This Month I’m…..


Hi everyone 🙂

Where has this year gone? Honestly though…..I cannot even get my head around that it’s August already. I had this blog post done since the last week of July so I’m just writing this part today. I still can’t over that I am a mum now and little Lily is sitting here beside me. I’ve been keeping a daily diary of everything and I’m going to publish it next week. It’s about the first 10 days with a newborn. I don’t know if any of you want a blog post on my whole labour, a good few people asking about how it went.

I have had so many new followers since I had little Lil so if you are new to my blog, HELLO 😀 I write this blog post every month and it’s a round up of things I am loving, thinking about, happy with, wishing, planning etc. I’ve been doing this post for years and people tend to like it so I have continued to do it.

So let’s get cracking 😉

This Month I’m…..


Clicking on…..

The Irish jewellery website, Roxuna. Roxluna is an Irish owned company launched in February 2016 by jewellery designer and entrepreneur Emily Mackeogh. Emily spent most of her Summers staying with her sister in Santa Monica in LA. This is where the inspiration came from for Roxluna. The pieces are very bohemian style and that of the typical ‘Cali’ girl. I found her site through a girl who I saw a chain on recently and admired it, I asked where it was from and she told me here. Look out for something exciting we are doing this weekend.

Shop it HERE (not a sponsored link)



To change my website. I had initially planned to change it this Summer but I thought it might be a bit much with working full-time, doing my blog and having a baby. I mean I sometimes think I’m superwoman but then I realise ohh wait I’m not. I decided to put it off until the end of the year so I am excited to start into it in October and launch it in early December. Here is what my blog looked like (TOP PIC) initially when I first started out in 2012. I changed it in 2014 (BELOW PIC) to give it more of a professional look/feel. I adore my website so much but feel that it’s time to move on. It’s been four years now with the same look and I’ve grown up so much along with soon becoming a mum. I know in my mind how I want it to look and I’m excited to change the logo and whole feel of it.



My Love Your Mug mugs. I got sent a couple recently and I just love them. They are the coolest gift for anyone and I want so many of them. Love The Mug is another Irish company that does original gorgeous ceramic mugs. Designed and fired in our very own kiln here in Dublin, our aim is to fill your lives with gorgeousness. We are passionate about creating a range of mugs that are pretty, encouraging and always that little bit sassy!

You can shop them HERE (not a sponsored link)

37923519_10156318361640638_5335422964542210048_n img-3339_grande img-3338_grande img-3666_grande



Every single time Makeup By Jen does my makeup. Omg she is so so talented. I just got a spray tan and asked for a real glowy look and that’s exactly what she gave me. I just loved it so much. She is based in Swords and has her own beauty room from home but she also does weddings too. You can book her through her Instagram HERE.



Take Two’ is a designer shop based in Skerries, Co. Dublin for new and preloved debs and cocktail dresses. They currently have 50% – 70% off on all #debsdresses and ALL THEIR STOCK MUST GO!!!!  They also stock handbags and jewellery for a fraction of the retail price. Look at their gowns, they are just so beautiful.

Shop them HERE

37896576_10156318405590638_1702789314062057472_n 37888386_10156318405325638_6664435650088927232_n 37871331_10156318405465638_8791660877951533056_n 37895810_10156318405025638_3919047397199577088_n 37921857_10156318405415638_110510681052151808_n 37895786_10156318404985638_5283844908442976256_n

Thinking about…..

That fact that I am now a mum. It’s CRAZY!!!! I know you would think I have got used to the idea by now. I am still in shock that it was a girl as I full on thought it was a boy. We are just so in love and over the moon, she’s beautiful. He is already such a good dad to Lily and it’s so lovely to watch. I done this photo below a couple of weeks back and got this photo idea below from Pinterest. I had a few people ask how we done it. So basically you need to find a window that has direct light coming in, then stand in front of it as it makes you into a silhouette, snap and then when you have it on your phone, edit the contrast settings so that you are even darker in the photo. Simple 😉


Addicted to…..

Pineapple. I know!!!! It’s so funny they say pineapple brings on labour but guys if that was the case I’d have gone into labour weeks ago. I can’ get enough of the stuff. The past three weeks I have been craving sugar things and throughout my whole pregnancy it was all more savoury. So weird. I want coke, biscuits, cakes, you name it, if it has sugar I want it 🙂



Delighted with…..

My shoutout from David White. Those of you that don’t know David he’s a PR genius who works in NYC. He’s very honest and intelligent when it comes to all things influencing and blogging. I’ve know him quite some time now and to see how far he’s grown is amazing. I am so happy for him. You can follow him @davidthomaswhite on Instagram.


Happy with…..

Our house and how it’s coming on. We are currently tiling at present and I will most definitely share the three rooms that are being tilled on Instagram when they are done. After I put up about the tiles on Instagram a good while ago now, a good few of you told me about the particular tile that I wanted and that it was in Tile Merchant in Ballymount so out we went and we got them. We did go back and forth a good few times now to make sure they were what we wanted. This is our sitting room below and kitchen below that. We are getting white subway tiles in the kitchen with dark grey grout. You can get 10% off your tile order by signing up using your email too.



Our Sitting Room BEFORE and AFTER. It’s still not finished we need to get our cabinets either side of the chimney breast.

38935473_278663052913218_2423925558694903808_n37935684_10156318361585638_7328632834673868800_n 38848796_263387951143320_8300733368555798528_n


Our Kitchen BEFORE and AFTER


Dreaming about…..

Buying a new wardrobe. I am just living for being able to dress normal again. I no longer have to look in the maternity section. As lovely as it was to dress a bump, towards the end it started to get to me so I look forward to having a browse now next month and picking up some nice pieces.


38935473_278663052913218_2423925558694903808_nObsessed with…..

Gerry the Giraffe. YES!!!!!! I bought him. I literally was so excited last week when I got him. He’s the Melissa & Doug giraffe. I know I could have got one cheaper but I wasn’t going to be anywhere near Dublin Zoo to get one unfortunately. You can buy him HERE and this is the cheapest I’ve found for the Melissa & Doug one.



Halo Top ice cream. I had been DYING to try this and every time I went to Tesco to get it, it would be sold out. So when they contacted me and asked to send me some my face lit up. My favourites are 100% the vanilla bean and the chocolate. They are divine!!! Plus a whole tub is only 280-320 calories too.


Love Aoibhe xxx



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