and fluffy with tiny pieces of strawberry and banana through it. We started out with two tablespoons of it mixed with milk and then moved her up to three tablespoons. We give this at her second feed of the day. We continued like this for a few weeks before moving onto Stage 2.


Stage 2

After a few weeks of just the porridge as one feed we moved her onto puréed vegetables. I boiled veg and blitzed it up for her. Puréed carrot, parsnip, apple, pear or mango are good ones to start with. Don’t over do it and mix too many things together. Lily loves carrot, broccoli and sweet potato. We are starting to mix fruit with the veg now too. As Lily is now 7 months, we moved her up to the Stage 2 Organix Banana and Plum porridge also. This one is a little thicker in consistency and has small chunks of banana and plum in it. A few other things to consider when your baby is turning 7 months is introducing dairy products like unsweetened yogurts, such as fromage frais and finger foods. Organix have a brilliant range of finger foods from rice cakes to carrot sticks, tomato slices to cheese stars. She loves the taste of them as you can see that from her little face. I’ve been trying Lily on their carrot sticks and apple rice cakes. The first day we gave her them was funny, she didn’t know what to do but now she does. We watch her very closely obviously and I don’t take my eyes off her. She absolutely loves the taste of the Organix carrot sticks & knows exactly what to do when we give them to her now. It’s a total new adventure for her and it’s so lovely to watch her feeding herself. If you look on the back of any of their packaging you will see all their products are always organic.

banana-plum-porridge-packshot54278270_1497231633744889_4434170411583799296_norg_20g_bag_fingerfoods_carrotsticks_forweb_600x440px org_bag_50g_ricecakes_apple_forweb_600x440px53267046_389770288476701_7931428410880950272_nscreen-shot-2019-03-13-at-19-38-5761uyksmqmnl-_sy355_ln_837876_bp_11

We started using Organix because all the ingredients were organic and I knew about their No Junk Promise which I loved. They have absolutely no added salt, artificial flavours or colours and this is clear from the back of the packet. It’s so easy to read. The Stage 1 Organix porridge was the first one I picked up so naturally I continued into Stage 2 (only last week). The finger foods are so handy for on the go and when we are out & about with friends.

Organix baby food is stocked in Tesco, Musgraves and Dunnes stores nationwide. You can check out www.organix.com for more information.

Click on picture to WATCH.


As I said above, I will continue adding to this blog post as Lily gets further with weaning.

Love Aoibhe xxx

DISCLAIMER: This blog post is a collaboration with Organix Baby Food. I used this product before I was approached for this collaboration.


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