WHAT TO EXPECT: When You Have A Newborn


Good evening guys 🙂

Hope you are well and all had a nice weekend. We had such a lovely two nights down there while Sean was working out of Cork. Lily was so good, sleeping the whole way down and whole way back too. We are also just back from a lovely night in Barcelona. I have to say it was so amazing to have time just the two of us. I had been to Barcelona a few times before and I love it. As we work for an airline, this is something we can easily do and we are so grateful that our job allows us to be able to do that. I’ll have a blog post up on our trip later this week. I’m starting a new series called 48 HOURS in…………. So it will be 48 HOURS in………Barcelona. This blog post has been in the works now for over 3 weeks and I am delighted to FINALLY share it with you all. I initially wanted to do it as a diary but I actually done that for the Labour Story blog post. You can read it HERE. I love this quote above from Forever Frames, it’s so cute.



Well let’s start off with the day with left the hospital (photo above just before we left). It was such a scorcher of a day, so beautiful. I thought we would get up and get out straight away. The day you leave the hospital is all a bit crazy. There are so many checks the baby has to go through. That morning I also got to bath her with the care assistant. When Sean collected us, it was very surreal. I honestly couldn’t believe we were leaving as three. We went straight to his mums house as I was so beyond tired. We stayed there for the day and I slept while his mum looked after her. I needed that so badly as I couldn’t keep my eyes open. When we eventually arrived home at about 10pm, Sean had the cutest thing waiting for the two of us when we arrived. I cried naturally as my emotions were all over the place.

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The first night can only be described as a complete and utter ‘SHIT SHOW’. That is all. I hadn’t prepared the steriliser or even set up the prep machine so it was a totally mess. Thankfully I had little bottles of milk the midwife had given me so that done us. So my first tip is have all this prepped and don’t be like me. Clearly you would think I would have had it all done considering well I knew I was pregnant for 40 weeks at that stage. The first night she cried and cried, I was doing everything right but I was all out of sorts and I felt like she was too. She wouldn’t sleep in the cocoonababy initially so when we tried to lay her down in her Tutti Bambini she would settle. The only place she would settle was on my chest or Sean’s. We both didn’t get any sleep at all and WOW the day after we both felt it. I remember hugging Sean so tight saying ‘is this what it will be like’. I was all over the place already. I was also so swollen, well my legs were like tree trunks. I had to wear theses STUNNING compression socks for the next few days to make my legs go down. This was from the epidural. I was walking around compression socks up to my knees, Minnie mouse shorts & an oversized mens Penneys hoodie. Our first day after being home we were in what can only be described as a total bubble. This went on for about a week. The door bell was constantly going with gifts from friends, family and brands. I got the most beautiful My Little Smith necklace from Arnotts and a massive bouquet of flowers from Madison Makeup.

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The second night thankfully went much better, thank god. She settled into the cocoonababy no problem and it was much easier. Then the following few days got easier and easier. We didn’t have visitors for the first week only immediate family and even at that we made sure it was just the three of us for a while. This is another tip for new mums. Take a few days to yourselves. Those few days I will never forget and it was so lovely just the three of us. We didn’t leave the house once (well Sean popped to the shop) but it was so lovely. I was addicted to egg in a cup for a few weeks running up to Lily’s birth and come to think of it, I haven’t had it since. It’s FAB!!!! Boil eggs, pop them in a cup with salt, pepper and butter. Mash and BOOM! So yum. As I wasn’t breastfeeding the Tommee Tippee Prep machine was a lifesaver. Some people are on the fence with it but honestly it was a dream. The main thing with this is to ensure you change the filter when it tells you, then you will be fine. This machine makes the perfect bottle at the right temperature in just two minutes. Another tip if you have this is to bring this to her nursery every night and her bottles so we don’t have to go up and down the stairs. We put it on a little table and it works a treat. I remember the day she was a week old and thinking WOW how fast that week went. My friend bought me these beautiful milestone cards from Jackanory.ie. We love them and it’s such a great way to take photos as they grow.


As the days went by we were getting the hang of things. We were figuring out her little ways and things she didn’t want and going through the checklist of what could be wrong. She either wants a bottle, needs her nappy changed, has wind or needs to do a number 2. If all are ok and fine then it has to be something else. Sean went out and about on our own on day 6 just for a few hours. It was nice to get the time even if it was to run errands. Another tip and something I definitely recommend, is take time for the two of you. It’s so important even if it’s just for a few hours at the beginning. Then I took her out on my own after a week. We went for brunch with my friend Jen and she was so good. I couldn’t believe how long it took me to leave the house. I was packing everything and the kitchen sink into the bag. I got some more beautiful gifts sent from amazing Irish companies and honestly I was overwhelmed by the amount of lovely things. I was so beyond grateful so I decided to do a blog post to put up gifts for new parents and to encourage people to support these Irish businesses. You can read the post on gifts for new parents HERE.

