The THOUGHTS of Turning 30


Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well. So I’m just back from Orlando with Lily and Sean. We had the best time. She was so good on the flight home, I was delighted. I’ll be back on Insta-stories tomorrow. I took today off to get my shit together (ie. washing, house, unpack, food shop, just everything). I have been inundated with questions about Orlando so I’ll do a Q&A tomorrow night about it and then I’ll put together a blog post also on our trip. So I turn 30 next Monday and it’s just hit me today. I can’t believe it. I remember years ago thinking 30 was so old. I remember thinking, imagine being 30. Now that is nearly me. These past few years have just flown by for me personally. I feel like I was only leaving for Australia last year when in fact, it was 4 years ago. Here I am below aged 2 and then 29 and 3/4.


For those of you that are new to my blog, I went to Australia in 2014 in search of adventure and change. I was 25 and I just wanted out. I wanted to be free and felt so tied down here. I was sick of my full time job here and packed it all in. I went on my own and my boyfriend at the time didn’t initially come with me. I wrote some very successful blog posts on my trip and time there that you can read below:

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For those of you that are long time followers, you will know that I debated for so long back and fourth if going back to Oz was the right decision. As I sit here with a 6 month old little girl, I realise that it was a better decision for me to stay as the path I chose, led me to where I am right now. I believe in all the sayings, everything happens for a reason, what’s for you won’t pass you…..all of them. In life, we often come to crossroads that will quite literally change our lives. We never know which path to take but going with your gut always works for me.

The thoughts of turning 30 always scared me and had done since my early 20’s. I know it’s another big milestone and realistically there hasn’t been any big milestones since turning 21 so it’s a big deal.

You turn 16 and you have a big party.

You turn 18 and you have a big party.

You turn 21 and you have ANOTHER big party.


People have told me that your 30’s are the new 20’s.

I think at this age you really reflect on what is working for you and what certainly isn’t, a bit like a ‘life audit‘. They say that happens when you get to your late 20’s, you think about your life as a whole and just want a revamp. You know what you want, your mind is more focused and you basically don’t care half as much about what anyone else thinks. In 2017, I went from being in an extremely unhappy relationship to being single to getting into another relationship to becoming pregnant. I’m not ashamed of this, it’s just how life happened. Everything that has happened to me was only for the better and nearly two years on, I have never been happier.

They say that if you’re going to make a major career change, move to a new city, run a marathon or make a huge personal decision, you’re most likely to do it in your late 20’s.

At this age, you also take less bullshit I feel and you are just over the BS. What you see is what you get with me and anyone that meets me will say the same thing. I don’t hold back which can be a good thing but also a bad thing at times. I think that definitely comes with age as I was a lot more conscious in my mid 20’s, whereas now I am the total opposite. I have a core group of close friends, not a big circle like I might of had 10 years ago and I am ok with that. I realise that having a close group of friends is FAR more valuable than having lots of fake friends around. I know who to trust now and I am WAY more conscious of who not to trust. This all comes with experience too but I definitely think it comes with age. Good friendships are hard to come by and that is something I have learned too.


I feel I have become a lot more confident in myself as I approach 30. I’m way more content in my decisions in my daily life and life in general. I don’t question myself as much anymore, my decisions are quick and I have become an extremely decisive person. I don’t ponder too much on things and it’s really been working for me. Making the decision I made in 2017 was at the time, something I thought long and hard about. I knew I wasn’t happy in my relationship and I knew only I could make the decision to change it for myself. It was a huge risk but one I stuck with and came out the other end. The thoughts of getting older and being as unhappy as I was terrified me, but in the end I plucked up the courage to let go. I would have been 28, just come out of a long term relationship and on my own but what I felt was freedom. I didn’t think about the what ifs and I think that most definitely came with me being in my late 20’s. I was really confident in the decision I had made and I was happy so that’s all that mattered.

‘Society’ tells us that by 30 we should have things ‘figured out’ but believe me when I say that is not the case at all. You have the power to change it if you wish. I made a massive career change in 2016 leaving behind everything I knew about management in luxury retail and moved to being cabin crew. Taking this leap of faith led me to having a little bit more of my life worked out. I only really decided then what I wanted to do. It made me think more about aviation and how much I loved working in the sky. I have done a few hours in a small plane back in 2017 which has only led me to want more. I am saving at the moment to do my pilot training to become a pilot. I will still work as cabin crew but do this part time. I don’t start training until early next year so I won’t actually finish my training until 2021 but I will do it. I didn’t figure this all out until a few years ago so if you are unhappy in a job and wanting to pursue something new, TAKE THE RISK as you just never know what might come of it.

The thoughts of turning 30 doesn’t scare me anymore. The closer it gets, the more I am accepting that it is ok and really it’s going to happen no matter what. I am FINALLY 100% content with my life and how it is going. I’m with the most beautiful man and have a gorgeous little lady looking up to me every day. I am confident in myself and my decisions, I enjoy my own company and I know now that taking risks can be the best things you can ever do for yourself.

If you are like 28 year old Aoibhe and unsure of your life, assess it, look at it, think about it and really think……..Is it how you want your life to be? Are you in a job you hate? Or do you love it? Do you dream of changing careers to something totally new? Are you thinking of making that move abroad but unsure in case it doesn’t work out? Are you with someone who just doesn’t make you happy anymore? For anyone that is reading this and thinking any of the above, my advice is don’t settle for ANYTHING less than you deserve. Remember that 😉


Love Aoibhe xxx



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