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Happy Friday everyone 🙂

Hope you all had a nice week and are ready to have a fun weekend whatever you may be doing. As always you know I am so honest with you all and like to keep everything totally transparent. I was approached last month by a new Irish property website, Perfect Property to collaborate together. After some research into what they were about etc, I agreed it would be the perfect collaboration. See Sean and I below only thrilled with our new house when we got the keys. Due to the huge success of Perfect Property, they are creating 25 local jobs in the next 12 months which is absolutely amazing and you know my love for supporting local businesses and Irish companies.


What is Perfect Property?

They are a new search engine set to revolutionise the Irish property industry by offering smarter searching for house hunters. Over 50% of people now looking for homes are doing it on their phones so they have designed it in such a way that it’s super quick and easy to use on your mobile phone or laptop. They have amazing lifestyle search features that users can use to find properties best suited to their needs. These range from suburban homes near the best schools to rental properties with private parking. Unlike competitor search sites, users can input multiple advanced search functions at the same time.

Perfect Property offers search results for homes to buy or rent. The search engine has focused on the Leinster area for phase one of its roll out and will be bringing on more national properties in the coming months.

My first task with Perfect Property was to pick three different houses I wanted to go visit to get interior inspiration for our new home. I went onto their website which was super easy to navigate around. A couple of things I loved about the website immediately was I didn’t need to scroll through every listing. I was able to use their feature Hidden Gems to tailor the search to my exact needs for example; back garden, near public transport or privacy. This allows you to bring up only the houses that have these and saves you lots of time.


Another feature that I loved in comparison to other search engines was how big the pictures were of the first photo. I was immediately able to see if I liked the property or not, saving me even more time. After searching for houses, I finally agreed upon three I liked and contacted Perfect Property. From the minute I spoke with Brendan I knew this was all going to happen very fast. He arranged that one morning we meet at X time and he had lined up viewings of all three properties I liked.


The three properties I viewed are below. I liked their style, the interiors and wanted to get a feel for my own new home.


This new build was in Swords and situated near everything. It had all the features I wanted from using the hidden gem feature on the website:

  • Back Garden
  • High Quality Finishes
  • Luxury
  • Newly Built

When I viewed this property I could see it was finished to perfection. The whole house was really well done, I loved it. I got a couple of ideas from this home which were, to have a feature wall in my kitchen (something I wasn’t initially planning on doing) and to have a big statement bed in our bedroom as it really gives a luxurious feel when you walk into the room. We have since bought our bed and it’s a large black bed which really WOWS as you come in and we have bought our dark colour paint to have our feature wall in the kitchen too.

screen-shot-2018-07-12-at-12-41-17 b57b5103934ff12709c62cb0d3f45028

Link to Property


The second home was in Howth and I had no words. This was like a 5* hotel. It was so beautiful. I fell in love with it. Like the above property it had the features:

  • Back Garden
  • High Quality Finishes
  • Transport Nearby
  • View

I just wanted to buy this house there and then, it was that impressive. There is only one of these houses left too. The two main things I really liked about this particular house was the bookcase in the living room and the knobs on the kitchen cupboards. It might sound funny but I was looking at any little features I could take from these houses and incorporate them into my own home. We had very basic style knobs on our kitchen cupboards which came standard with our house but something like changing them made such a difference to the whole look. So we have since done that and we are delighted with them. The second thing I loved was this impressive bookcase with mirror back and glass shelving. The minute I showed Sean the photo of it, he wanted it. So we are in talks with a carpenter to get this built for our sitting room.


Link to Property


The last property I viewed was in Malahide which was also a new build. Another really well finished house and another one I loved the interior of also. There were actually so many things I loved about this one and like the other similar features I found through Hidden Gems on the website.

  • Back Garden
  • Central Heating
  • High Quality Finishes
  • Luxury
  • Patio
  • View

The two things I took from this particular property are actually so simple but when I saw them already done in real life, I knew it would be perfect for ours too. So in our kitchen we are having a big square clock but I didn’t know if putting photos or paintings either side would be too much but from seeing it done in this house, it made me want to do it. We have since bought the clock but are still trying to figure out if we want photos or paintings. The second feature I liked was the use of paintings on plain walls. It really made the room pop and it totally transformed the room. We have decided we are now going to have a big canvas in our sitting room on our plain wall as it will really bring the room to life.

screen-shot-2018-07-12-at-13-13-49 screen-shot-2018-07-12-at-12-41-28

Link to Property

So that’s it for my first part of my collaboration with Perfect Property. I hope that maybe you found it beneficial and if you are looking for someone to buy or rent you too will use the site and find it just as helpful as me. I will be back next month trying out another amazing feature they have which is working with their In-House Design Team to create the Perfect Room. This is a feature on their website where you can see the room transform right in front of your eyes (see below).



Love Aoibhe xxx


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