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About 10 days after we headed for Baby Elegance in Dundrum to shoot with the fabulous Jenny Mc Carthy. Honestly I have never ever met someone so good with a baby. She calmed Lily in minutes and I instantly called her the baby whisperer. The shoots start at 195euro and can go up depending on how much prints you would like. We are going tomorrow Wednesday 12th to view her photos. Eeeeeeekkk we can’t wait. I couldn’t recommend this enough and I have looked at some of her work she has done with newborns and they are incredible! I will most definitely be going back when she is a little older for sure. I also captured this photo of Sean (below) going to work the same day. I thought it was so cute. I remember when we got the bib in from the company, he nearly died. He couldn’t wait to put it on the baby. You can buy it HERE.

40164738_2201546446786431_2576829130326671360_n 39467321_1119998211509190_391422450111348736_n39304910_279711882839511_5662883254148005888_n

When we finally got the hang of it (well getting there) maybe 12 days later, we put her down and Sean made me a lovely lamb dinner. We popped a bottle of Moet to celebrate her arrival and it was so lovely. We sat down that night & just watched Power which I am totally addicted too. It’s on Netflix if you haven’t watched it yet, you are missing out guys. One thing newborns love is sleeping on your chest. They like the heat and obviously they can hear your heartbeat. I found it quite tough in the first few weeks I won’t lie with her. She wasn’t settling for me at all and I felt like a failure at times. She always settled for Sean and this was really getting to me. I was getting upset because I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. On the topic of being upset, for the first three weeks I was an emotional wreck. I was fine one minute and the next I would be crying. I cried over the most silly things too. I couldn’t help it. The only way I describe it is an out of body feeling. Like I couldn’t control it. thankfully as the weeks went on I was ok and from week 4-5 which is now I have been much much better. Actually I haven’t cried since. The first weeks were really hard and I definitely found that difficult at the time for sure. As time went on she got more comfortable and I found myself finally being able to settle her so don’t panic if this is you right now. Things will get easier for sure.

I love this photo below of my mum, my nana and Lily. It’s something I will cherish forever. It’s amazing to see the three of them in one photo. We laughed so much that day as my nana is still in shock at being a great nana. She said Nana is still fine Aoibhe. In this first month we took her to Cork which is obviously over a two hours drive. We planned it that her bottle would be just before we left and she slept the whole way done. It was perfect. She was totally fine in the hotel too as we had all her bits so nothing changed. I had a couple of messages from people asking how we got on with the drive and hotel & honestly it was fine. I’m so glad we went now as we had a lovely few days down there whilst Sean went to work, Lily and I done some shopping with my pal from Cork.


Taking time for the two of you is something I’ve already mentioned. Going on our little trip to Barcelona was so nice. It was 48hrs and Lily stayed with her grandparents. I was nervous and sad thinking about leaving her but we needed us time. The best tip I can give you is take a break for you and him. The first month is so so difficult because of tiredness so it’s something that is needed. It obviously doesn’t have to be abroad, just a night away or even just a night at home just the two of you while your baby gets minded. YES it’s hard to leave them but I promise you, you’ll thank me for it.


I’ve decided to include some products I couldn’t have lived without in the first month as I feel that as a new mum I would love to know some honest thoughts on pieces someone genuinely found useful. These 7 items no joke were lifesavers for us. I’ll explain each other individually and why now.

NUK bottles. We originally tried the Tommee Tippee ones and they were good but not as good as these. She was taking AGES to have her bottle but with the Nuk bottles it was so much quicker. I’m not saying I wanted to feed my child quicker, I’m saying she had less wind and they worked for us a lot better. I haven’t used the Tommee Tippee ones since day 3. The best little pack ever! We have already bought more. You can buy them HERE.

Tommee Tippee prep machine which I touched on above. A bottle maker that makes your bottles in two minutes at the perfect temperature for your baby. This is the handiest easiest thing EVER!!!! My dad can’t get over how easy it is. You can buy it HERE.

Babylo Cloud Nine Glider & Ottoman. This chair has been a godsend, honestly it has been. It not only puts her asleep but me too. There has been nights were I have been so tired, I have fallen asleep on it with her beside me in her bed. It’s kind of like the modern day rocking chair. It’s actually on offer at the moment too. You can buy it HERE.

