This is literally quite possibly my most requested blog post since I announced my pregnancy, along with my hospital bag which I will have up in two weeks time. This is the first part of me talking all things maternity clothes and how to dress during pregnancy. As you all know I have been a huge Primark/Penneys lover for as far back as I can remember and throughout my pregnancy I have worn so many outfits from Penneys/Primark.

I’m going to talk you through some of my Penneys outfits I’ve worn from Week 11 onwards, give you some of my tips and also share some ideas with you all of current stock that is in stores now in Penneys stores nationwide.

I don’t look like I have a bump in any of these photos below but I assure you there was a small one there the whole time. To give you an idea of dressing the bump early on, I’m going to talk you through sizing etc. Please remember everyone is totally different but this is just so you get an idea. Never ever be afraid of going up sizes during pregnancy I cannot stress this enough.

All outfits below are from Penneys and were taken from Week 12 – Week 25 of my pregnancy.

1st photo – Penneys blazer, t-shirt and shorts

2nd photo – Penneys Suit + Shoes

3rd photo – Penneys Full outfit

4th photo – Penneys Full outfit

5th photo – Penneys Dress

6th photo – Penneys Shirt + Maternity jeans

The grey outfit with the scarf in the middle photo I am only 11 weeks there and wearing all my pre-pregnancy sized clothes. The stripy red dress at the end, I am 15 weeks here and wearing a size 14. The end photo with the jeans I am wearing size 12 maternity jeans and size 16 shirt. The blue suit is at week 24 and is size 14 (trouser)/16 (blazer). Both blazers in photo one and photo four are size 16. So what I am trying to say is that I have worn a complete range of sizes from size 10-18 throughout.


Then to give you an idea of sizes the more the pregnancy goes on.

All outfits below are from Penneys and were taken from Week 29 – Week 31 of my pregnancy.

1st photo – Penneys Dress + Bag (current stock)

2nd photo – Penneys Dress (current stock)

3rd photo – Penneys Full outfit (current stock)

4th photo – Penneys Full outfit (current stock)

5th photo – Penenys Dress + Shoes (dress current stock)

Most you might not believe this but the light green dress and the orange dress below are both size 18, the khaki dress in photo two is a size 12, the floral dress at the end is a size 16 and so is the black blazer in photo four too. Then the yellow trousers are a size 14.


So how do you dress your bump from that small cute bump at 12 weeks onwards to the more larger bump I currently have at 33 weeks?

Dressing a bump really isn’t much different, yes we may not feel exactly ourselves or we may have to make some little changes but that doesn’t mean you have to go around looking frumpy for 9 months. NO WAY! I am an example that you do not need to stick to the typical maternity clothes just because you are having a baby.

Here are my top tips for pregnancy style:

  • Do not worry about what number is on the tag at all times. If it’s up three sizes in comparison to your normal size, DO NOT WORRY! Nobody is going to see the tag but you. If you feel comfortable in it that is all that matters.
  • ALWAYS try it on. As horrible as you might feel or as uncomfortable, I cannot stress enough about trying things on. You will feel better buying something you know is nice on you rather than waiting until you get home, only to realise it doesn’t fit. Bring two different sizes into the fitting room also so you don’t have to trek out to get another one.
  • Dresses will become your best friend. If you didn’t wear them before now, you will probably have to start liking them a little more. Personally I think wrap dress look great on pregnant ladies even from Week 12 onwards. They can hide the small bump at the beginning if you don’t want anyone to know and then the bigger you get, they sit lovely on the bump. Two gorgeous wrap dresses below from Penneys in stores now.


  • Personally for me I know some women love wearing more tight things but I never wore tight things before my pregnancy so I wasn’t going to start wearing everything tight now. I have in recent weeks started to wear a few pieces a bit tighter which are very stretchy as my bump gets bigger. I think for me now I have quite a large bump, it does look nice in a more fitted stretchy dress. I have got a few of these kind of dresses in Penneys and they only cost between €8 to €10. I recommend for a tight dress going up only one size from your normal size before you were pregnant as they do stretch loads. Some tighter dresses above (middle dresses) coming to stores soon and below first dress in store now as examples.


  • Invest in black maternity leggings. I got a size 12/14 and they have lasted me the whole way through. I would normally be a 10 in leggings before being pregnant. The leggings still fit fine at 33 weeks. I wore my leggings a lot with work. We had to wear smart casual and as a lover of blazers mainly wore my black leggings with a blazer. I went up two sizes in a blazer during my pregnancy. Leggings are also great for going with t-shirts and tops.Palazzo pants can look amazing with a flowy top and blazer (like my photo above wearing the yellow print trousers on the end). I also bought the blue ones below and they are new stock Penneys €12.


  • Do not be afraid to wear heels (if your feet allow). People ask me this all the time, how have I worn them the whole way through??? It’s only been in the past week or so Week 31/32 that I have got bad swelling in my feet which has restricted me. This really does all depend on the individual though as you may swell more than others.
  • Mens section t-shirts. YES! I bought my plain black t-shirts and white t-shirts from the mens section and bought L/XL.
  • When buying tops this is all very individual. Some people love their tight long sleeve tops and that’s fine but it’s just not me. I wore flowy shirts and long t-shirts under my coats/blazers. Here’s some styles to give you an idea. All very me 😉 I also have a few warmer pieces below that land in stores very soon for coming into Autumn.

screen-shot-2018-06-17-at-08-19-28 screen-shot-2018-06-17-at-08-19-43screen-shot-2018-06-17-at-08-18-14

  • Longline coats are great too. They are the ones that Penneys do that are slightly longer than the regular blazer. I adore these even when not pregnant. I went up to a size 14 or size 16 in these. Always try them on. The yellow one and the red one will be in stores very soon. I’m in love with the yellow.


  • Last but not least maternity jeans. I bought two pairs of Penneys maternity over the bump jeans in a light denim and dark denim which I’m still wearing now. I didn’t have to buy these until Week 26/Week 27. Up until then from Week 12 – Week 26, I was either going up a size or two in my Penneys jeans or wearing my normal jeans with a bobbin to hold them closed. It all depends on the person when it comes to over or under the bump but personally I was all for over the bump as I felt way more secure.

As I said this is just my first of two pregnancy maternity style blog posts. I’ll have the other one up next week talking about bras during pregnancy, my favourite online stores for dressing the bump and have a total round up of all my outfits during my pregnancy so far.

For those asking about style, how to put things together and dressing a big/small bump I hope this helped in some way. As always I am just sharing what worked for me. I really don’t know where I would have been without Penneys during my pregnancy.

Love Aoibhe xxx

NOTE: This blog post was sponsored by Primark/Penneys however all views are completely my own. 


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