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Good evening guys ūüôā

Today I’ve been working on loads of blog posts for you guys. My trip all about Orlando and my 48hrs in Amsterdam post along with a post announcing my exciting news.¬†

I always get asked on Instagram about products I use, where I go and what I get done etc. So I thought it would be good to do a blog post of everything I use. Let me point out this blog post is in no way sponsored by any company at all and nobody mentioned in this has paid me money to have them included in this blog post. This is merely me just sharing what I use with you. 

***NOTE*** I was a BPerfect Tan Brand Ambassador for three months last year however this contract ended at Christmas. I still continue to use BPerfect as it’s a brand I really like regardless if I am being paid or not. They have not paid me to feature in this post.

So let’s get to it………

Shampoo & Conditioner: Eleven Australia РI WANT BODY 

I’ve been using this since before Christmas. It was initially sent to me and then I got it myself. It’s absolutely amazing, smells divine and leaves my hair so silky. I love it so much.


Hair Mask: Kevin Murphy Young Again Masque

This mask is great for damaged or brittle hair. It smells so so good and my hair is instantly sort after it. I leave it in my hair for 5mins while I shower and then wash out. It’s like a deep conditioning masque. It’s a little bit more expensive than normal but really worth it.


Dry Shampoo: CO LAB Dry Shampoo Fresh 

This is super fresh and smells really good too. A little goes a long way. This is now sold in Penneys too.



Hand Cream:¬†L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

This doesn’t leave my hands greasy like some hand creams. Anything with almond, honey, and coconut oil I personally think just smell so luxurious. This really does nourish your hands and I especially love it when I am flying.


Shower Gel: Human and Kind Shower Mousse Coconut Dream

Another coconut product. Can you see the pattern? This I tried initially when it was sent to me but have since bought it twice and adore it. It lathers up so much and makes my skin feel so silky/soft.


Body Oil: Tan Organic Multi Use Dry Oil

I was recommended this at the beginning of my pregnancy last year and WOW this has done wonders for my skin. I put it all over my bump, boobs, thighs and back nearly every night during my pregnancy. I use it maybe twice a week now. It has the most beautiful fresh citrus scent and dries in quite quickly.




Fake Tan: BPerfect 10 Second Tan Medium Mousse

I use this most days on my face. I apply it with a brush and it’s BRILLIANT! I also get a spray tan done for events and nights out. I go to Tan By Gwen in Swords. Gwen has to be the best person I’ve ever had spray me ūüôā She is amazing! Highly recommend her.

bperfect5759-600_600 tanbygwen-new-logo

Fake Tan Eraser: BPerfect Self Tan Eraser


Cleanser: Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Cleanser

I’ve been using this now for a good few years. The smell is so beautiful and my skin always feels really hydrated afterwards. If you fancy trying any of the Image Skincare products, I recommend that you buy the travel sized packs first and give them a go. This way you can see what you like first before spending a fortune.


Face Mask:¬†I have a few masks I love to go between. I love Image Skincare’s¬†Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask and Garnier’s Moisture Bomb which are both sheet masks.

Both are super hydrating on the skin and I use at least one after every transatlantic flight or on my trips. They are so handy. The Garnier one is a quick and easy mask that’s super cheap. This feels like you are putting a glass of water on your skin, it’s brilliant. The Image mask gives your skin the most amazing glow afterwards.¬†



Face Exfoliator: Image Skincare Ageless Total Resurfacing Masque

This is a new addition to my drawer. The masque exfoliates the skin so gently leaving your skin feeling super soft, brighter and so refreshed. I had to stop using this during pregnancy as it contained Vitamin A. Can’t wait to start using it again.¬†


Day/Night Cream:¬†Image Skincare Vital C Repair Creme. Such a nourishing cream. I cannot live without this! The smell alone is fabulous.¬†I also use the Image Skincare Water Burst on my skin which is literally like giving water to your skin. I’ve been using the Vital C range for a long time now.


Serum:  Image Skincare Intense Brightening Illuma Serum

This serum will leave your skin GLOWING! There are no words for it. My friend is also hooked. It really leaves your skin feeling youthful and refreshed. 


Primer: Botanics Radiance Balm All Bright from Boots.

Stunning glow when mixed with your foundation. Apply sparingly as a little goes a long way. I was introduced to this a few years ago and re-buy it over and over. 


Suncream: P20 

I’ve actually been using P20 for YEARS now. My mum used it on me as a child and I continued to use it all through my 20’s. I used in on my travels in Australia and during my ski season in France too. I also used it on Lily when we went to Tenerife and Orlando most recently. Personally I think it’s the one that dries in the quickest. I started using their new P20 Face SPF30 last month when I was in Orlando.



Brow: Benefit ka-BROW! Cream-Gel 

So handy as it comes with a built in brush. Very easy to use and no mess. I find it keeps my brows in place perfectly and they don’t budge all day.


