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So this is the second blog post in a three part collaboration with Perfect Property. As you can tell from the title it is HOME related. Just incase you missed my first post, I was approached two months ago by a new Irish property website, Perfect Property to collaborate together. After some research into what they were about etc, I agreed it would be the perfect collaboration given that we have just moved into our home. Perfect Property are a new search engine set to revolutionise the Irish property industry by offering smarter searching for house hunters. Over 50% of people now looking for homes are doing it on their phones so they have designed it in such a way that it’s super quick and easy to use on your mobile phone or laptop. They have amazing lifestyle search features that users can use to find properties best suited to their needs.


This month’s post is all about creating the PERFECT room. When you are buying a house sometimes it can be hard to visualise what it ‘could’ potentially look like and likewise if you are selling. If redecorating isn’t an option for you, then Perfect Property are on hand to help you sell your home. Perfect Property allows you to see the true potential of any room in the house. For just €59 per room, you the seller can see a room in your house be transformed right in front of your eyes just like my box room HERE. This was my box room before and Perfect Property made me see what it could eventually look like. Likewise with one of my spare rooms upstairs. They took the blank canvas and gave me an insight into what it can look like. Check out the transformation of the spare room HERE.


This feature is only for people selling their home.

When buying a new home it can be difficult to see what it could look like especially if your home needs renovating or redecorating. There is research done that 82% of people looking at houses wish there was an easier way than trying to picture how it ‘could’ look like. So this is why this Perfect Room feature is such a valuable tool for both the seller and the buyer. Perfect Room shows potential buyers how they could turn an empty property into their next home, particularly how furniture would fit and function in any space also.

Perfect Property has a skilled team of designers who can transform any room, they even match the style of the new design to be in keeping with the rest of the property. This feature can be used by the seller and estate agent to really sell the full potential of the home.

Wait until you see some of the transformations below using the Perfect Room feature and how by using it, you can be opened up to a whole world of possibilities of what you could do to make that house you love, your Perfect Property.

screen-shot-2018-08-27-at-12-07-19 screen-shot-2018-08-27-at-12-07-59  screen-shot-2018-08-27-at-12-05-21

From using their website, I actually have got so many ideas for my own home through their Perfect Room feature. For example, below we are now getting a dark grey bookcase made extremely similar to the one in the photo below with the glass shelves and mirrored back. We are also doing the wainscotting (white panelling either side of the chimney breast) in our upstairs bathroom just like the photo below too.

screen-shot-2018-08-27-at-12-07-36 screen-shot-2018-08-27-at-12-06-42

Personally I think the feature is a fantastic tool for selling a property. Perfect Property are the only property website in Ireland to offer this feature at such a competitive rate. Something like this could cost you a few hundred euro normally. The feature is such a benefit to selling your home and if I was selling at present, it would be something I would most definitely use.

So that’s it for my second part of my collaboration. I hope that maybe you found it beneficial and if you are someone who’s looking to sell, then this feature could be exactly what you might need.

I’ll be back next month chatting more about how to find your Perfect Property 🙂

Love Aoibhe xxx


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