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Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely weekend so far.

I’m currently writing this from my bed as I’m not well at all. I’ve a throat/chest infection so not good at all but day three today Sunday of antibiotics so hoping they kick in fully today. What a stunning day out there. It’s crazy how it can go from being so miserable and within hours it’s glorious. I’m working on my new website with my web developer as we speak and I can’t wait to show you it.

If you are new to my blog then welcome. I do this blog post every month talking about what I’m loving, planning, missing and more each month. This is not sponsored at all so any brands or products I mention in here isn’t paid for by any of them.

So let’s get onto it 🙂

Clicking on…..


Of course I am….I am their new and final Brand Ambassador. I was so excited to finally tell you all.  I have worked really hard on my blog over the years & I honestly can’t even believe that these big companies want to work with me. I’ve never been nor will I be someone who pushes products on anyone. I just share products that I adore & I’d never promote anything I didn’t truly love. If something isn’t good, I’ll say it & I will remain that way always. Thank you to the stunning @makeupbyjennyx for doing my makeup. Make sure to head over to her Instagram page for a full product list of all the products used. You can get 15% off on EVERYTHING by using my code Aoibhe15 👏🏼 As I said I don’t make any money from this code, it is merely discount for all you fabulous humans.

These three foundations below are some of what I’ve been using and I love them all. In order LA Girl, then NOTE and then Pro Matte but I do like all three. Second two are more for evening really.

44029510_249630595748151_112269328425943040_n screen-shot-2018-10-14-at-01-39-36


My Lily Pippa plaque that I got made for Lily’s nursery by @jessabellecrafts 🙂 I am IN LOVE with it. It’s up already and I’ll be revealing the nursery tonight on my Instagram. Finally we have it finished and I am super happy with it.

screen-shot-2018-10-14-at-01-33-48 screen-shot-2018-10-14-at-01-34-02

Excited for…..

Getting more of my tattoo removed. I am getting it done in Fade Laser Tattoo Removal & Skin Therapy just on Grafton St. I got my silly butterfly tattoo when I was 16 years old. I instantly regretted it and have wanted it gone for year so I’m excited to part ways. PicoSure® is the most advanced Laser Tattoo Removal technology available, and works more quickly than traditional laser tattoo removal therapies. You can get a FREE CONSULTATION, the sessions are quick – only about 10 minutes – and you can have them every 6 – 8 weeks. As I am a total wimp (Aidan will agree) the ink is broken down and fades naturally in FEWER treatments than with traditional laser tattoo therapies so means I don’t have to go half as much as I may have if I went years ago to get it removed.

PicoSure® works effectively on:

  • Multicolored tattoos, including blues & greens
  • Hard-to-remove black ink
  • Stubborn, previously treated tattoos


Thrilled with…..

My stairs. I honestly think I was more excited for my stairs to get done than anything. I just adore it. The amount of messages I’ve been getting about it is crazy. The carpet we bought in Des Kelly and it was custom made to fit the stairs. It is Soft Focus Petal Blush with Black Linen Wide Binding and chrome stair rods. You can pop into any Des Kelly and see the feel of the carpet for yourself.



I’m currently just after starting a blog post based on this quote below. Sometimes I might get inspired by a trip, a conversation or even a quote like this one. When I saw the quote initially I thought straight away BLOG POST. So I’ve started it. I absolutely love writing posts like the one I’m doing. I just feel so free, it’s weird to describe but I do. I just sit in the sitting room just me, my thoughts and the laptop. It’s bliss 🙂 Look out for it coming soon 😉



About my new Leesa mattress. It arrived the day before we left for Rome and Sean put it on our bed last night. It’s heaven on earth. We had been sleeping on another one which let’s just say had, had it’s day 🙂 Leesa are only new to Ireland and offering 20% OFF PLUS free delivery too. One other thing I thought was class was that they donate one mattress to charitable causes, for every ten mattresses sold. I’ll keep you posted but so far so good.

Check them out HERE.



Rome and the heat. It was so beautiful and warm. I loved Rome so much, the food, the people, the architecture, just everything. I can’t believe I am only seeing it now. My post on Rome is done, I done it on the plane on the way home 🙂 See that’s how I should do it so then it’s done. We went to Rome for a wedding for Sean’s best friend. It was in the stunning countryside, in a place called Borgo di Tragliata. It’s the most quaint little place with beautiful grounds and really Italian. I already can’t wait to go back and visit. So many of you had asked about my dress on the day. It’s actually now on SALE which is typical & down to £45 plus worldwide free delivery. It’s not an affiliated link just to let you know 🙂


43878143_2079553812096446_8441027285573697536_n 43880751_259795948057057_9198986256225140736_n

Delighted that…..

I am working with AIB. I’ve banked with AIB since I was a child and now it’s surreal to be working with them and Lily to promote saving from a young age and the AIB Online Saver account. Setting up the account was so simple & we didn’t even need to go into the branch at all. It literally took us less than 5 minutes to do on the AIB app. I know how important saving for your child is & when we were given money from friends/family when she was born we knew we needed an account for her too. As a parent now, I know that saving is the best way to prepare for her future. I remember when I was 18 my parents gave me access to my account in order to pay for my college which was amazing. The best thing about the AIB Online Saver account is that there are no timelines so when you need the cash, you can take it out straight away with no delay. So whether it’s for college or to follow in her dad’s footsteps and become a pilot, we know that her savings will be safe 🙂

44067943_637709776623830_1934037495809310720_n 44023272_344099983014923_6930776368934289408_n

Testing out…..

These beauties below. I ordered these from Beaut Essential last week and have been trying them out. Already a massive fan of the hand cream, cleansing powder and eye makeup remover. The hand cream is so luxurious and makes my hands so soft (I won’t lie I hadn’t used hand cream in MONTHS before now). The eye makeup remover is so quick to take any makeup off. I hate ones where I have to keep rubbing my eyes. Then lastly the cleansing powder just leaves my skin so soft. I feel I need to use the Toner and the Ocean’s Best Mask more to really see how they are.

You can buy all of them on using my code AOIBHE15. I’ll be doing a proper review at the end of next week to let you know how I go.


Happy with…..

My hair after nearly 5 months of having it in. I have Gold Fever Hair and get them applied by the hair queen Sarah Ethel Hair. She’s incredible. I can’t wait to get them out soon and a fresh new set for Christmas.

You can read a blog post all about my hair HERE.


Looking forward to…..

Getting my new Limited Edition Rose Gold LanaiBLO. I think this has to be my ultimate favourite colour. It’s the perfect stylish and sleek gift for someone who is obsessed with hair. People always ask me what’s so special about it? This is what…….

  • Fast drying technology to dry your hair super quick 
  • Lightweight 
  • Results in a salon 
quality blow-dry without your arm going dead
  • Ultra
long cord fits across the room
  • Variable speed and temperature heat
settings cater to all types of hair 
  • Personalised


Until next month…..

Love Aoibhe xxx


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