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42423656_2162780220715713_3273377395859521536_nHi guys,

Sorry this post took me so long. I had full intentions of getting this post done sooner but between one thing & another and life well that’s what happened. Anyway better late than never. I’m currently on my way home from Donegal with Sean and Lily. What a lovely stay we had. I can’t wait to tick off all the counties with her. Sean and I said that’s what we are going to do. So far we have four down now so just 28 more to go now Lily 🙂 I personally think she’s doing well for being only nearly 11 weeks old.

So Barcelona…….one of my absolute favourite cities. I’ve been maybe 3 times before and it never gets old. I love it. This trip was actually a surprise trip just for two days. Sean wanted to take me on a ‘DATE’. Bare in mind with both work for an airline so something like this is quite accessible to do. When you fly into Barcelona, you go along the coast and actually pass the city We stayed in the beautiful Melia Barcelona Sky which I highly recommend. I’ve stayed in a few of the Melia hotels before and really loved them. I didn’t have a clue where we were going until I got to the airport. We grabbed a taxi from the airport to the hotel which cost us around €30 and it took around 25mins. As we were there for only two days, we decided day one was for sightseeing and day two was for relaxing.

When we got to the hotel we went to The Level. The Level is something I highly recommend if you are ever staying in a Melia chain hotel. The Level not only includes breakfast but it includes access to a lounge between 12-5pm which serves unlimited cava, wine, soft drinks & small snacks. Then between 5-7pm they unlimited drinks and canapés. It doesn’t cost too much more to stay on The Level floor but it is something I definitely think it worth it. I’ve stayed in the Melia in Dubai and London and done The Level floor both times. After checking in, we changed, went to the lounge & got some food, chatted about the sights we wanted to see & then headed to get our bikes. I adore cycling when I’m in a city. I think a bike and a Segway are the way to go for exploring. We rented our bikes from Pedal Bike Rental which was a 10minute walk from our hotel. The bikes were very cheap and we had them all day until 7pm which was great. I found it weird that you didn’t have to wear a helmet. Each city is different as I remember in Amsterdam they made you take one. Then again Amsterdam is a total different ball game when it comes to cycling.

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So off we went exploring on our bikes. We pasted Tore Agbar on the way which I won’t lie looks very peculiar. Our first stop was Casa Batlló. The two buildings were so cool and really unusual. Both of them were designed by Gaudi. There was a lot of tourists here so getting a photo was hard. You could go inside but due to time restraints we cycled on. It was so great to see as I’d only seen them in my Art History class. We stopped off in the nicest bakery style cafe called Pannus. They done lots of authentic Spanish breads, panini’s and tapas. Next up was the beautiful and spectacular La Sagrada Familia. I had seen it before when I was younger but wow I have a much bigger appreciation for it now. It’s by far one of the most incredible buildings ever! We bought our tickets online for a certain time slot that morning so in we went. Inside is just as spectacular and definitely a must see for everyone. You can also get a personal audio tour to find out more behind the interior and the building itself.
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Afterwards we locked up our bikes and paella was our choice for dinner. When in Spain right? The paella here are just on another level. I can’t for the life of me remember the restaurants name but we shared a paella as we had dinner later that evening. Sean wanted to get the chorizo and pigeon one but god no I wasn’t having any of it. So chorizo and veg was what we got 🙂 A bottle of Cava later & one the bikes we got, for a very tipsy journey home. Not the smartest but the funniest journey back to the hotel. My bell became my best friend and Sean & I laughed the whole way back.


That evening we got dressed up and headed to Restaurante La Isabela. This was said to have the best views of Barcelona and boy were they right. It was just beautiful. The sun was setting and made it even prettier. It’s our thing for sure. We go to a new city and find the best rooftop bar. The food here was delicious and don’t even start me on the cocktails.


The next day we woke up late (view from our room below), went for breakfast which was in the lounge and what a selection they had. We were in our element. Today was all about relaxing. They had the coolest pool area high up on the 24th floor. In Summer, they have pool parties every weekend in this hotel. We literally lay by the pool and chilled out for the rest of the afternoon and headed to the airport at 5.30pm.

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Some other sights I recommend to see when in Barcelona are:

  • Park Güell (Mosaic-covered buildings verdant park with Gaudi museum & panoramic views)
  • La Rambla (beautiful street full of art, shops & street performers) 
  • , (indoor public market)
  • Only one hour away is the theme park, Port Aventura. I’ve been twice and it’s actually brilliant. If you are staying in Barcelona for more than 4 days, I recommend it)


So there you have it. I always think seeing a city by bike is the best. You can get around so much quicker and see more sights in a much shorter space of time. I already can’t wait to go back. It’s a brilliant city that is full of character and just so much to see/do.

Happy Travelling 🙂

Love Aoibhe xxx



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