My Labour Story


Good morning everyone 🙂

I know, I know……It’s taken me three weeks to do this but sure look better late than never. In my defence now, I kind of had a child and she’s pretty much been taking up 99.9999999% of my time. I was in two minds about if I would share this or not and then I said look sure why not. It wouldn’t be your typical kind of labour story really. I kept a diary of each day as it went. They aren’t long at all but you’ll get how I was feeling at that very moment and you’ll read about what I thought of the whole labour by the end.

So how did my labour go? Well here it goes…….

3rd August 2018

The alarm went off for 5.30am. I was so nervous I barely slept last night. Sure look how tired we both look in the photo below before going into the hospital. Sean snoring away, sure nothing new there. Rainy day today but sure nothing new there either, it’s Ireland after all. Yesterday it was so sunny so I’m hoping it’s not as warm today as I’ve heard mad stories about the Rotunda and it being so warm in there. So many of you told me to really remember the journey from leaving the house to the hospital. Our last journey together as two and our last journey without mini boo. Yes actually I don’t think I shared this one with you all, maybe once or twice but that is what the baby has been called pretty much the whole pregnancy. Imagine when I leave the hospital it’ll never just be Sean and I. It’s a crazy feeling. I’m still feeling terrified and I genuinely do not know what will happen today. I haven’t read up much about being induced for fear I would just terrify myself even more. I told Sean we’ve to stop into a shop to get supplies as this could be a long ass day. We are sitting in the waiting room now, it’s 7.30am. I don’t know why but I’m not as nervous as when I woke up so that’s a nicer feeling. I think it’s knowing I’m in here and in safe hands. Anyway for this part I’ll say goodbye and I’ll chat more later.


So I finally got my bed after waiting 3 and a half hours. It’s now 10.30am, I’m changed into my pjs and sat up on the bed waiting for the doctors. They said they wouldn’t be long but I know in hospital terms that’s sit tight, it’ll be a while 😉 My feet are resembling Princess Fiona’s again. No joke they are HUGE! They actually look like they are blending into my legs more & more. It’s now 1pm and the doctors have finally come to start ‘this journey’. The two of them are actually so so lovely and women too which is nice. The first stage of induction is putting a suppository called Prostaglandin into the vagina causing the uterus to go into labor by morning. One advantage to this method is that I am free to move around like normal. They will come examine me again at 1pm tomorrow so it’s just a matter of waiting now really. I’m a public patient so I’m in a ward with other 6 other ladies. I can’t lie it’s tough lying here listening to someone in so much pain beside me. I want to help them so bad but obviously I can’t. The particular girl is very near to having her baby I’m told. I feel so bad for her but it is also kind of making me even more nervous.

I am in a bed beside a girl called Tanya. Lovely girl who actually in fact went to school with my brother. What are the chances? Such a nice girl and her boyfriend James is lovely too. Sean and him are getting on like a house on fire. I’m dreading Sean leaving now soon. They can’t stay past 9pm. Sean doesn’t want to go home either but I know he needs sleep so bad.

4th August 2018

So I literally slept for about 1hour and 45mins in total last night. I’m in and out, half listening to the midwives. 7.30am breakfast is served. A gourmet breakfast at that. Cold toast and warm orange juice, DELIGHTFUL. I’m not a massive breakfast person anyway so I could have just went without. So I’m here 24hrs now & nothing much has changed. I wasn’t under any illusion this was going to be a quick process as the midwife had told me it can take time. I did get a few contractions throughout the night but nothing major. The girl Tanya beside me was in pain since mid morning so I reckon she will go down today for sure. I won’t get checked again until 1pm today unless I progress naturally so I’ve still a bit of a wait ahead. I know Baby Corr will come when he or she is ready but at this stage, I’m feeling like they are wanting a red carpet entrance 🙂

