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IT’S JULY!!!!! WOW! Where is this year going??? Seriously……..

I’m currently dog sitting for my friend and writing lots of blog posts. I love nothing more than sitting here with my laptop typing away on my own. I’m the type of person when I start writing I just can’t stop. I’m on post three now so hopefully I get two more done and I’ll be a happy camper. I just finished my body shapes post so that will have already gone live by the time I upload this.

So let’s find out what I’m loving, missing and more this July 🙂

Clicking on…..

I went into their HQ last week to meet with Barbara and fell in love with so many pieces. They have a women, kids and maternity range. I didn’t even know they done maternity so this was amazing to find out. There were a good few dresses I loved that I know I’d 100% wear between now and the end of my pregnancy so I picked three of them up. I wore the 3rd one to my baby shower on Sunday just gone and I tried the yellow one on for a photo with Barbara below :36657809_10156266123125638_3890636420464771072_nscreen-shot-2018-07-05-at-22-19-2036628870_10156265237875638_227916996522541056_n


Our new fireplace/chimney breast. As you can see from the photos below, it was merely a wall with nothing on it. We met with JR Fireplaces and discussed with them what we wanted to do, within a few weeks we had it all done. Here are the 4 stages so far from plain wall to full chimney breast with fire installed. Our fire is electric. We just need to put up the TV, get the stone done either side of the chimney breast and the cabinets built either side at the bottom. We are so so happy with it now. Here’s the link and number for the guys who done it HERE.

screen-shot-2018-07-05-at-22-00-02-copy screen-shot-2018-07-05-at-21-55-33-copy

Thinking about…..

How fabulous these gorgeous handmade lollipops were at my baby shower made by the fabulous Fancy Pops London? I just fell in love with them so much. They were just so pretty. You can check them out on Instagram HERE.


Addicted to…..

Animal bars and Fruit Pastille Ice Pops 🙂 I swear to god, I’m just loving the both of them at the moment. I haven’t really eaten that much chocolate in the past 6-7 months but I don’t know what it is about them animal bars. The ice pops are obviously just cause it’s so warm and they taste yum 😉


Looking forward to…..

Baby Corr finally arriving. 36 weeks on Saturday…..Nearly there! Genuinely it has gone very fast but the past two weeks have been so hard. I’m getting much bigger and I can definitely feel it now. People have told me the start and end are the hardest bits, in between is fine. I’m nearly there so positive thinking…I CAN DO THIS!



To get this drinks dispenser in Home Store & More. I saw it recently in a hotel we went to visit and thought it was such a cool idea. So it’s Kilner Clip Top Drinks Dispenser that holds 5 Litres of any drink you like. Personally I’d love to add water with different fruits as it would be so refreshing and nice to have in the kitchen. Best thing is….it’s only €16.99.

screen-shot-2018-07-05-at-23-09-35 36656353_10156265238050638_4728701131096588288_n


My Toyota CH-R. I test drove it for a week there last month and just fell in love with it. It was such a nice car to drive in comparison to my own. It was so quiet, barely used any fuel and was so sturdy. It is a self charging hybrid so it was half electric, half petrol and really good for the environment. I know that we will all eventually go in this direction and it’s definitely the right move. It was a beauty to drive, have to say.



I gave this tip on my Instagram story and everyone went mental about it, I couldn’t believe it. We’ve been experiencing some crazy heat in Ireland the past few weeks and obviously chafing can be a big problem for so many people. For the past year I’ve been using a Forever Living Aloe Vera roll on stick deodorant to stop chafing and it really has worked. It’s brilliant as the aloe vera heals the skin, stops the redness and you are not in pain.


Dreaming about…..

Being back at Galgorm with himself. We had the nicest time there and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Seriously it was just so beautiful. Here we are chilling in our robes outside in the thermal village before having food and spa treatments. The thermal village is actually HUGE and you can even rent your own private hot tub’s too. It’s got the nicest grounds, a gin library and a few different restaurants to choose from. I am dying to go back already. My brother and his girlfriend have now booked to go next month too.



BASQ Cooling Body Bliss. For anyone that works on their feet, I cannot cannot recommend this enough. I will be repurchasing it when it’s gone as I think it will be brilliant for when I go back to work. It’s so cooling on the feet and legs. I put it on my feet at night now to try reduce the swelling. Granted my feet still look like ogre feet but it definitely feels so nice. You can buy it HERE.


Love Aoibhe xxx


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