OUR HOME: Part One


Good evening beauties,

So I have been meaning to get to this post for a while now but between one thing & another, I hadn’t got a chance.

It’s my first home blog post in collaboration with Leesa.

As you all know we moved into our house back in June and we have slowly but surely been putting the house together. The only room fully complete is actually Lily’s nursery but I wanted to share with you lots of things we have done so far & share some little tips and tricks too. I didn’t know if people would be interested in it but the more I showed, the more people wanted to see so I’ll do this home series as we continue to decorate. We bought this cool mat online which I thought was very appropriate for us. I love it.


When we first got the house naturally painting and flooring was number one so we needed to get everywhere painted & floors down ASAP. The walls were a regular magnolia that comes with most new builds. The colours of the walls can really effect your mood so we wanted to get this done straight away. We picked all our colours with Fleetwood paints in Finglas. Between Sean, my mum & his Mum they painted the whole house. I’ll talk through colours as I go through the rooms. The floors were concrete & myself/dust don’t go too well together so this was a priority. If their is one thing I recommend, it’s investing in good flooring. We wanted to get a long time out of them, instead of just buying any floor just for the mean time. We got all our floors/carpet with Des Kelly in Walkinstown. I actually went in to get a bed and a lamp that I saw on their Instagram & then started looking at flooring/carpet. I was obviously pregnant & really didn’t want to be going around every shop looking at floors etc so we just picked everything there and then. I was so heavily pregnant that I just didn’t have the energy as you can imagine. The floors and carpet were really good quality & relatively cheap. It all depends on the wood you get really which depicts the price.


We only got carpet on the stairs and landing. The carpet we got was custom fit from Des Kelly too. This was my baby. I dreamt of having a runner since forever!!!! It cost us but we had saved our asses off so it was amazing to see it put down. The carpet we went with was Soft Focus Petal Blush with chrome bars. I just got delivery this week of the mirror below that I put on the top of the stairs. This is also a Des Kelly purchase & was €199. We have another mirror to go up in the hall but we are waiting on the hall table to get finished before we put it up. We also got Venetian blinds installed immediately for privacy reasons. I picked an off white for these and I’m so happy with them. We got a family friend John from Arclite to do them. He goes all around Ireland so you can phone him on 0872337639 and he’s brilliant. Such a quick and fast job, no mess and just came in done the job and went. Here’s the blinds below.


As I mentioned, Lily’s nursery is the only one room that is complete so far. You can check out her nursery below and here’s a link to the blog post HERE. I absolutely love it so much.


We have decided to finish the downstairs fully now before we move back upstairs. It’s a slow process of course but we are getting there.

I’ll start with the sitting room first.

Fireplace  – JR Fireplaces
Floor – Des Kelly
Cladding – Tile Merchant
Paint – Both Fleetwood Paints (Chimney – Ash Slate) (Main walls – Subtle Grey)
Sofa – DFS
Coffee Table – DFS
TV – Sony
Photo frames – Jenny Mc Carthy
Airplane Canvas – Etsy

screen-shot-2018-12-03-at-17-57-58 screen-shot-2018-12-03-at-17-58-51

We are in the middle of getting our white cabinets done for either side of the chimney breast and the same carpenter is making us a fabulous bookcase with mirrored back and glass shelving. I can’t wait to see it finished. I’ve got some beautiful things to put in the bookcase so I can’t wait to style it. I also have to get curtains sorted, our chandelier which I am getting on Amazon that looks so expensive but it’s only 90euro and last thing will be cushions for both sofas then it’s complete. I’ll style the coffee table too. You can get some great ideas on Pinterest for this. Definitely worth checking out.


Next up is the kitchen.

The actual kitchen itself came with the house. We did however immediately change the knobs on the cabinet doors straight away. I fell in love with these ones and it really made a difference straight away too.


