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Hi guys,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend 🙂 We are bringing Lily to see Santa on Saturday, I can’t wait. We are going into Arnotts as it’s where Sean and I went to see Santa as children growing up. I had a much more organised week last week than previous weeks so I feel good. I spoke briefly the other day about finally asking for help with Lily. I was trying to do it all myself but actually I realised I couldn’t. I didn’t actually even do one of these posts for November and I NEVER miss one so that will tell you where my head was at. New month and one of my absolute favourites too. We put our tree up this week. I can’t wait to spend our first Christmas together in our house. I’m so excited. Here’s our tree below. I just love it so much.


Anyway let’s get cracking with this month’s post 🙂

Clicking on….. 😀 I’d say is my most used website apart from Amazon, ASOS, PLT and Boohoo of course. I am always planning our next trip away. This week I booked for us to go to Venice for the weekend of my birthday in February. It will be just the two of us on this trip as it’s for Valentine’s too. Sean will be away for Valentine’s as he’s training for the A33o. I have always wanted to go to Venice so I am really looking forward to it. I always put it up on Insta stories but if you wanted to get €15 as a reward, you can use my link HERE. It won’t effect the price of your trip, you’ll just get it back after your trip for using my link 🙂 So simple….



How I can go from pale to tan in minutes with Bperfect 😉 I am one of their Brand Ambassadors for their tan. I done a demo last week on applying my tan so you could see how instant the Bperfect Mousse is and my natural colour vs the tan. I use Medium Coconut as it goes on really lovely on my skin and doesn’t go orange. I apply two layers and this is the result below. I love it because it’s a nice natural colour and not ridiculously orange. I use the BPerfect Tan Eraser to remove it and honestly it’s off my skin in minutes!!! There is actually no better remover out there, I swear. You can get 20% OFF using my code SECRET20 at the checkout on




Thinking of…..

What I want for Christmas. I honestly haven’t a clue this year, normally I have like one or two things I know I really want but this year I’m BLANK! I need a new wallet so maybe that might be something but I think I will just ask for vouchers. Sean keeps asking me but I just can’t think. As I travel so much, I’ve always wanted this particular luggage case in Brown Thomas. I’ve wanted it for YEARS, like since I worked there!!! So seeing that I’m 30 in February (don’t even want to talk about it) bu it might be a nice idea to put the vouchers to it.

Hmmm we’ll see 😀


Delighted with…..

How my tattoo removal is coming along. I done a blog post earlier in the week on it. Read it HERE. I got my tattoo for those that don’t know, when I was just 16. I hated it so much and wanted to get it removed. I finally took the plunge a few months back and started the process of getting it removed. I get it done in FADE Laser Tattoo Removal on Grafton St. Check out their website HERE. Aidan and Shauna are amazing at what they do. I have done two sessions so far and the next one will be the first week in January. Tattoo BE GONE……


Thrilled about…..

My decision to FINALLY put some structure into my social media use. I sound mad I know but for so long, I just spent far too long on my phone and social media. I realised that Lily was growing up far too fast and I needed to step away from the phone. There’s a new thing on iPhone’s that tells you how much time you spend online etc and it’s so interesting. I have made the decision that I will spend 4 days online and 3 days completely off the phone per week. I need to give that time to Lily and just leave the phone in the drawer.


Dreaming of…..

Being back in Disneyland. Honestly it is just as good every single time I go. I just love it so much. We are planning a week long trip to Orlando at the end of January with Lily and visit a couple of the parks. We are going to rent a big villa and we have invited my mum and dad and Sean’s parents too. I’m trying to convince my brother to come as well but we will see. The villa sleeps 12 people so it’s perfect for all the family 🙂



To go to the Stella Theatre. I’ve been dying to go for so long, it’s a beautiful theatre in Dublin done with huge red leather chairs, beds and couches. You can have drinks there too. We are having a day date on the 15th of December so we decided to book to go watch The Holiday in the Stella Theatre so I’m really looking forward to it. I know Sean will absolutely hate it probably but it’s a Christmasy movie so I thought it would be nice. We are going to do some shopping, have some dinner together and then meet my brother & his girlfriend for a night out. Should be a fun day.


Excited for…..

Our first family holiday to Tenerife. I am really looking forward to it as we are staying in the incredible Hard Rock Hotel. It looks so amazing and we are staying there for New Years also. I am going to totally switch off and relax this holiday, I can’t wait. Normally we have lots of things planned but this trip it’s all about R&R. I cannot wait to take Lily on a plane and see how she goes. I know a couple of the crew going over and coming back so that’s nice 🙂 It will be so warm and lovely, such a nice way to spend New Years too.



My gorgeous pal Shona’s Ginger Bread houses. How cool are they??? Shona is a chef and she’s so fabulous. She makes the most delicious cakes and this year she has decided to make Ginger Bread houses to sell. I’ve tried and tested them and can confirm they are YUM!!!!!! See details below on how to purchase.


So that’s it guys for my final This Month I’m blog post of 2018. WOW!!! What a fast year that has been. It feels like it was only February yesterday, it’s crazy. I will be doing a round up of the year as always and doing a goals for 2019 blog post in the coming weeks too.

Have a fabulous week 🙂

Love Aoibhe xxx



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