So around the doctors come at 2.40pm and bad news, my cervix isn’t open enough to break my waters so they put in a gel. I’ve to now wait 6 hours and see what happens. For these 6 hours, it was like that episode of Friends with Rachel having her baby in the ward. My one pal Tanya I made left me and the others slowly left. Then new people came in & sure there I was in the corner. Then they all left and I found myself alone in a 6 person ward just like Rachel. Ehhh hello? I’m here. Sean sitting here laughing away as he just said ONLY YOU AOIBHE, ONLY YOU. Here’s a photo of me below after the ward cleared out. Sean and I thought it would be funny to get a photo seeing that nobody was in the ward anyway. I felt very little in these 6hours and the doctors decide not to come around until 1am. So it’s now 2am Sunday morning. I had a junior doctor and he checked me, but still not enough to break my waters. He consulted with the senior doctors and they agreed to give me the 2nd gel. I knew this HAD to work otherwise it was going to be a C section. A C section was something I obviously had thought about but naturally didn’t want one but at the end of the day whatever happens, it will be the right thing at that time once we are both ok.


5th August 2018
I slept for a grand total of 3hrs which was most I had got in three nights now. I woke up feeling good but I was thinking in my mind, c section. I just had that gut feeling and I didn’t want to get my hopes up AGAIN. At this stage, I am getting so many messages from people wanting updates – friends and family. I can see the funny side to it all of course, it’s three days later and still no baby but I am so ready for this to be over now. I am getting agitated and it’s frustrating that it’s not working for me. The doctor came around to me at 9.15am and she was such a lovely doctor. She checked me and YAY!!! THREE DAYS LATER…..she was going to break my waters. I knew that when she done this, it was lights camera ACTION! This was the real start of it now. Breaking my waters wasn’t the nicest and most pleasant thing I’ve ever experienced. Actually it was far from a pleasant experience really. I think I was expecting something to happen straight after, I don’t know…. it was weird. But nothing. A few hours went by and nothing, a few more nothing really….I was like what is going on here? I think by 3 or 4pm I started to feel some contractions but they were still very far apart. A friend sent me this meme below as my brother has told me that he was sick of waiting any longer 🙂 I laughed so much when I got this. I decided at around 4.45pm to jump in the bath. A bath is suppose to make things move along… no not me. I felt contractions every 13mins but that isn’t enough. I am still the same an hour later and getting even more frustrated at this stage. When I came back from my bath, everyone in the ward has left AGAIN! It’s 6pm now and I genuinely cannot believe this is happening. Two nights, 18 people later and I am STILL there with nothing happening.


I told Sean I wanted to leave the hospital. I was getting so upset now and I just couldn’t believe it was nearly Monday and I had been in since Friday. Sean went and explained to the senior midwife that I was feeling really upset now and just wanted to know what was going to happen. I wanted to know were they going to leave me just dilate naturally or were they going to bring me down to the delivery suite. His exact words to the midwife were ‘If I have any chance of every having another baby with Aoibhe, she needs to get to the delivery suite now’. And so to the delivery suite we went.

YES!!!! Finally I was going down. 40 weeks and 56hrs later the end was in sight. I was wheeled down and into the suite we went. We had been in there before from the classes so I knew what it looked like but this time it was for real. The whole labour part now is far from what I expected.

5th August 2018 – THE LABOUR PART

I’m in the delivery suite and it’s all happening very fast. Before I know it I am getting a needle in my hand and the anaesthetist is starting the procedure for the epidural. Oh yes I am 200% getting epidural not only because I am a total and utter wimp but because my body has been through a lot over the past three days and it’s totally advised for me with the drip too. I couldn’t believe it was just myself, Sean and the midwife. It’s not how I pictured it at all. I pictured a big team, I’m not really sure what I thought but just not how it was. It was all very calm and nearly border line relaxing. The epidural started to work and before I knew it, I couldn’t feel my legs at all. This was scary and felt really weird. I don’t know how I felt about it. I couldn’t feel any contractions at all. I ended up actually falling asleep for a while as I was so tired. When I woke up I was chatting to the midwife and asking a million and one questions. I had done very little research before going in so I felt like now was the time to ask what would happen. The midwife was a total gem. She answered all my questions and I felt more prepared at this stage. She was so calm which in turn made me feel calm. Well as calm as I could be really. They kept checking my temperature and I was up and down like a yoyo. Unfortunately my temperature went too high and I needed some antibiotics. This meant that because I needed them, the baby would too. I was told the baby would have to be taken after birth for an hour and a half and given antibiotics like me, just incase. After about 5 and a half hours of being there, she checked me. I went from 0cm to 8cm in that period. WOW!!!! The shock….my whole body went into a full state of shock. I was shaking like crazy and so scared. I got upset again because I just felt so out of control and out of control of my entire body.

