2018 Round-Up: Most Successful Blog Posts


Hi guys,

I’ve been very absent from social media the past week as Lily’s been so so sick and so have I. We are nearly recovered but now of course Sean has it. I’ve been thinking about my little blog lately and 2019. We plan to do a lot of family travel next year and I really want to expand my blog into doing a lot more travel related posts. I’ve some really exciting news to share early next year regarding a partnership I am doing in 2019 with a travel company who do worldwide travel. I came across them in 2014 and one of my big goals was to work with them and now I am FINALLY getting the chance to do it. I want to wait until it’s all confirmed and then I’ll tell you all.

I also was thinking about weekly content on my Instagram and blog posts.

Each month blog post wise, I currently do a THIS MONTH I’M post where I talk about what I’m loving, missing, planning and more for that month. I’ll still keep this up as they do well but I wanted to think of another post to add to the consistent monthly posts. The other one is the TMI Tag with…..This stands for too much information. The blog post will be up every two weeks with new people in the industry basically asking them 50 TOTALLY random questions.

On my Instagram this year I had FOLLOW FRIDAY’s and DAILY THOUGHT’S which was a different quote I put up every day. Next year I will loose both of them and add three new things to my stories which will be

  • #MotivateMe Monday – Quotes to get you started for the week
  • Travel Thursdays – Chatty stories on all things travel related. I’ll ask a week in advance two topics and you guys choose what you want to hear about
  • Friday Fashion Finds – I hate just randomly always putting up affiliated links for random dresses or pieces so I thought a dedicated fashion stories post each week

As you all know, writing will be number one for me always so in February I look forward to revealing my new website to you. It’s actually nearly finished but I wanted to wait until after Christmas to have it live.

Here’s a round up of my 15 most successful blog posts this year. This is in no particular order.

My Bucket List: 183 Things I Want To Do Before I Die!

Striving for SUCCESS in Your 20’s

Lessons I’ve Learned in Life

WHAT TO EXPECT: When You Have A Newborn….


Social media….The FAKE reality!

My FAVOURITE Hotels Around The World


15 Things That Happen When Shopping in Penneys!!!

Want To Be Happy? Don’t Compare Your Life To Others

OUR HOME: Part One

The UNFOLLOW Button Is A Great Thing…..

HOW TO: Dress for Pregnancy with Primark


29 Today….I QUIT Getting Older

What’s in my Hospital Bag?

TSOBlog goes to Dubai


Lastly seeing that I will be 30 in just two months, here’s another very popular post I done back in May of this year about

The THOUGHTS of Turning 30

If you haven’t read some of them and have the time, they are definitely worth a read. I adore writing as I always say and it will remain the core of what I do always.

I’ve two posts left this year for you guys – My GOALS for 2019 and My Year in Photos that I’ll post over the next 10 days and then it’s sun, sea and sand for me, Lily and Sean as we are Tenerife bound for New Years. I can’t wait.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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