I get asked a lot about what apps are good to use for blogging and for Instagram. I absolutely love photography and have always really loved taking photos. I don’t own a proper camera at the moment. I did but I sold it as it was too heavy to carry around and I just wasn’t using it as much. I currently have an iPhone 6 and the camera is good but could be better. I want to get the new iPhone now when it comes out.

In terms of apps and what I use, they are all easily bought or downloaded for free on the App Store. I am just using ones for iPhone so apologies if these don’t work for Android too. All apps are quite easy to use and I thought myself how to use them. So here they are…..



This app is a newbie too but I love it. I find it works best for background of photos and focusing. I love that you can focus on one area of the photo with this and it just gives amazing quality. Snapseed can really take your photos to the next level.


VSCO offers a variety of editing options from cropping, to changing highlights, shadows, clarity, sharpness, exposure, saturation, color temp, skin tone, and vignetting. The app has a variety of filters you can apply to change the overall look of your photo.



This is actually the app linked to Instagram where you can put photos back to back. So many people ask how I put them back to back and it’s this app I use. You mirror your image with it and it looks the same on both sides then. It’s so easy to use and can add up to 6 photos into the one square for Instagram.



UNUM basically allows you to see your Instagram feed in the same format as your actually Instagram, if that makes sense. If you look below, you have empty boxes above your already uploaded Instagram posts. You can add and choose which photo to put up next on Instagram. You can see if the colours suit and if the photo sits well beside the previous one you have uploaded. It’s so useful and I have been using it quite a lot.




This app is great but when used too much can be silly. I merely use this for three things – detail, blurring & whitening. The detail part allows you to run your finger over a certain part of the photo you might want to focus more on. You can use the blurring part to get other items more in focus. You may want to blur out the background of your photo. I know there is people who overuse this app and to me it’s so pointless. People will know it’s heavily edited so there is no point.

All 5 apps are a must if you are looking at perfecting your photos. Personally for me my Instagram isn’t curated in a way that is aesthetically appealing, it’s more just about sharing my life through little square boxes. I don’t really care if the colours match etc but I know others so and it looks fabulous. This post is to give you guys an insight into the apps bloggers use to get the perfect photo.

Happy editing 🙂

LOVE Aoibhe xxx


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