I knew that I was near and I would have to go through with it all. Everything was done to a time frame and monitored. It was all thought out and we all knew the plan. I loved knowing the timescale and it made me prepared. So she came back to me two hours later and I was 10cm, that meant it was SHOW TIME. I was an hour pushing and it was not happening for me so the decision was made to call in the doctor. The senior midwife in the labour ward was fantastic and so encouraging too. She mentioned to me the options the doctor would give me which he did. I could feel the epidural wearing off as I waited on the doctor to arrive. He was finishing a c section. At this stage, unless anything went wrong, I was clear of having a section they said.

6th August 2018

At this stage, it’s 5.50am and I am still waiting. I won’t lie I can feel the epidural wear off me now and I am REALLY feeling a lot at this stage. I’m 10cm so I am trying to breathe through as all I can think about is, it being all over and seeing my baby. The doctor finally arrives and I swear I could have hugged him. He asks me a few questions, we run through a few different options and he decided the suction cup was going to be best. I just wanted my baby to be ok. The next part legit is a blur. I was pushing for about 50mins but he was concerned I was getting tired and I could feel a lot when I shouldn’t have been. So lovely….. a nice injection into my lady bits and we continued. It was touch and go about a section again as the doctor could see I was really becoming weaker and weaker however when he said are you sure you can keep going? I politely said;

‘I did not come this far Mr. doctor. 40 weeks of being up the duff, 3 days of inducing and 12 hours of labour for you to give me a section. Now let’s fecking do this’ 

and honestly that was my exact words. He laughed so much as he was joking with me when he came in and asked how I was feeling and I said ‘Ohh Doctor never better, such a fabulous experience‘ but he knew I was being sarcastic.

Anyway at 7.05am on the 6th of August our little lady was born. The relief when she came out and I just closed my eyes immediately as I was so so tired. I lied to them, I was 100% not fit to keep going as I was that tired but I was determined to keep going. Sean said he’s never seen a more determined look in my eyes just before she was born. Here I am below back in the ward after having her. We named her Lily Pippa Corr and she was 8lbs 4ounces. She was perfect. Sean and I couldn’t stop starring at her. We were so nervous holding her but soon got the hang of it.

40209208_522852558165978_5794065647155544064_n 40279562_263876120899440_5075877730067677184_n


This was her above being swaddled by the midwives. The whole day was surreal. I didn’t want to sleep because I just kept making sure she was ok. I couldn’t believe I had a baby.  The midwives in the Rotunda should be each paid 100K for the jobs they do. I honestly believe that. Every single midwife, trainee midwife and care assistant was beyond lovely the whole time I was there. I couldn’t have faulted them. The people that came around with the food and the cleaners were also just so so nice.

I personally want to thank our midwife Kayla who was the loveliest girl from Donegal. I hugged her so tight when she left us at 8am after we had Lily. I felt like I was in there with a friend and she knew how nervous I was. If anyone knows her, could they please DM me on Instagram I really want to send her something. It was all a blur and I totally forgot at the time to ask her. There was another midwife Tory who was the nicest woman I think I’ve ever met, another lovely older lady Mary who I swear was like Mrs. Doubtfire and lastly two beautiful care assistants who both knew me from my blog but I can’t for the life of me remember their names. I think one was definitely Donna. Thank you both so much for helping me feed her one of the nights and the other girl took Lily so I could sleep for an hour.






So there you have it….my dramatic 4 days labour story. Never in my wildest dreams did I think going in on the Friday that I wouldn’t have had her until the Monday. I wouldn’t change anything for the world now. I actually can’t think about life without her now.

I am definitely going to finish my blog post about the first ten days so bare with me but its on the way 😉

Love Aoibhe xxx


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