Cabinets/Worktop – Came with house

Floor – Des Kelly
Knobs – Hafele
Paint – Both Fleetwood Paints (Back Wall – Coffee Break) (Main walls – Pebble Beach)
Table/Chairs – Ez Living
Clock – Des Kelly
Frames – Ikea
Letter Prints – Betsy Sue Illustrations

In here, we still have to get lighting which I’ve picked out on Amazon. We are getting an all in one chrome one piece for near the cabinets, that has individual lights we can move in different directions. Then over the table we are getting three cool drop down light bulbs. I’ll share more of it when it’s complete. We got wine crates too and Sean’s working on lighting them up at the moment. I’ll share it when it’s fully complete and show you my full table and chairs then.

Next up is our toilet downstairs.

We ripped up the tiles downstairs and totally redone it. I had an idea like always in my head and wanted patterned floor tiles. Sean loves them too. We painted the walls the same dark grey as the sitting room chimney breast. I also saw a photo with a ceiling painted in the toilet and thought it looked really cool so we went with it. I love it so much now. The toilet isn’t finished yet, I’ve ordered a cool ceiling light and an LED mirror for it also. We need to get some form of cabinet too for in there. As Sean and I travel so much, I thought it would be a great idea to get clocks and put in different time zones as a feature in the toilet. So many of you have commented on it and have done it too.

Here is the before and after so far of what we have done to it.

47450255_1522550067889282_1166368050778210304_n 47448002_2494743710752183_9191521650309332992_n47507552_2165878143463035_4872150509047250944_n

Subway White Tiles – Tile Merchant

Floor Tiles – Tile Merchant
Paint – Fleetwood Paints (Ash Slate)
Radiator – Came with house
Clocks – Ikea
Signs – Saatal Prints

Next room is our room.

I have been very decisive with everything in the house but with this room I don’t know why but I have been a bit all over the place with it. It was actually cream with cream stripy wallpaper when we first done it but I didn’t like it so we painted it white with black/white stripy wallpaper. Now I have a totally new vision but this vision I plan on sticking with now. We have dark flooring and I just love the idea of a really dark boudoir style for the room. Our bed is black too and I’ve got the most amazing faux fur black rug so I’m looking at inspiration at the moment for it so bring the ideas to life. I love looking on Pinterest for ideas for home decor ideas, it’s the best.

The below two photos are actually inspiration I am using for the room.

47395450_578216282635234_8461995749704466432_n 47376621_2204931089720758_5069149032438300672_n

See below floor and bed that is actually there now.

47469726_212970779628825_7424944083262504960_n screen-shot-2018-12-04-at-18-04-57

Bed – Ez Living (now discounted in Black just in Grey now)
Wardrobes- Came with house
Floor – Des Kelly
Stripy wallpaper – Gerry Keane
Paint – Fleetwood Paints Designer WhitePaint
Mattress – Leesa


Another thing apart from the floors that I was told to invest in was a good mattress. I was contacted by Leesa who are now available in Ireland. They wanted me to test out their mattress, see my thoughts on it and of course report back what I thought. Firstly Sean and I laughed immediately as it was one of the comfiest mattresses ever. The one we had been sleeping on was from my dad’s house and it was so uncomfortable. The Leesa mattress is redesigned from the inside out to give you extra comfort. It has foam layers so when you lie down you really sink into it.


We done a 30 day trial first before so I could really comment on how my sleep was and we have both absolutely loved it. My brother and my dad have both ordered one since as they thought it was so comfortable too. Leesa donate one mattress to charity for every ten that is sold, so I thought that was amazing. They also have free delivery and free returns if you are unhappy with your mattress too.

The last room for this post is my spare room.


I am going for a loft style feel in here. I went with the dark feature wall and the rest of the room completely white. The colours in here will be navy, gold and white which will be very nautical. I can’t wait to do this room as it was the first room I have inspiration for when we moved in. I am ordering this amazing world map canvas (see below). This will go on the back wall above the bed.


Paint – Both Fleetwood Paints (Back Wall – Celestial Blue) (Main walls – Designer White)
Floor – Des Kelly

So there you have it so far. I will do another post in the new year with more of what we have done with the house. We will definitely have the kitchen, hall and sitting room finished after Christmas anyway.

We plan on totally revamping both the bathroom and ensuite mid next year also but for now they just remain the same as when we moved in.

Hope you enjoyed the post as I know a lot of you were quite interested to see and read about it. I love interiors so much so thought I would start sharing my ideas and designs on here too.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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