Bamboo Muslins from Abosca. Honestly I tried lots of muslins but the ones from this company are HANDS DOWN the best and softest. They are so gentle on her skin. You can use them for swaddling, as a breastfeeding cover, a light blanket or for around her neck when feeding. It’s so easy when feeding to wipe her mouth etc. You can buy them HERE.

Lastly the Tutti Bambini and the Cocoonababy are where she sleeps. The cocoonababy fits perfectly into the Tutti Bambini which is a crib that can be used for co-sleeping or as a stand alone crib. It is suitable from birth up to approximately 6 months. Not only can you use it at home, but we took this to Cork with use in the travel bag and it was amazing. It has a 6 step height adjuster and adjustable straps which allows the CoZee Bedside Crib to be fitted to any bed frame. The bedside crib has an incline option which was perfect when she was congested a few weeks ago as she was sleeping on an incline which was better for her. The cocoonababy is the best little invention. It’s a mattress that makes your baby feel comforted and contained just like in the mothers womb. I didn’t actually realise that this was the reason for it so when I found that out, I thought how interesting. It most definitely helps Lily sleep for longer and sleep better. It can limit the risks of cranial ‘flat head’ syndrome, commonly caused when baby sleeps on his back on a traditional mattress. You can buy the Cocoonababy HERE and the Tutti Bambini HERE.

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I’m getting a lot of you asking how I am getting on with my Egg Stroller. This was me a week after birth heading out for our first stroll. Personally I prefer to use this lie down part rather than put the car seat onto the buggy itself. I do use the car seat on it too but when I’m out and about if it’s for a few hours, I like knowing she can sleep lying flat and is cosy and warm. The buggy is SO EASY to put up and down, I can even do it with one hand now. I also find it so easy to push and very light also. You can get great deals on the Egg now with packages including everything and the car seat too, it’s great. I love my one and really love the tan/black. It also comes with another part that we can use in a few months for her. You can buy it HERE.


So there you have it guys a round up of our first month we had a newborn. I won’t lie it was a life changing experience to say the least. From the birth to the first 24hours at home to getting used to having a little one, it’s been very tough but worth every second. I sit here writing this thinking how far I have come in 5 weeks. Just 5 weeks ago I was a wreck who honestly had no clue about babies at all. The best bit of advice anyone gave me was YOU DO YOU and that the mama knows best for their child. This is so true. You can listen to all the advice in the world from people but only you know whats right for your little one. I’ve had a few people comment on me bottle-feeding and a few people comment on me leaving Lily for going to Barcelona but it’s absolutely none of anyones business. My baby is happy and healthy loving life, sure you only need to see the photo at the start of this post to see how happy & content she is. 10 months ago when I found out I was pregnant I was so nervous. The questions of will I be a good mother? What will I do? How do I do this? I had no idea how to care for a baby but you honestly just role with it. If you are like me and a total nervous wreck, I will ask you please relax. It will come to you, it will ALL come to you. We women are born to do this crazy journey. I cannot imagine life without Lily now. I cannot wait to take her on holidays with us. If you’ve followed me for a long time, you will know that Sean and I travel so much so Lily will be coming now too. We have our first holiday booked for December to Tenerife and it’s where not only Sean & I met but where I went on my first holiday as a child too.

My last bit of advice to anyone reading this about to have a baby OR have just had a baby. It’s ok to cry. It’s ok to be upset. It’s ok to be scared or nervous. It’s ok to not know what to do. It’s not easy, jesus it’s not easy at all but one thing I will say it’s worth every moment. I look at her now and I smile so much. I think WOW I made you. You were inside my belly. I think about the first week when I cried every single day sometimes over absolutely nothing, sometimes over not knowing what was wrong with her as she cried. I promise you it gets easier.

I also want to say that please don’t judge other mums from social media and I am not talking just me. I am asking everyone in general. Everyone does things at their own pace so please don’t think ‘ohhh wow Aoibhe has her shit together look at her’. I share only a fraction of my days on social media to you guys. We all struggle daily anew mums and I am just the exact same too. I may do my hair which I can do in 9 minutes 😉 but really for me doing my hair every second day makes me feel nice and if thats the one thing that makes me feel good then I think thats healthy for someone. Your thing might be to read a book for an hour or do a face mask to make you feel good. It’s always good to take time for you too or at least try to do it.


And on that note I am off to get ready for a date night with Sean. Tapas and drinks in town.

Love Aoibhe xxx


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