WHAT TO WEAR: To A Spring Wedding/Christening


I always get asked about outfits or dresses for ‘events’, occasions, christenings and weddings so I decided I would put together a blog post of some of my favourite finds over the past week. I’ve put together this post for anyone looking for dresses for a Spring/Summer Wedding, Christening or event coming up. I also included a Maternity Dress section for the gorgeous pregnant mamas following me too. I’ve included bardot style, fishtail, short sleeve, long sleeve and different lengths also.

When looking for an outfit for a christening as the mum, it’s very daunting. You aren’t feeling yourself and I know that better than anyone. I had to go to an event 7 weeks after having Lily and I totally hated everything I put on. So when finding a dress for your child’s christening you want to be comfortable. You will be holding your baby/child throughout the day in the church and for photos so you want to not only feel nice in yourself but look nice too.

When looking for an outfit for a wedding it can be difficult and always depends on how dressy the wedding is. Most people these days don’t actually have a dress code but some people do have them and it’s nice to always respect that. I went to a wedding back in October and there was no dress code, I was unsure of what to wear but obviously I knew to still be dressy. It was abroad for the whole day/night too so needed something comfortable too.

There are all different types of dress codes for weddings:

  • Black Tie
  • White Tie
  • Formal or Black Tie Optional
  • Semiformal
  • Casual

If the invitation states one of these above, then I can explain exactly what they all mean. Do not panic the minute you see a dress code. There are so many stunning dresses out there, just give yourself time. Plan your outfit well in advance. I have a wedding in October and I am already thinking of the outfits. It’s an abroad wedding over 3 days so I want to look and feel good in myself. By planning ahead, I know I will find the perfect dresses especially when you need three of them.

So back to the dress codes……

Black Tie – For the ladies: You can go a bit dressier and wear a formal floor-length gown, or choose a short, dressy cocktail dress. For the men: A tuxedo.

White Tie – For the ladies: A formal floor-length evening gown. For the men: A tuxedo, a long black jacket with tails.

Formal or Black Tie Optional – For the ladies: A long dress, dressy separates, or a formal cocktail dress. For the men: A tuxedo or a formal suit.

Semiformal -For the ladies: A cocktail dress, short dress or a dressy skirt and top. For the men: A suit and tie.

Casual – For the ladies: A sundress or maxi dress. For the men: Jeans and a nice shirt.

So here are some of the gorgeous dresses I found for a christening, wedding or any Spring/Summer event you have coming up 🙂

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screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-12-07-16 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-12-05-01 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-12-01-55 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-12-00-20 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-58-13 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-56-56 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-55-40 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-55-15 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-53-34 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-52-12 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-51-31screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-49-23

screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-47-57 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-46-38 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-46-24 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-11-42-31screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-12-51-21screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-13-02-00



screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-12-08-14 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-12-10-37 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-12-11-34 screen-shot-2019-01-10-at-12-12-58

So there you have it…..Some of my favourite pieces I found last night.

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Love Aoibhe xxx


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