Foundation:¬†Everyday – L’Oreal True Match in 3W or LA Girl Pro Coverage in Nude Beige and Evening –¬†NARS All Day Luminous in Punjab¬†

The L’Oreal True Match is light but still gives a nice flawless coverage or the LA Girl is so dewy too. I think both of them are a perfect day foundation. The NARS All Day Luminous gives the most perfect finish on the skin and I wear this on long haul flights as it sits really nicely. If I’m going to an event I love wearing this as it really lasts.


Brush: Nima Brush 

I use a mixture of lots of Nima Brushes. I use some from their ‘Build it Up Eye Set’ and the rest from the ‘Elite Professional Set’. I have found that these brushes are really soft on my eyes and especially good for my sensitive eyes.

The best little pot ever!!!! I literally adore this. It’s such a good full coverage concealer. I sometimes would bring this out on nights out also as it can be perfect for topping up too. I get a lighter one and one to match my foundation too.


Powder:¬†L’Oreal True Match Powder

I adore this powder. I used to use the MAC Studio Fix powder but found it so heavy with my makeup so changed. This is much lighter now but still keeps may makeup in place.


Blusher, Highlighter & Bronzer: Pearl & Glow Luna By Lisa

This has all of them in one and has a mirror so it’s handy for my makeup bag everyday. I adore the colour of the blush, it’s a fabulous bright coral but looks so pretty on the skin. The highlight is to DIE for and the bronzer is a nice dark bronze but no shimmer which I prefer.¬†

LUNA By Lisa Picture: Miki Barlok

Setting Spray: Revolution Pro Fix Oil Control Fixing Spray

I only mainly use this if I am going out for an event really. It holds my makeup in place really well and I don’t go HALF as shiny when I use it.


Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay Primer Potion

Really holds your eyeshadow in place.


Eyeshadows: BPerfect LMD Master Palette, Bperfect Carnival Palette, Huda Beauty Dessert Dusk Palette or a mixture of MAC eyeshadows.


Eyeliner: Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner.

Great product as I have quite leaky eyes sometimes.




Teeth: Crest Teeth Whitening Strips

A lot of people ask if I have veneers and the answer is no. They are all my own. I got clear braces a few years ago in My Dental and I use Crest Teeth Whitening Strips and have done for a long time now. I don’t use them that often anymore as my teeth are now very white. I use these ones below and buy they in Walmart when I am in the states. I don’t buy them online as a lot of people ask me for links. There are a lot of fake ones out there so I rather buy them from the shop personally.


Curler: Remington Ultimate Silk Styler

This is the one I use to curl my hair everyday. I couldn’t use anything else, it’s amazing. You can buy it on Amazon HERE. ***This is not an AF link


Hairdryer: LaniBLO Professional Hairdryer

Best product I have ever ever owned! I literally swear by this. My hair takes about 8minutes to dry now thanks to LaniBLO. I have recommended this time and time again and people are blown away by it. It’s incredible and leaves my hair super silky and soft.


Mascara: Essence The False Lashes Mascara. Either one is brilliant! Tried both. 

DEFINITELY the best mascara I have ever used!!! It’s brilliant and so cheap. I get them in Penneys every time I’m there just incase. It is so good!


Lipstick: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm for everyday and a mix of everything for evening which is mainly other NYX Lip creams or MAC lipsticks either.


Where I get my………

Hair:¬†My hair is¬†Gold Fever Hair¬†Extensions and I have been getting them in for years now. I absolutely love how full and thick they make my hair. They are so good. I go to the fabulous Sarah Ethel. Sarah is amazing and such a perfectionist which is exactly what you want from a hairdresser. You can check Sarah’s work out¬†HERE¬†too.


Brows/Nails: I get my brows/nails/toes done in my favourite little beauty salon Mudpie Beauty Cottage. I love the girls there and the owner Sara is so lovely. I adore the little salon and have been going there for years. They give you a little cupcake and drink with every treatment and you just feeling like you are in your own little world when you are in there.


Lips/Botox: I get my lips done and my botox done with the INCREDIBLE Mr. Golchin in the Beacon Face and Dermatology Clinic in Sandyford. Getting my lips done with him was the best thing I have ever done. I had a horror story with my first set so I was delighted to get them back looking good again. They have completely changed my smile and I am so happy with them. Here is my before and after for my lips.

My botox wasn’t much when I got it done but it was lines above my eyebrows on both sides that was my problem. Thankfully Mr. Golchin rectified it. For anyone worried, it wasn’t sore at all and there is no down time either. Couldn’t recommend the Beacon Face and Dermatology enough. I know a lot of my followers have gone their since and were really happy with the service too so that’s great to hear. You can read about my lips HERE and my botox HERE.¬†




Facials:¬†I also go to the Beacon Face & Dermatology Clinic in Sandyford to get my Hydra Facials done. I get these done every 6-8 weeks & I just love them so much. t’s not a relaxing facial, it is a facial that works your skin and really leaves you glowing. You can check out my review¬†HERE.


Hope you enjoyed this post and finding out what products I love. I don’t use all expensive products because let’s face it just because it’s expensive doesn’t necessarily mean its good ūüôā¬†


Love Aoibhe xxx


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